2020 Gangneung Romantic Tour

BTS Music Video and Guardan: The Lonely and Great God Film Site Tour~ Coast Cycling and Zipline as well!

Namdong Park.
4 years ago

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Korea's ocean has a variety of looks based on it's location. Incheon's ocean has a mainly port look, West Sea has a festival look, and Busan has a white beach look~

Gangneung's ocean has a romantic feeling that fits well with the Fall and Winter. It is a perfect placer to walk across with loved ones, and family. Because of this, it was also selected as the film location of BTS's Music Video 'You Never Walk Alone'!

Gangneung Romantic Tour which has a variety of fun activities such as bicycle tour, zipline experience, and famous film locations waiting! Shall we take a look?   

✔ Romantic Tour was loved by many tourists in 2019 and it has renovated its itinerary in 2020!

Gangneung Romantic Tour | Information
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Option A
Gyeongpoho+Jungang Market+Ojukheon+Anmok Coffee Beach+Youngjin Beach+BTS Bus Stop

  • Operation: Monday~Saturday
  • Price: ₩65,000

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Option B
Gyeongpoho Bike Ride+Jungang Market+Ojukheon+Anmok Coffee Beach+Youngjin Beach+BTS Bus Stop

  • Option A + Bike RIde
  • Operation: Monday~Saturday 
  • Price: ₩75,000

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Option C
Gyeongpoho Bike Ride+Jungang Market+Ojukheon+Zipline+Youngjin Beach+BTS Bus Stop

  • Option A+Bike Ride+Zipline Experience
  • Operation: Tuesday~Saturday
  • Price: ₩95,000

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Gangneung Romantic Tour | Recommendation Reasons

  1. It is tour where you can fully enjoy Gangneung's romantic ocean.
  2. Depending on the option, you can enjoy exciting activities such as bicycle tour and zipline.
  3. You can visit famous locations that were shown on Korean media such as the BTS Music Video film site and the KDrama 'Guardian: The Lonely and Great God' film site.

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