A Beautifully Abandoned Metro Station
Take Insta-worthy photos at the beautifully abandoned Byukje Station
a year ago

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Korea's social media is never lacking in beautifully crafted photos that inevitably make you wonder, "where even is that?"

One of these dream-like photo spots is a train tunnel at the abandoned Byukje Station. Located in the suburbs of Seoul, it's only a 30-minute metro ride away from Gyeongbokgung Station. 

Photo Spot: Byukje Station I Information

  • Address:경기도 고양시 덕양구 대자동 산139-4
  • Directions: Walk out Samsong Station exit 6 (Seoul Metro Line 3), and take either the 053, 033, or 790 bus to 벽제역 (Byuk-Je-Yeok/Byukje Station).
  • Directions back: From the bus station opposite from where you got off, take the 053, 033, 790 bus back to Samsong Station

Photo Spot: Byukje Station I Review

Byukje Station is a train station that stopped running in 2004.

Despite the fact that the station hasn't been in operation for over 15 years, the dreamy, deserted atmosphere and the beautiful scenery seen from one of the nearby tunnels is so picturesque that it continues to attract people to this day. 

Instagram #벽제역 

Walk along the rails towards the east (Mt. Bukhan) and you will come by a tunnel. This is the infamous Byukje tunnel where all the pictures above were taken.

If you're visiting on the evenings or weekends, be prepared to wait in line to take that special shot. 

The roadside is completely covered by wilderness. It is hard to imagine that there were trains passing by less than 20 years ago.

Walk along the railway, to get to this small tunnel. There will most likely be a line. 

Mt. Bukhan is visible through the tunnel, making a dreamy landscape composed of clouds, sky and forest fields. Many couples actually hire professional photographers to take photos here. 


Dusk is an amazing time to shoot at the tunnel, for that extra dreamy feel.


If your photography gear performs well enough, then it's even worth coming on a clear night to snap a shot of the starry sky. Click the link to view the work of photographers who were skilled enough to shoot this rare sight. 


You hardly even need a filter for the photos. In the right light, you'll get a beautiful piece of art: an image of your silhouette coupled with Mt. Bukhan in the backdrop. 

Other than the tunnel, there are also plenty of beautiful photo spots in and around the station. Get creative!

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