Daegu Cafe Recommendations
Five Daegu cafes that you shouldn't miss! Beautiful interiors and amazing desserts!
a year ago

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of travel experts.

Daegu has some real gems when it comes to restaurants and cafes.

After you've had your fill of Daegu cuisines, let's get you to some artsy cafes for amazing desserts and to really get familiar with those unique Daegu vibes. 

Here are a curation of some popular coffee shops currently hot on social media channels. Don't miss these on your Daegu trip.

Daegu Cafes Recommendations

1. SungDangMotVill.CAFE(성당못빌)

  • Address:대구 남구 성당로 54-3
  • Hours:11:00 - 22:00
  • Offers:Creatrip members get 10% off on all menus!

SungDangMotVill gets my vote as the most beautiful cafe in all of Daegu. It's extremely popular on Instagram, and for good reason: the interior is breathtaking and ethereal. 

The light that comes through the slanted glass illuminates the space and gives it that ethereal atmosphere, almost like sacred church. This corner is where everybody takes their photos as the vibe is unreal.

Of course, the other seats are also nicely decorated and cute. Do stop by for a short break during your trip to Daegu.

But you gotta give it to them, this corner is just gorgeous. I went when it was raining and cloudy outside, which just made the atmosphere even moodier and dreamier. 

The outdoor seating area is also super nice. SungDangMotVill has a laid-back atmosphere that's almost romantic. You can't miss this spot if you're ever in Daegu.


2. Nostalgia Coffee(노스텔지아)

  • Address:대구 중구 동성로2길 4-13
  • Hours:12:00 - 23:00 on weekdays;11:30 - 00:00 on weekends

Located in the alley of Dongcheng Road, the wooden exterior and entrance of Nostalgia Coffee is catches your eye almost instantly. You open the door to be greeted by a skylight, and a warm, welcoming interior.

The interior decoration is very mixed, but not be weird or uncoordinated. Working in a limited space with a minimal industrial style, the interior of this small Daegu joint is one of the few that is comparable with those in Seoul. The exposed concrete walls, transparent skylights, and a semi-indoor laid-back atmosphere lures guests to spend an entire afternoon in this cozy space.

Nostalgia Coffee also offers snacks and desserts that are relatively inexpensive compared to the prices of similar cafes in Seoul.


3. Cafe Myeongga (카페명가)

Cafe Myeongga Dongseong-ro Main Store
Address:대구 중구 동성로5길 69
Hours:12:00 - 22:30

Camp by Cafe Myeongga
Address:대구 중구 서성로 20
Hours:08:00 - 22:00 

Cafe Myeongga La Finca Branch
Address:대구 수성구 국채보상로 953-1
Hours:10:00 - 22:00

Offers:Creatrip members get a 10% discount on coffee drinks with Creatrip discount Cupon at the three stores listed below (special menu items such as strawberry cappuccino or strawberry cakes not applicable).

Dongseong-ro Main Branch

Cafe Myeongga is Daegu's best-known and most popular coffee shop, famous for its fresh strawberry cream cake. There are three branches in the Daegu city area.

Camp by Cafe Myeongga

La Finca Branch

Cafe Myeongga's sign actually reads: "Strawberry is the main body and the cake is a supporting role." 

That's how passionate they are about their strawberry cakes, the likes of which are pretty rare to find elsewhere in South Korea.

Just look at those layers! You just have to try this specialty if you're ever visiting Cafe Myeongga while in Daegu.

Sit by the window, enjoy the scenery, and have some bomb cake! Located in the most urban area of Daegu, all three branches are very popular.


4. Blue Blues(블루블루스)

  • Address:대구 남구 계명중앙1길 19
  • Hours:12:00 - 22:00 on weekdays;13:00 - 22:00 on weekends
  • Offers:Creatrip members get 10% discount on all menu items.

Like the name suggests, the Daegu Café "Blue Blues" is filled with blue tones, as if you were high in the sky, surrounded by clouds.

Blue Blues is known for these mixes with beautiful colors. The drink looks exactly like a clear blue sky. The blue layer is a type of smoothie.

All the desserts in this cafe are inspired by the sky; here's a cake made of rainbows. Very Instagrammable.

Simple with a sprinkle of princess, the interior of Blue Blues' was pretty much made to be Instagrammed. 

Located in front of the main entrance of Gyemyeong University, make sure you stop by this join if you're doing a university tour in Daegu.


5. A-PLANE(에이플레인)

Nearby Daegu's popular attraction "Kim Kwang-seok road,"  A-Plane is the most beautiful open-air cafe in Daegu. 

It's located on the 6th floor. You can see the blue Daegu sky during the day and the beautiful sunset in the evenings.

As soon as you enter the store, you'll be greeted by an all-white interior. The entire space is designed simply but tastefully, with a large window to let plenty of light in. 

I recommend sitting outside on the terrace so that you can get a great view of all of Daegu city.

The Daegu scenery during the day and dusk. 

Don't want to go to the mountains to see the scenery? Enjoy it at the coffee shop A-Plane.

If you go at night, you can enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Daegu. 

Who said that Daegu has nowhere to go at night? A-Plane is open until 00:00, and after you get your night view, take a nice walk home.


This has been a post on the five beautiful cafes that you should check out while in Daegu. Each has a different style, but all are worth visiting and very popular on social media. If you have questions about information not covered in the blog post, please email us at support@creatrip.com