Myeongdong Pizza and Tteokbokki Restaurant | Hwa Tteok
Tteokbokki and Pizza Combination, Myeongdong Hwa Tteok !
a year ago

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I would like to introduce you a restaurant that is so delicious you can't bear but revisit it after your first meal there. Personally, I have never seen anyone who hates tteokbokki or pizza. Hwa Tteok is famous for their combination of tteokbokki AND pizza. It is so famous that Creatrip had to persuade the owner several times to receive their approval of a partnership with us. We eventually succeeded which means that there's a 10% discount for ALL Creatrip members! (OH YEAAAAH     )

Myeongdong Restaurant : Hwa Tteok | Information

  • Address: 서울 중구 명동4길 15
  • Opening Hours:Everyday 11:00 to 22:00 

Myeongdong Restaurant : Hwa Tteok | Discount

  • Creatrip members can get 10% discount for all menus.

Myeongdong Restaurant : Hwa Tteok | Recommended Reasons

  1. Hwa Tteok is famous for its Gorgonzola pizza baked directly from the fire pot. The prices are reasonable compared to the deep flavor and taste, and it's a restaurant frequently visited among Koreans. 
  2. There is a unique menu called salad pasta. Its taste is sweet and sour due to the salad, so it's not greasy at all.
  3. Tteokbokki is instantly cooked. It includes ramen, cellophane noodles, rice cake, quail egg, fried seaweed roll, and fried dumplings.

Myeongdong Restaurant : Hwa Tteok | Photo Reviews

If you visit the Hwa Tteok during the peak hour of lunch/dinner time, there is a high possibility that you have to wait in line.
 If possible, I recommend you to visit when it's not the peak hours. This place is so famous that it's always full of people.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to go at time when it was comparably unbusy, so I got to sit immediately.
Signatures of famous celebrities were hung all over the wall so I assumed that it's a hot place even to celebs.  

1L Ade (8,000KRW) is available in many flavors. There is grapefruit, blueberry, grape, strawberry flavor, so you can choose according to your taste.
The quantity is 1L, so it was enough for two people!

Gorgonzola Zola pizza (16,000KRW) was freshly baked in the fire pot. As soon as I smelled baked bread and cheese, my saliva was stimulated.

The pizza was abundant with cheese but it wasn't at all salty. Dip it in honey and you will taste the flavor of heaven.     
Spreaded nuts, stretched cheese, chewy dough, and the sweet honey, it was absolutely perfect. The stretched cheese was too beautiful I took many pictures.

I ordered a FULL SET which is adquate for 3 peoples. This set included various ingredients in Instant Tteokbokki(37,300KRW). There were plenty of ramen, cellophane noodles, quail egg, fried seaweed roll, fried dumplings and sesame leaves. I didn't need to order extra menus. Also, you can control the degree of spiciness when you order. I like the texture of ramen noodle before it's completely boiled. So when the ramen was boiled to some extent, I ate ramen along with a fried dumpling that was soaked in the spicy sauce. I could see that Hwa Tteok serves an abundant amount compared to other Tteokbokki restaurants. If you get a little spicy with the tteokbokki, then you should get a bite of gorgonzola pizza. It was the most ideal combination. 

Salad Pasta(6,000KRW) was way better than expected! This was the first salad pasta I have ever eaten so I couldn't imagine the taste of it. Croutons and blueberries are scattered on the top, although you can't see it well in the picture below. I mixed the pasta noodles and salad and rolled it onto my fork for my first bite!
It was more delicious than I expected! The crispness of the croutons and juicy blueberries, and the freshness of the vegetables were all combined for the best taste.
Also, the sweet and sour dressing went well with the pasta. I highly recommend this menu.    

Myeongdong Restaurant : Hwa Tteok | Price 

Hwatteok Ade Set화떡에이드세트₩24,800
Gorgonzola Pizza고르곤졸라 화덕피자₩16,000
Instant Tteokbokki즉석떡볶이₩15,000
Salad Pasta샐러드 파스타₩6,000

Myeongdong Restaurant : Hwa Tteok |  Location 

  • Address: 서울 중구 명동4길 15

Myeongdong Restaurant : Hwa Tteok | Roadmap Directions 

  • Myeongdong Station Exit 6 and walk 7 minutes.

So far, this was a overview of Myeongdong's Hwa Tteok. I'm really glad to introduce one of the most popular tteokbokki restaurants.
Again, we are providing a 10% discount for Creatrip members!  To receive the discount, download the coupon above and show it to the vendor!

I'll come back next time to dig out other popular restaurants loved by Koreans. See you again!