Must Visit Place for Harry Potter Fans! Harry Potter Themed Cafe in Hongdae: 943 King's Cross
Welcome to Hogwarts! Get your best shot with the Harry Potter costume!
2 months ago
Sung J LEEfromIncheon
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In Hongdae, you can experience both shopping and the young Korean culture at the same time. It is a must-go place for foreigners visiting Korea.

Actually, there is a whole lot of things you can do in Hongdae, and today, we would like to introduce a special place where you can take many insta-worthy photos and relax yourself after shopping!   

It is a Harry Potter themed cafe, <943 King's Cross>.

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Harry Potter Themed Cafe : 943 King's Cross | Info

  • Location : 24, Yanghwa-ro 16-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 
  • Transportation : 7 minutes walk from Hongik University Station Exit 9
  • Opening Hours : Mon-Thu 11:00 - 22:00, Fri-Sun 09:30 - 22:00

Harry Potter Themed Cafe : 943 King's Cross | Recommended Reasons

  1. Large and spacious store size, not crowded; can relax yourself in the comfty atmoshphere
  2. Each floor is decorated with different themes; lots of things to see and many instagram-worthy photo spots!
  3. You can try free Harry Potter costumes on the fourth floor (please do not take the costumes to other floors)
  4. The atmosphere coupled with detailed decorations doesn't make just a cafe, but rather an experience(trust me, they are different from other low quality shops)

Harry Potter Themed Cafe : 943 King's Cross | Note

  • Each person has to order 1 item at least.
  • Please do not take the photo spot more than 3 minutes if someone's waiting you behind.
  • Harry Potter costumes are only available on the 4th floor (please do not take these to the other floors)

Harry Potter Themed Cafe : 943 King's Cross | Location

How to Get to <943 King's Cross>

When you came out from Hongik University Station Exit 9, you will see ABC-MART in front of you. Go straight along the main road.

After 3-4 minutes of walk, you will see SPAO on the main crossroad. Keep going straight until you see TOUSlesJOURS Cafe.

Turn left in front of TOUSlesJOURS Cafe.

You will see Kyochon Chicken. Please go straight until you see GS25 convenience store.

The orange-brown building behind GS25 is the Harry Potter cafe that you are looking for!

Harry Potter Themed Cafe  | 943 King's Cross 

I kinda felt 'Harry Potter Mood' when I get there.. You will be super impressed by their impeccable details of decorations when you get inside    

This is the main entrance to the coffee shop. Please do not be confused with the pub entrance on the other side   

<943 King's Cross> is now operating from B1 to 4F. The fifth and sixth floors are currently on the preparation.
The basement floor is a pub, and the coffee shop is operated from the 1st floor to the 4th floor.


Upon entering, you will see the wall filled with wand boxes, which reminds me of the scene where Harry gets his first wand in Ollivanders. The chandeliers, the chess sets, and even the books related to Harry Potter! 

It is one of the famous instagram photo spots in 943 King's Cross. Get your best shot while waiting for your coffee   

943 King's Cross | The 1st Floor 'Magical Liquid Medicine Factory'

They are selling drinks, desserts, and Harry Potter related goods on the 1st floor. Just for a reminder, each person has to order 1 item at least.

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Except for the signature menus, the price of cakes displayed on the bottom varies from 7,500 won to 8,500 won and the drinks are from 6,900 won to 8,000 won; a bit expensive compared to the price of other chain coffee shops in Seoul. But as a themed cafe, I think the pricing is somewhat reasonable   

A small whole cake on the image is one of the signature menus in 943 King's Cross! It costs 17,000 won for this small cake, and I felt like no one's gonna pay this price. 

But actually, this cake was quite famous for people coming to this place. It looks exactly same as the birthday cake that Hermione gave to Harry! 

There are all kinds of goods available such as a chocolate wand, post cards, condensed Dutch coffee, a passport case, etc.

Before you get into the second floor, you will see this dazzling place with the gigantic mirror. Get yourself ready before you take your selfies on the next floors!   

Thanks God, there's also an elevator available for those lazybones like me! Take the elevator, and get into the theme you like the most!  

943 King's Cross | The 2nd Floor 'Wizard Cafe'

The 2nd floor is decorated with the 'Wizard Cafe' theme. I was really impressed and surprised by all the decorations and the spacing. Also, it was much larger and more spacious than I expected. The mood and the atmosphere do not make this place just a cafe, but rather an experience   

Because the lighting on the second floor is the best for the picture taking, I strongly recommend you to stay on here after your tour up to the fourth floor 

We've ordered signature menus: Wizard cake and Cannabis beer(it's actually made out of cannabis seed, not the weed  ), each costs 17,000 won and 9,800 won. I know, they are quite expensive, but I love trying new stuffs!

When I had a bite of the cake and a sip of beer(I know, it's an awkward combination), I taste...'Harry Potter' in my mouth. Hmm...Not very pleasant...but definitely worthy of trying :)

Maybe I should try other cakes and drinks next time  

When you order Cannabis beer, you will also get a small pack of grinded pine nuts together. You can add this nuts based on your preference   

943 King's Cross | The 3rd Floor 'Banquet Hall'

The 3rd floor is decorated with 'banquet hall' theme, which reminds me of the scene where Hogwarts students having a meal in the great hall. I can see that every singe detail of decorations tries to convey the vibes of Harry Potter, and I guess it worked perfectly!   

943 King's Cross | The 4th Floor 'Wizard Dormitory'


There is a seating place(more like a bed) on the fourth floor, which gives out a totally different vibes compared to the second and the third floors. You can feel the Christmas vibes during the hot day in summer!

The couch next to the Christmas tree is one of the designated photo spots you may seek for. You can take free Harry Potter costumes and take your best shot! The robes, mufflers, wands and the sorting hat are available! (but don't forget to not to take the spot or the costumes more than 3 minutes if someone's waiting behind 

Harry Potter Themed Cafe | 943 King's Cross Menu

Items Original Price
Cold brew₩7,500
Cold brew latte₩8,000
Wizard blue ade₩8,000
Wizard pink ade₩8,000
Peach ice tea₩7,500
Cafe mocha₩7,500
Cafe latte₩7,500
Chocolate latte₩8,000
Green tea latte₩8,000
Chamomile tea₩6,900
Peppermint tea₩6,900
Earl grey tea₩6,900
Sweet wizard beer (non-alcoholic)₩9,500
Original wizard beer (non-alcoholic)₩9,500
Cannabis beer (no discount applicable)₩9,800
Tartufo (Ice-cream) vanilla/choco/lemon/almond₩6,900
CakesPrice varies from ₩7,500 to ₩8,500
Wizard cake (signature menu)₩14,000

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Trust me, the intricate details of this coffee shop are impeccable! You will lose track of the time while taking photos   

If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, it is definitely a worth coming place, and for those who are not, get yourself relaxed in a moody and spacious place which you can't really find in bustling Hongdae!

So far, this was our honest review on the Harry Potter themed cafe in Hongdae, <943 King's Cross>. Thank you!

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