Korean Subway System [The Beginners Guide]
Everything you need to know about the Subway in Korea. A super useful guide for navigating major Korean Cities!
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Hello,everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.
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Seoul is becoming an international destination for foreign tourists. 

If you are visiting Seoul for the first time, you might be having a headache over what to put down on your itinerary. There are plenty of places to visit in Seoul, and getting around is relatively easy if you know how to use the Seoul Metro subway.

I personally recommend those who travel to Seoul for the first time to take the subway. It's quick, clean and easy to navigate. So to make your trip easier, I would like to give you this beginner's guide to the Seoul Metro Subway. 

In this guide, you will be able to find underground shopping malls, KTX stations, bus terminal stations, and airports at a glance.

Oh, but we didn't only give you the information about the Seoul Metro. 

For those adventurous tourists who love traveling the countryside, we also included information for the subways in Busan, Daejeon, Gwangju, and Daegu.

Bookmark this handy guide, and make your travel easier! 

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Korean Subway 1. Seoul Metro

On this map, you can easily find the major underground shopping arcades, KTX stations, bus terminal stations, Incheon and Gimpo Airports.

● : Bus Terminal Stations

Sangbong Station: Sangbong Intercity Bus Terminal

Gangbyun Station: Dong Seoul Bus Terminal

Express Bus Terminal Station: Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Gyeongbu line, Youngdong Line), Central City Terminal (Honam Line) 

Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal Station: Seoul Nambu Terminal

Click here to read more about the Premium Express Buses!

● : KTX Stations, Train Stations

Cheongnyangni Station: KTX

Seoul Station: KTX

Yongsan Station: KTX

Yeongdeungpo Station: KTX

Suseo Station:  SRT

How to book KTX tickets

How to book SRT tickets

● : Airports in Seoul(Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport)

Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 Station

Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 Station

Gimpo Airport Station

Detailed information regarding Incheon Airport

More information about Hotel 'DARAK HUE (다락휴)' near Incheon Airport

More information about AREX train (an express train to Incheon Airport)

● : Underground Shopping Arcades

Jonggak Station: Jonggak Underground Shopping Center

Gangnam Station: Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center

Express Bus Terminal Station: Express Bus Terminal Shopping  Center (Goto mall)

Yeongdeungpo Station: Yeongdeungpo Underground Mall

Jamsil Station: Jamsil Station Underground Shopping Center

Bupyeong Station: Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall (Bupyeong Modoo Mall)

Click here and learn more about South Korea's TOP 6 underground Shopping Centers! 

Learn more about the Gangnam Station

Learn more about Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Mall

More information about the Yeongdeungpo underground Shopping Center

Learn more about the Jonggak Station Underground Shopping Center

More information about Incheon Bupyeong underground shopping center

#Seoul Metro|Major Metro Stations

Line 1Cheongnyangni, Dongdaemun, Jongno, Jonggak, Seoul, Yongsan, Yeongdeungpo, Guro, Gwangmyeong, Incheon, Suwon
Line 2Dongdaemun history and culture park, Euljiro, Ewha Women's UniversityShinchon, Hongdae, Konkuk University, Jamsil, Sindorim, Sillim, GangnamSeoul National Univesity, Seoul National University of Education
Line 3Gyeongbokgung, Jongno 3ga, Chungmuro, Sinsa, Seoul Express Bus Terminal, Suseo
Line 4Hyehwa, Dongdaemun, Dongdaemun history and culture park, Myeongdong, Seoul, Sookmyung Women’s University, Sungshin Women's University
Line 5Gimpo Airport, Yeouido, Mapo, Chungjeongno, Gwanghwamun, Jongno 3ga, Dongdaemun history and culture park, Sinsa
Line 6Taereung Entrance, Korea University, Bomun, Yaksu, Itaewon, Noksapyeong, Samgakji, World Cup Stadium
Line 7Sanggye, Gunja, Konkuk University, Seoul Children's Grand Park, Express Bus Terminal
Line 8Mongchontoseong, Jamsil, Songpa
Line 9Gimpo Airport, Noryangjin, Express Bus Terminal
Bundang LineWangsimni, Gangnam-gu Office, Suseo, Migeum
Shin Bundang LineGangnam, Pangyo
Gyeongui–Jungang LineGapyeong, Cheongpyeong, Gangchon, Chuncheon
Gyeongchun Line
Airport ExpressSeoul, Hongdae, Gimpo Airport, Incheon Airport
U-Line (Uijeongbu Line)
Ui-Sinseol LRT
Incheon Subway Line 1Bupyeong Market, Bupyeong
Incheon Subway Line 2Geomam, Incheon City Hall
Suin LineIncheon
Gyeonggang Line
Incheon Airport Maglev

The image might not have a clear resolution if you directly download the map. (If you need the map in high resolution, please leave a comment here. We will send you one via email). 

Let's review the Seoul Metro fare system. 

Fare TypeT-Money Card Fare1 Time-use Transportation Pass
Adult (over 19 years old)1,250 Won

1350 Won + 500 Won (deposit) =1850 Won

* After arriving the destination, you can receive your 500 Won deposit back.

Adolescents (13~18세)720 Won

1350 Won + 500 Won (deposit) =1850 Won

* After arriving the destination, you can receive your 500 Won deposit back.

450 Won 450 Won

 Korean Subway 2. Busan Metro

On this map, you can easily find KTX stations, bus terminal stations, and Busan Airport.

● : Bus Terminal Station

★ Sasang Station : Busan West Bus Terminal

★ Nopo Station : Busan Central Bus Terminal, Busan Express Bus Terminal

Bonghwang Station : Gimhae Terminal

Yangsan Station : Yangsan Intercity Bus Terminal

More information about the Premium Express Bus

● : KTX Stations, Train Stations

★ Busan Station: KTX

Gupo Station: KTX

★ Sasang Station: General Train

Hwamyeong Station: General Train

Nakmin Station: General Train

City Hall Station: General Train

Bujeon Station: General Train

Centum City station: General Train

How to book KTX

How to get to Busan from Seoul via Train

● : Gimhae Airport

Airport Station: Busan Airport (Gimhae Airport)

More about Gimhae Airport

#Busan Metro|Busan Major Subway Stations

Line 1Toseng (Gamcheon Culture Village), Nampo, Busan, Jungang, Beomil, Seomyeon, Busan Nat'l Univ. of Education, Oncheonjang, Pusan Nat'l Univ, Beomeosa
Line 2Sasang, Seomyeon, Kyunsung Univ. · Pukyong Nat'l Univ., Suyeong, Centum City, Dongbaek,  Haeundae, Jangsan
Line 3
Line 4
Donghae LineBusan Nat'l Univ. of Education, Songjeong, Gijang
 BGLRTSasang, Royal Tomb of King Suro (Gimhae Passenger Terminal), Gimhae College 

Further Readings:

Let's go over the price matrix of the Busan Metro Subway. 

<Season Tickets>

How to use
1 day ticket
5000 Won
Valid on the day of purchase / unlimited rides
7 days ticket
21000 Won
Up to 20 rides within 7 days
1 Month ticket
60000 Won
Up to 60 rides within 30 days

<Metro Card> for Adult Price

Metro Card
Regular Ticket
1 section
1300  Won
1400 Won
 2 Sections
1500 Won
1600 Won

 Korean Subway 3. Daegu Metro

We've prepared a Chinese version of the Daegu Metro map for our Chinese members.

On this map, you can easily find the KTX stations, bus terminal stations, and Daegu Airport.

You can find these key locations by the colored circles.

● : Bus Terminal Station

★ Dongdaegu Station: DongDaegu Express Bus Terminal

★Manpyeong Station: SeoDaegu Express Bus Terminal

Read more about the Premium Express Buses

● : KTX Stations, Train Stations

★ Dongdaegu Station : KTX

Daegu Station : General Train

More information about booking KTX

● : Daegu Airport

Ayanggyo Station : Daegu Airport

More information about Daegu Airport

#Daegu Metro|Daegu Major Subway Stations

Line 1
Anjirang Station(Anjirang), Dongseongno, Dongchon, Banwoldang, Dongdaegu, Chilseong Market
 Line 2Kyungpook National University Hospital, Banwoldang
Line 3
Seomun Market

Further Readings: 

We will go over the price matrix of the Daegu Metro Subway. 

(The prices below are for Metro Cards)

Ticket TypePrice
Adult1250 Won
Adolescents850 Won
Children400 Won

 Korean Subway 4. Gwangju Subway

On this map, you can easily find KTX stations, bus terminal stations, and Gwangju Airport.

●: Bus Terminal Stations

Nongseong Station : Gwangju Bus Terminal

●: KTX Stations, Train Stations

Gwangju Songjeong Station: KTX

(※ Gwangju Station is not connected with the Gwangju Metro. Make sure you book the KTX to Gwangju Songjeong Station!)

●: Gwangju Airport

Airport Station: Gwangju Airport

#Gwangju Metro|Gwangju Major Subway Stations

Line 1Gwangju Songjeong Station, Airport, Kim Dae Joong Convention Center, Uncheon(5·18 Memorial Park), Geumnamno5ga, Geumnamno 4-ga, Culture Complex (Sajik Park)

Further reading: How to watch the best night view of Gwangju from the famous Gwangju Park (with the night view of the Gwangju River)

Let's review the price matrix of the Gwangju Metro Subway. 

TypeT-Money Card1 Time-use Ticket
Adult1250 Won1400 Won
Adolescents900 Won1400 Won
Children500 Won500 Won

Korean Subway 5. Daejeon Metro

On this map, you can easily find the KTX stations and bus terminal.

● : Bus Terminal

★ Guam Station: Yuseong Kumho Express Bus Terminal

Government Complex Daejeon Station: Daejeon Government Complex Express Bus Dunsan Bus Stop

(※ Yuseong Kumho Express Bus Terminal is not connected to the subway!)

● : KTX Stations, Train Stations

★ Seodaejeon Negeori station : Seodaejeon Station KTX

★ Daejeon Station: Daejeon Station  KTX

In case of Daejeon Metro, there is only one line.

The line 2 and 3 will be open soon. 

Let's review the price matrix of the Daejeon Metro Subway.

(Based on the use of Metro Card)

Type1 Section2 Sections
Adult1250 Won1350 Won
Adolescents880 Won960 Won
Children550 Won600 Won

We've come this far! Good job reviewing all the information. 

We wrote this posting out of hope to help first-time visitors to Korea. 

I hope you found the maps and information we've provided helpful.

This posting contains an inclusive information about subways in Korea - not only to mention Seoul but also Busan, Daejeon, Gwangju, and Daegu. You will be able to find the underground shopping arcades, KTX stations, bus terminals and airports without a problem.

Enjoy your trip! 

Bon voyage!

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