TOP 5 Busan Pork Rice Soup Restaurants
Must-taste Pork Rice Soup in Busan! TOP 5 local restaurants in Busan are revealed!
3 years ago

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This post is about Busan's best restaurants for pork rice soup.

Recently, an increasing number of tourists are visiting Busan.

Pork Rice Soup is the signature dish of Busan and you cannot leave Busan without tasting it.

I would let you know of TOP 5 Busan locals' favorite pork rice soup restaurants in this post.

Korea Busan Restaurant 1. Milyang Pork Rice Soup (밀양순대돼지국밥)

@instagram jongnamstargram

This is a famous pork soup restaurant near Haeundae Station in Haeundae. 

Even the non-Busan residents know about this place! 

Well, since the name of the store explicitly contains "Pig blood intestine sausage (Soondae)," this place is great for tasting the original.


Some people might be repelled by even looking at the word, 'the pig blood sausage.'

Don't worry a bit! If you are not a fan of blood sausage, you can order regular “pork soup rice” instead.

The best part of this restaurant is the rich soup broth. They don't use any seasoning! Somehow, pork rice soup has no smell of pork. 

Before you start digging in, don't forget to add a little bit of 'saeu-jeot' (fermented shrimp) or salt!

Look at this! You can also find the noodles in the soup.

Taste this authentic Busan cuisine at Milyang, and experience the rich taste of blood sausage too!

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Menu in English



Pork Rice Soup돼지국밥7000
Big Blood Sausage Rice Soup왕순대국밥7000
Mixed Rice Soup섞어국밥7000
Intestine Rice Soup내장국밥7000


Address:부산광역시 해운대구 우1동 543-1 (釜山市海雲臺區佑1洞 543-1)

#Opening Hours

  Open for 24 hours every day!

Korea Busan Restaurant 2. Songjeong 3 Generations Rice Soup (송정3대국밥)

This old restaurant is located in one of the busiest business district - Songjeong. It is located near Busan’s extremely lively “Seogu Station.” In the western market, there is an alley dedicated to pork soup rice restaurant! The whole street is full of pork rice soup restaurants, but the "Songjeong three-generation pork soup rice" restaurant has the longest history. This restaurant has been around since 1946!

Look at the color of the soup! This restaurant boils soup broth for over 24 hours every day. 

As you can see from the photo above, pork bone soup has a very rich flavor.

Let me give you one tip on how to eat Busan pork rice soup right. The local Busan people always add a lot of leek and pepper to the soup before they start eating it. The leek and pepper lighten the taste and removes the heavy feelings from the soup. (If you don't like leek, you can skip this step  )

Also, add a hint of chili & shrimp paste to the soup if you prefer your soup to be spicier.

It will taste even better!  (People who like the taste of seafood, I really recommend adding the fermented shrimp XD)

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Menu in EnglishKoreanPrice
Pig Blood Sausage / Intestine / Pork Rice Soup순대/내장/돼지국밥6500
Non-mixed Rice Soup따로국밥6500
North Korean Style Pig Blood Sausage(이북식)순대8000
Steamed Pork Belly with Rice수육백반8500


Address:부산광역시 부산진구 부전2동 서면로68번길 29 (釜山廣域市釜山鎮區西面路68號街29)

#Opening Hours

This store is open for 24 hours.

(Closed on the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival)

Korea Busan Restaurant 3. Bonjeon Pork Rice Soup (본전돼지국밥)

This is a pork soup restaurant near Busan Station. 

First, the location is very convenient! After finishing your bowl of soup, You can go straight to the train from here. This restaurant has been operating for almost 30 years.

 How can I not pass this delicious pork rice soup?

The special thing about this restaurant is the rice is not included in the soup. The restaurant gives people rice and soup separately. 

You can have a choice (in some places charge additional cost if you request to give rice on the side). 

If you prefer not to include rice in soup, this place will be very suitable.

And pork rice soup rice also contains lots of green onion    

Of course, you need to put a lot of leeks before you start eating the dish.

The leeks are marinated with red pepper powder for a long time and could be a bit spicy for those who cannot eat spicy food.

The pork rice soup works great with the marinated leeks! 

The taste of the soup is not too heavy and the soup contains many pig intestines in it. If you are sensitive to smell, you might smell a little bit of pork. However, it is not unbearable. This pork rice soup can satisfy a wide range of people - including both the adults and children. 

The soft and tender pork slices with kimchi taste heavenly  

I've been craving this pork rice soup so long.

The restaurant also has delicious Kimchi.  Make yourself try the best Kimchi in town.

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Menu in EnglishKoreanPrice
Pig Blood Sausage Rice Soup순대국밥7000
Intestine RIce Soup내장국밥7000
Pork Rice Soup돼지국밥7000
Steamed Pork Belly with Rice수육백반9000


Address:부산광역시 동구 초량3동 중앙대로214번길 3-8(釜山廣域市東區中央大路214號街3-8)

#Opening Hours

Every day:8:00~21:30 

Closed on national holidays

Korea Busan Restaurant 4. Hapcheon First Pork Rice Soup(합천일류돼지국밥)

@instagram leejonggeol_ 

This is a pork soup restaurant near Sasang Station (High-Speed Bus terminal station) in Busan.

This restaurant has been keeping its original location for many years! 

I heard that many tourists stop by Busan to eat a bowl of pork rice soup just to eat a bowl of their pork soup rice!.

 This restaurant is my personal favorite. If you have enough time to travel Busan, I would recommend you to try this restaurant. You have to expect a long queue if you visit this restaurant during peak hours!!!

There was a bunch of people behind me when I was waiting in line.

Can you see how popular this restaurant is?

(This is really what it looks when you get your pork rice soup) 

Have you noticed a spoonful of smashed garlic in the middle? That's right! ! People who love garlic would love this pork rice soup! 

The combination of garlic and hot pepper paste is not too spicy. The marinated leeks can be added on the side. The whole soup is full of garlic, leek, and chili paste. 

If you are a fan of Korean stews, this could be your next dish to try.


This is the basic table setting layout.

I really recommend the Ssamjang (a mixture of Korean soybean paste with red pepper paste) as a dipping sauce for eating the pork slices! Once you taste this sauce, you will be able to differentiate its taste from other restaurants'.

And their kimchi is also super delicious! (very crisp and tasty!)

The most special feature of this restaurant's pork rice soup's regular noodles can be replaced by udon noodles upon request.

Those who have a huge stomach would love this restaurant. When I went to Busan to taste this pork rice soup, I could get several refills for the rice until I felt full.

(rice and side dish self-refill counter) 

If you just want to go to Sasang Station, take the express bus~ 

Get an unforgettable meal at Hapcheon Pork Rice Soup Restaurant.


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Menu in EnglishKoreanPrice
Blood Sausage Rice Soup / Mixed Rice Soup순대국밥/섞어국밥7500
Intestine Rice Soup내장국밥8000
Pork Rice Soup돼지국밥7000
Steamed Pork Slices with Rice수육백반9000


Address:부산광역시 사상구 괘법동 565-6 (釜山廣域市沙上區掛法洞 565-6)

#Opening Hours

This restaurant opens for 24 hours.

The restaurant is closed on national holidays.

Korea Busan Restaurant 5. Twin Pork Rice Soup (쌍둥이돼지국밥)

This twin pork soup rice has featured on mainstream media for several times. This restaurant is known as a gourmet restaurant in the region, and is loved by Busan people very much! 

There are two branches opened on the same street.

This restaurant is right by the subway station. Walk straight until you spot the first twin pork soup rice restaurant. Then continue to walk straight for about 3 minutes. You will soon see the second branch. 

The signature menu of the restaurant would be the steamed pork slices. These slices taste great with lettuce. 

In addition, the pork soup rice made at Twin is also made with this super delicious steamed pork slices and instestine~ 

If you are very precise about the quality of the meat, you won't get disappointed here. 

The pork slice is extremely soft and delicious!

If you are traveling to Busan, South Korea, I really want to suggest you try this pork rice soup! 

 The pork soup rice sold at Twin is very authentic and tasty.  Get a bowl of hot pork rice soup today!

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Menu in EnglishKoreanPrice
Pork Rice Soup돼지국밥6000
Intestine Rice Soup내장국밥6000
Steamed Pork Slices수육백반8000
Intestine Pork Slices내장수육L 22000 S 17000
Mixed steamed pork slices and Intestine돼지수육L 22000 S 17000


Address : 부산 남구 유엔평화로 35-1

#Opening Hours

Every day 09:00 - 24:00

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This post included a list of TOP 5 restaurants in Busan known for pork rice soup. 

In fact, there are many very delicious foods in Busan, and you should try as many as you can when you are in town.  Busan Pork rice soup is one of the most representative local cuisines. The term "Busan Pork Soup Rice" has become a proper noun in Korean.

When you have plans to visit Busan, you must try to eat pork rice noodle from any locations mentioned above. 

If you have any further questions or things you want to know in details about visiting South Korea, please feel free to leave your questions as comments below.

Bye Bye!