Introducing the AREX Express Train

The quickest way to travel to Incheon Airport to Seoul Station
4 years ago

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Most of the tourists are flying in and out of Incheon Airport when they travel Korea.

Let's assume you had a blast in Seoul. Now you have to get to the airport to take a return flight.

What do you do if you have so much stuff to carry to the airport? How are you going to carry the heavy luggage all the way to Incheon?

So Creatrip will give you a useful tip. The most convenient and reliable way to get to the airport on time is AREX.

(Tip!: If you have a lot of free time before taking your return flight, you can finish your last-minute shopping at Seoul Station LOTTE Mart and take AREX to straight to the airport!)

* The AREX route explained in this post is based on the assumption that you will take the AREX from the Seoul Station.

★Two different ways to take AREX★

This post will explain the "express AREX train" departing from Seoul Station.

1) Taking AREX Express train

▷ Price:

- Without a discount: 8,000 Won (per person)

- With a discount: Less than 6,900 Won (per person)

▷ Duration: 43 minutes

▷ Advantages:  

- Wifi available on the train

- Luggage storage service available

- Your designated seat will be secured at 100% times

- Fewer passengers - not crowded

▷ Disadvantages:

- Only departs from Seoul Station 

2)  Taking AREX Regular train

▷ Price: 4,150원 (per person)

▷ Duration: 1 ~ 1 hour 15 minutes

▷ Disadvantages:

- There is a high chance of getting no designated seat during peak hours

- Too many carriers and luggage

☞ If you are eligible for a discount for the express train, I would recommend you to take the express train. You can take the express train for an additional 2,500 Won per person. 

Incheon Airport AREX 1. Transfer from Seoul Station

Before we decide which train to take, I will first let you know how to transfer quickly from the Seoul Station to the Arex Station. 

Incheon Airport AREX 1-1) Arriving at Seoul Station

Seoul Station is a transfer station where Metro line 1, 4, Gyeongui Joongang, and Arex line stop.

↑ 4 different metro lines intersect at Seoul Station.

The subway lines that stop at Seoul station are the following.

    ▷ Metro Line 1: Jonggak, Yongsang, City Hall, Noryangjin, Jongno3ga, Jongno5ga, Dongdaemun etc.

    ▷ Line 4: Dongdaemun, Chungmuro, Myeongdong, Huihyun etc.

    ▷ Gyeongui Joongang line: Hongdae, Sogang University, Gongduk, Yongsan etc.

    ▷ Arex: Gimpo Airport, Hongdae, Gongduk etc.

I came from Jonggak Station on Line 1 to Seoul Station.

If you come from City Hall, Jongno 3ga, Jongno 5ga, Dongdaemun on Line 1, the Arex station is the closest if you get on the compartment 1-1.

↑You can directly transfer to Arex line when you get off at Seoul Station Line 1 Compartment 1-1.

Incheon Airport AREX 1-2) Walking toward AREX station

Since I took metro line 1, I will explain based on the assumption you are taking the same route.

* If you are traveling on a different line, just follow the "Arex train" transfer sign. It's not too difficult to find the station.

Transferring at Seoul Station is very tedious. Since four different subway lines intersect, it's easy to miss the station. So you will need to focus!

Get off from Line 1 at Seoul station, and follow the directions below.

(Follow the arrows!!)

↑ Walk straight!

↑ Take the escalator if you can.

↑ The escalator is way quicker. Do you see all the steps? 

↑ Follow the arrow sign. @@ (It's quite far~)

↑ Continue walking...

↑ When you follow the arrow, you will see this machine.

This is a conveyer belt for transporting carriers. It's a recent technology!! 

I didn't see this on my last trip.

↑ I placed my backpack just to try this new tech.

Although the ramp was pretty steep, it did not slip and came down smoothly.

↑ Safe!

Shall we keep walking? ㅋㅋㅋ

↑ So this is the point where KTX and AREX train stations diverge.

Make sure you don't follow the KTX sign. Follow the red arrow!

↑As you walk straight, you will see the escalator.


↑ Follow the exit and swipe your metro card.

(There is no additional charge on your fare)

↑ Lastly, pass through this long escalator. You are here!

Incheon Airport AREX 2. Buying tickets for the Arex express train!

Have you decided which train to take?

Now let's review how to buy tickets for the Arex Express train.


Incheon Airport AREX 2-1) Where to get the tickets

★ You don't have to book in advance for the express train. 

You can do so online before you travel, but there are always plenty of seats. 

So it would be easier to buy the tickets on site.

Even during the peak hours and season, this train will never run out of seats.

You can also receive more discounts when you buy the tickets on site.

 Step 1. Buying the express train tickets

When you arrived at the station, you can get the tickets from the ticket booth in the photo. 

↑ When I was traveling, it was a peak season (mid-August). You can see a lot of people waiting in line. However, there is almost always no one in the line in other seasons.

Incheon Airport AREX 2-2) Discount information

There are many discounts available for the Arex express train.

★ Discount information ★ 

In this post, I have organized the discount information only eligible for foreign tourists. (Sorry, Korean friends!)

1) How to get a 13% discount from 9,000 Won to  7,500 Won (13%할인)

- Show your e-ticket or boarding pass of Korean Air, Asiana Air, Jeju Air, Southeastern China Air, T-Way Air. 

- Show the receipt of exchanging currency from Seoul Station "AREX currency exchange center" (discount available only for traveling on the same day.)

-> The currency exchange center is located near the ticket booth.

- KORAIL boarding pass  KORAIL (discount available only for traveling on the same day).

2) 9,000 Won -->  7,500 Won!

- Seoul Station Lotte Mart Receipt on the same day (Only for foreigners, no minimum purchase amount)

-> You can also receive a 5-10% discount at Seoul Station Lotte Mart if you show them the AREX Express train boarding ticket. 

- Malaysia Air, Thai Air, Singapore Air E-ticket or boarding pass (discount available only for traveling on the same day.)

 (Only valid through the end of 2017)

▷ The discounts above cannot be used with other discounts.

★ Attention! Why did they charge me an additional 500 Won?★ 

Don't panick~

The 500 Won is a deposit for printing the 'one-way ticket.' You need this ticket to pass through the gate.

You can get a refund as soon as you get to the airport. 

We will explain to you how to get your refund.

↑This one-time use metro card needs a 500 Won-worth deposit. (500 Won)

Incheon Airport AREX 2-3) Arex Train time table

Arex train comes every 30 minutes~

★ Seoul Station → Incheon Airport

★ Incheon Airport → Seoul Station

※2018 latest Seoul Station - Incheon Airport map (Incheon Airport Second Terminal Opened in2018)

@Seoul Metro

Direct train AREX Seoul Station→ Incheon International Airport Terminals 1 and 2: 6:10 (first bus), 22:50 (last bus) / departs every 40 minutes 

Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 → Seoul Station, 05:28 (first bus), 22:48 (last bus) / departs every 43 minutes 

Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 → Seoul Station, 05:20 (first bus), 22:40 (last bus) / departs every 51 minutes

★ AREX Seoul Station → Incheon Terminal 1, 2

★ AREX Incheon Airport Terminal 1 → Seoul Station

★ AREX Incheon Airport Terminal 2 → Seoul Station

Incheon Airport AREX 3-4. How to get on the express train!!

Now let's go and catch the express train!

↑ Take the elevator next to the ticket booth. (Go down to B7)

When you enter the gate, swipe the orange metro card. 

The platform is right in front of the elevator on the B7 floor.

Incheon Airport AREX 4. Personal Review on the Arex Express train!

1) The seats are very clean!

↑The inside is very new and clean! 

The inside of the express train is the same as the regular train. 

I liked the express train better because the inside wasn't so crowded.

2) Wifi flies!!

↑ The regular train does not have free wifi. The only way to use wifi is tethering.

The express train offers free wifi and it works fine!

3) There is a luggage storage area.

↑You can store heavy, bulky luggage at the separate storage area. Your luggage won't take up your personal space.

4) There are single seats!

There are seats for single passengers.

This is my personal favorite seat.

You don't have to book in advance. If this seat is not preoccupied, anyone with the express train ticket can claim this seat.

↑ You can work here without any disturbance. You can put the laptop on the mini desk.

This seat is great for those who are on a business trip.

↑ Plus, there is a power outlet!

The regular seats do not have power outlets.

If you have to quickly charge your laptop or cell phone, find this single seat!

5) Express Lounge is free to use!

↑ Before you get out of the Incheon Airport station, you can stop by at the express lounge. Any passenger who has the Arex Express ticket can use this space for free. 

This location has fast public wifi. You can also charge your cellphone or laptop here.

Incheon Airport AREX 5. How to get a refund for the 500 Won Deposit!!

Now let's review how to get a refund for the metro card deposit.

↑ Take the escalator when you arrive at the Incheon Airport station.

↑ Swipe the card at the gate.

↑As soon as you come out, you will see the refund machine. 

↑ This was during the peak season, so the line was very long. I waited for about 5 minutes.

You can get a 500 Won coin after inserting the metro card. 

↑ Take another escalator and you are at Incheon Airport! Have a safe trip!

Incheon Airport AREX 6. Are there any other tips? 

If you have the Arex express ticket, you can get a 10% discount at Lotteria on the B1 floor of Incheon Airport. 

↑ 10% discount available for:

AZ Burger Combo (3 types)

Mozzarella in the Burger Set (4 types)

Korean Beef Bulgogi Burger Set 

Classic Cheese Burger Set 

Incheon Airport AREX 7-1. How to take the AREX train from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station

@Seoul metro

If you want to take the AREX express train from Incheon Airport, you can buy the ticket in two ways.

 1. Express Train Passenger Information Center (Seoul Station, Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 Station, Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 Station), Incheon Airport Tourist Service Center 

2. Ticket vending machine: Seoul Station, Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 Station, Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 Station 

(The vending machine offers Chinese instructions)

Incheon Airport AREX 7-2. AREX Express Train Fare from Incheon to Seoul Station

@Seoul Metro

Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 → Seoul Station 

 - Express train: Adult 9,000 won/child 7,000 won 

※ The second terminal has the same fare 

※Precaution! After arriving at Seoul Station from Incheon Airport, you can use the same "AREX Ticket" for taking the regular Seoul metro subways. After taking the general subway to your destination, make sure you get your refund for the deposit before you leave the station.

When you transfer from the Arex Station to Seoul station to your destination might accrue additional charges depending on the travel distance.

 If you tell service attendant the destination you want to go when you buy the ticket, he or she will help you to get the right ticket.

Just remember, Incheon Airport → Seoul Station AREX fare is paid separately from the fare "from Seoul Station to your destination." Although there will be an additional charge, you can complete these two trips at once. 

So far, Creatrip has reviewed the details about the Arex express train. 

If you have any questions regarding the Arex Express train, please feel free to leave your question as a comment to this post.

I will see you again in my next post!

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Hello, may I ask that I have already booked an AREX direct ticket from the airport to Seoul Station, can I ask the staff to help me to add the subway money from Seoul Station to the destination? local)

2019-12-23 11:21:08

Hello, yes!

2019-06-22 15:45:51

If I booked an Arex ticket today and got the code. May I use it after 4 weeks? I will take Arex from Seoul Station to Incheon Airport and take the earliest 6:10 bus. What time does the Arex help desk of Seoul Station open? Can I get my ticket on the self-service machine if it is not open? What should I do if the code is wrong? Waiting for your answer.

2019-06-22 16:09:11

Hello, I suggest you read this article first: % 81% E5% B7% 9D% E6% A9% 9F% E5% A0% B4% E5% BF% AB% E7% B7% 9AAREX. If you still have other questions, please leave a message below the article or write to, we will reply to you as soon as possible, thank you.

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I would like to ask if I want to take a regular train from Seoul Station to Hongdae Station. Do I need to buy extra tickets or can I use a T-money card directly?

2019-06-19 23:01:03

Hi ~ You can take the ordinary train directly from the airport to Hongdae Station (T-money card can be used) Thank you :)

Sook wen Neo
2019-06-19 23:51:14

Hello, because I am taking Ktx from Busan back to Seoul Station, can I take it from Seoul Station?

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Can I get a 30% discount off on-site purchases?

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Unable to buy, the on-site purchase is the original price, you can first order on this page (, thank you.

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