A Trip to Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park

You've heard of "Petite France" but have you heard of Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park? Gapyeong's "Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park" is another must-see tourist attraction!

10 months ago

You've probably heard of "Petite France" but did you know there is a miniature Swiss village in Gapyeong as well? It's a village with colorful, Swiss-themed buildings, museums, sheep farms, and more! This beautiful European-style park is perfect for families and even travelers in small groups! Let's take a further look into what Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park has to offer.


Address: 경기 가평군 설악면 다락재로 226-57
Gyeonggi Province, Gapyeong, Seolak-myeon, Darakjae-ro 226-57

Hours: Weekdays 10:00 - 18:00, Weekends 09:00 - 18:00 (Last entry at 17:00)
*subject to change depending on weather

Ticket price: Adult (20 years old and above) 8,000 KRW; Youth (middle school student) 7,000 KRW; Child (36 months to 13 years old) 5,000 KRW 

Estimated duration of trip: 2-3 hours 

The little Swiss Village is located in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province. The village is full of colorful buildings some of which are themed galleries, such as the hallucination art gallery, and some are museums like the Chocolate Museum and the Cheese Museum. All in homage to Swiss culture and a way to experience Swiss culture in Korea. 


加平 京畿道 瑞市村

The ticket booth in itself exudes the Swiss theme and you start to feel like you're actually in Switzerland. The Swiss teddy bears exhibited beside the booth welcome you to the park as you queue for tickets. We went early in the morning, so it was a swift purchase with no line. 



After purchasing the admission tickets, you will also receive the park manual with a map that includes an introduction to each attraction. The introductions include a guide to the attractions. 

As soon as you enter, you will be greeted by a two paths. One will take you to the sheep farm, and the other to the exhibition hall. Although the manual recommends that you go to the sheep farm first, from personal experience, we think it is more convenient to visit the exhibition hall first. 


加平 童話瑞士村

加平 童話瑞士村

When you step into the exhibition hall, you will lay eyes on a blue and white building that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. Behind the building is a bright green hill that resembles the hills in Switzerland. 

What to See at Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park

1. Love Story Exhibition Hall 

童話瑞士村 Love Story

The first attraction we went to was the Love Story Exhibition Hall, and conveniently, the Wine Museum is right above on the second floor. The pink painted on the exterior of the exhibition hall makes you daydream about the many love stories that could've happened here. 

童話瑞士村 Love Story展覽館

童話瑞士村 Love Story展覽館  我們結婚了國際版

我們結婚了國際版 瑞士村

The vows written by FT Island's Hong Ki and Japanese artist Fujii Mina during their visit for the popular variety show "We Got Married" are still in the corner. 

2. Wine Museum

加平 童話瑞士村展覽

After the Love Story Exhibition, we went to the second floor to look at the Wine Museum. There are fine wines from all over the world displayed, which we thought was eye-opening. 

加平 童話瑞士村展覽 紅酒

加平 童話瑞士村展覽 紅酒

There is a wall that has instructions on the proper way to drink wine which was very informative. 

3. Swiss Story Hall

Swiss Story Hall

The second building we visited was divided into two, the "Swiss Story Hall" and the "Cuckoo Clock".

Swiss Story Hall

加平 Swiss Story Hall

The Swiss Story Hall is where you can learn more about Switzerland's traditional garments.  

4. Cuckoo Clock

加平 布穀鳥鐘

Everyone knows that the Swiss are known for their luxury clocks, right? At the "Cuckoo Clock" exhibition, every 30 minutes, a cuckoo clock opens its little gate, letting out an automated cuckoo bird that sings its song. 

5. Cheese Story Hall

Cheese Story Hall 加平

Cheese Story Hall 瑞士村

Among the many things Switzerland is famous for, their cheese is one of the most loved, especially the infamous Swiss cheese with holes. It is said that the bigger the hole, the better the taste. This is because it is stored longer at a higher temperature so lactic acid bacteria inside the cheese brings out more flavor. 

6. Heidi Library

Cheese Story Hall 瑞士村  芝士

 Heidi Library 瑞士村

There are many storybooks in Heidi Library, both in Korean and English. You can sit there and quietly enjoy the many books that are open for use. 


There is a small garden opposite of the Cheese Hall where you can take photos of an elaborate garden full of colorful flowers. 

7. Chocolate Story Hall

Chocolate Story Hall 瑞士村

Chocolate Story Hall 瑞士村

The history of Swiss chocolate and stories related to the sweet treat can be found at Chocolate Story Hall. 

Chocolate Story Hall 瑞士村

There is also a simulation of a cocoa plant farm at shows the correct heat and humidity needed for a cocoa plant to grow, so children(and adults!) can learn more about the cocoa plant. 

8. Edelweiss Gallery

Chocolate Story Hall 瑞士村

There are paintings of the Swiss Village displayed at the Edelweiss Gallery. You can catch a glimpse of the entirety of the park at the gallery. 

瑞士村 Santa Story Hall

9. Message Tree Hall, Campfire Field

Santa Story Hall

加平 Santa Story Hall

The Christmas decorations and nutcracker dolls at the Message Tree Hall make us want Christmas to come faster. The festive atmosphere livens up the entire exhibition!

10. Santa Story Hall

Santa Story Hall

Santa Story Hall

A scene from K-drama "Vengeance of Memory" 

The Korean drama "Vengeance of Memory" co-starred by Yoo Seung-Ho and Park Min-young was filmed here at the Santa Story Hall. You can relive the scene when you step into the exhibition. 

11. Heidi Bear Hall 

Heidi Bear館

瑞士村 Heidi Bear館

Last but not least, the last exhibition we went to is the Heidi Bear Hall. This exhibition was small with only two bears, one female one male, but it is a great place to take pictures for the gram. 

12. Sheep Farm

After examining all the exhibitions, we were reminded that the sheep farm was only open until 16:40, so we hurried over. 

羊牧場 瑞士村

As soon as you get there, you will first encounter an open-air resting area and cafe where you can sit and enjoy the peacefulness of the village. 

羊牧場 瑞士村 加平

There is a slide near the resting area, which allows everyone, both kids and adults, to return to their childhood days and re-experience the excitement of a slide. 

羊牧場 瑞士村

羊牧場 瑞士村

To get to the sheep farm, go to the lake and go up the stairs next to it. 

羊牧場 瑞士村

羊牧場 童話瑞士村 加平必去

The farm is very well kept and doesn't have an odor. The sheep are very well behaved as well, and as long as you have something in your hand to feed them, they will give you all the attention you want. 

羊牧場 童話瑞士村 加平必去

羊牧場 童話瑞士村 加平必去

There is a feeding station next to the sheep where you can pay 1,000 KRW for a bucket of treats.

羊牧場 童話瑞士村 加平必去

羊牧場 童話瑞士村 加平必去

Not only is there a flock of sheep, but there are other small animals such as chickens and rabbits as well. However, unlike the sheep, they are not to be touched, so enjoy there presence with only your eyes. 

羊牧場 童話瑞士村 加平必去

There is also a small playground nearby, which is suitable for parents and children to play and create forever lasting memories. 

雪橇場 瑞士村

Continue up towards the hill and you will see a sledding ground. Since we visited in the spring, we didn't get to experience the sleds so if that is something you want to do, visit in the winter! 

New attractions recently added: Farmer's Kitchen, Heidi's All Year Rainbow Sleding, Forest Playground, Heidi Waterfall, Underground Trampoline, Heidi Forest Performance & Outdoor Wedding venue, Street Cafe, etc. 

What to Eat at Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park  


When we visited in the spring, there was only one cafe but another cafe with outdoor seating was added in late April. 


When the weather is nice, take a seat on the outside patio where there are animal statues, as if you are in the fields, dining with the cows. 


Things on the menu: Swiss Rösti 5000 KRW, Strawberry Latte 7,000 KRW, Matcha Latte 6,500 KRW, and more.

One thing on the menu that we would like to recommend is the Swiss Rösti, which is a traditional Swiss potato pancake and this one was served with fried egg and a simple salad. 



In addition, there is a cafe called Blu Shaak Coffee by the entrance of the park. The pricing of the drinks is not too expensive, so check it out if interested! 

What to Do at Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park

1. Watch the Yodel Song Performance

First show: 12:30 (30 minutes long)
Second show: 13:30 (30 minutes long)


The yodel is a type of traditional music in Switzerland. This performance is only held on the weekends, twice a day, but can get canceled when it rains. Through this performance, you will get to learn more about Swiss culture. 

2. Join a Pottery Class

Class time: 12:00 - 17:00

Duration of class: 1 - 1.5 hours

Class Courses: 

Glazed Ceramic Decoration Course
Price: 20,000 - 30,000 KRW 
Class content: 
Painting and decorating on finished work fired at 1250 degrees.
You can choose to make a doll, house, or bell.
You can take your work home on the same day. 

Unglazed Ceramic Painting Course
Price: 25,000 - 30,000 KRW
Class content:

Apply paint on the ceramic baked at 900 degrees, then brought up to 1250 degrees after glaze.
You can choose to make a plate, cup, or bell. 
After 1-2 months, your work will be sent to an address in Korea. 
*Shipping fee not included in course price.

Pottery Crafting Course 
Price: 35,000 - 40,000 KRW 
Class content:
Make your own ceramics.
You can choose to make a plate, pot, cup, etc., and decorate it with a Swiss theme. 
After 1-2 months, your work will be sent to an address in Korea. 
*Shipping fee not included in course price.


Source: Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park

At Edelweiss Swiss Themepark, you can participate in pottery classes and make your own ceramic artwork, and take home with you as a souvenir to remind you of your trip! 

How to Get to Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park

Seoul to Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park 

Option 1:

加平 童話瑞士村

To get to the theme park, take the ITX from Cheongnyangni Station to Gapyeong Station(5,700 KRW), or take the ITX from Yongsan Station(6,900 KRW).

Yongsan Station → Gapyeong Station (Weekdays/Weekends)
Cheongnyangni Station→Gapyeong Station (Weekdays/Weekends)
06:00 / 06:15
06:17 / 06:32
06:56 / 06:55
07:15 / 07:13
07:52 / 07:55
08:11 / 08:13, 08:38
08:51 / 08:20, 08:45
09:11 / 09:05, 09:36
09:57 / 09:18, 09:49
10:14 / 10:06, 10:43
10:58 / 10:26, 10:59
11:17 / 11:17, 11:47
11:30 (Weekends only)
12:18 / 12:17
12:00, 12:53 / 12:58
13:09 / 13:15 
14:00 / 14:15, 14:47
14:17/ 14:33
15:20 / 15:14, 15:47
15:36 / 15:04, 15:32
16:00 / 16:18, 18:56
16:16 / 16:04, 16:35
17:00, 17:46 / 17:30, 17:59
17:17 / 17:14, 17:47
18:56 (Weekdays only)
18:05 / 18:15
19:58 / 19:00, 19:30
19:15 / 19:17, 19:48
20:32 / 20:00, 20:35
20:17, 20:49 / 20:18, 20:51
21:21 / 21:20
21:38 / 21:36
22:48 / 22:05
22:21 (Weekends only)
23:05 (Weekdays only)
Approx. duration 

Yongsan Station -> Gapyeong Station

About 55 minutes to 1 hour

Cheongnyangni Station -> Gapyeong Station

About 40 - 45 minutes 

After exiting, take bus No.12 and go to Seorak Bus Terminal(설악터미널) then transfer to bus 20-1 and get off at Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park. From there, walk for approximately 17 minutes to the entrance. 

Bus No. 12 Operating hours: Departs Gapyeong Bus Terminal from 07:10 to 18:30, Departs Seorak Bus Terminal from 07:50 to 19:30 (every 130 minutes, 9 times a day) 

Bus No.20-1 Operating hours: Departs from Seorak Bus Terminal from 07:45 - 18:20, Departs Yongcheon-ri from 07:45 to 18:40 (every 235 minutes, 5 times a day)

Fare: General (cash 1,500 KRW, Tmoney 1,450 KRW); Youth (cash 1,100 KRW, Tmoney 1,010 KRW); Children (cash 800 KRW, Tmoney 730 KRW)

Option 2:

童話瑞士村 加平站的士

After getting off the ITX at Gapyeong Station, take a taxi for 35 minutes; it will cost around 28,300 KRW.

Option 3:

加平B Course

If you think the taxi is too costly, you can take the B Course loop bus. You can go to multiple attractions with just one ticket. You will need to depart at CheongPyeong Station and will be able to pass through many of the major tourist attractions nearby. Currently, due to the pandemic, bus operating times are unsure so make sure you check if they are available beforehand! 

Bus route: Jathyanggi Pureunsup Arborteum - Imchori - Cheongpyeong Station - Cheongpyeong Terminal - Hoegokri - Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park - The Stay Healing Park - Petite France 

Option 4: 

If you want to go from Nami Island to Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park, we recommend you take a taxi which would take approximately 33 minutes and cost 26,800 KRW. 

Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park to Seoul 

Option 1:


From Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park, take Bus No.20-1 to Seorak Bus Terminal(설악버스터미널), transfer to Bus No.12 and get off at Gapyeong Station. At Gapyeong Station, take the ITX back to Seoul. 

Gapyeong Station→Yongsan Station, Cheongnyangni (Weekdays)
Gapyeong Station→Yongsan Station, Cheongnyangni (Weekends)
07:13, 07:44 
09:09, 09:51
10:14, 10:41
15:08, 15:30
16:11, 16:37
17:14, 17:45
18:16, 18:43
19:22, 19:53
22:06, 22:34
Approx. duration

Gapyeong Station→Yongsan Station

About 55 minutes to 1 hour

Gapyeong Station → Cheongnyangni Station

About 40 to 45 minutes

Option 2:童話瑞士村 前往方法

童話瑞士村 前往方法

Take a taxi to Seorak Bus Terminal, then take bus 8005 back to Cheongnyangni.

Bus route: Yumyeongsan - Seorak - Expressway - Lotte Department Store - Shigyo - Gyomun Intersection - Sangbong Bus Terminal - Sangbong Station - Dongbu Market - Jungnang-gu - Samyuk Seoul Hospital - Sijosa Intersection - Hyundai Core Department Store - Cheongnyangni Station Transfer Center

Frequency: Every 240 minutes, 5 times a day

Fare: General (cash 2,900 KRW, Tmoney 2,800 KRW); Youth (cash 2,000, Tmoney 1,960 KRW); Child (cash 1,500 KRW, Tmoney 1,400 KRW)

Hyundai Core Department Store
06:00 - 22:00 everyday
07:30 - 23:30 everyday

Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park Q&A

Q1. Are there any amusement park rides?
A1. No, but there is a sledding ground and small playgrounds in the park. Even without rides, you can have plenty of fun!

Q2. I watched "We Got Married" and they stayed at the Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park Hotel overnight. Is that still available?
A2. The hotel has been closed since August 2021, but even if you visit for the day, it is worth the trip!

Q3. How should I plan a one-day trip to Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park?
A3. When everything rejuvenates from the pandemic, we believe that it will be easier to take the B Course bus and visit other attractions as well. If you plan to do so, it is recommended that you spend two days in Gapyeong, for a less hectic trip. 

Q4. How is Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park different from Petite France?
A4. We personally recommend Petite France over Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park because it is a larger park with many restaurants and cafes to choose from. They also have more performances to watch. However, though it may seem quaint compared to Petite France, Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park has its own unique atmosphere. 

Q5. When is the best time to visit the park?
A5. Although it is less crowded on the weekdays, if you want to participate in the full experience, it is recommended that you go on the weekends, so you can catch the Yodel performance and catch a pottery class. 

Q6. What is the best way to get there?
A6. Before the pandemic, we would've recommended the B Course bus, because you can stop by multiple tourist attractions. However, these days, we recommend taking a taxi even though the price is high because the waiting times for the buses are longer as there are lesser in operation at the moment. 

In addition, there are many attractions in Gapyeong and Chuncheonjung, such as Petite France Village, Nami Island, Italian Village, Lego Land, Garden of Morning Calm, etc. Anyone who is interested can go to see our blog posts about them.

We hope that you can enjoy Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park when you are in Korea! What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below! If you have any questions, leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com! You can also follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea! 

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