BUSAN X The SKY At Haeundae

Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Busan at this popular observatory!

2 years ago

L City Trademark Tower in Busan

BUSAN X the SKY is a popular observatory in Busan that opened in 2020.

This observatory is located on the 100th floor of the L City Landmark Tower in Haeundae.

After X the SKY opened, its ocean, mountain, and city views were a hot topic in Korea.

We recently traveled to Busan and made sure to visit this incredible observatory.

This is our visit to BUSAN X the SKY!


Address: 부산 해운대구 달맞이길 20
30 Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Hours: 10:00-21:00
Last ticket purchase at 20:30

Transportation: 15-minute walk from Haeundae Station (Line 2) Exit 3

We love visiting any place with a great view, so we were excited to check out BUSAN X the SKY.

Just by looking at how tall L City Trademark Tower is, we knew that the view was going to be amazing.

Let's check it out!

View of three tall buildings in Busan

Entrance to BUSAN X the SKY in Haeundae

L City Trademark Tower at Haeundae is the tallest building in Busan.

The BUSAN X the SKY observatory opened here on July 17, 2020.

Entrance to observatory in Busan

This is the entrance.

It has a sleek and modern design.

Place where visitors can check in with QR code

Hand sanitizer dispensing machine

For COVID-19 safety precautions, we had to check in with a QR code.

For visitors who don't have a QR code, they could check in via a paper form.

We also had to sanitize our hands.

Locker room in observatory

There were lockers available for visitors.

This is a great option for travelers who may have a lot of luggage.

They can come straight here without having to stop somewhere else to store their luggage.

Ticket window at observatory

If you walk in a bit further, you'll see the ticket window.

Prices for tickets displayed on screen

Business hours displayed on screen

Information regarding ticket prices and business hours were available on the screens above the ticket window.

For adults (over the age of 13), tickets are 27,000 won.

For children ages 3 to 12, tickets are 24,000 won.

The observatory is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. everyday.

Kiosk where visitors can print their admission tickets

If you purchased tickets in advance, you can check in at a kiosk.

Map of observatory and sign leading to elevator

Visitor standing in front of photo studio

Props visitors can use to take souvenir photo

Before you make your way to the observatory, there is an area called "X the PHOTO."

This is where you can take a souvenir picture.

There are lots of fun props available for visitors to use for their photo.

Examples of souvenir photos

Here are some examples of what the souvenir photos look like.

We were surprised to learn that Jang Ki-Young and Shin Hyun-Joon also visited X the SKY.

Jang Ki-Young also took a souvenir photo here.

Isn't his photo so cute?

Security checkpoint

Before getting on the elevator, there is a security checkpoint.

Sign directing visitors to elevator

We were ready to go up to the 100th floor!

Welcome screen for visitors

It took 56 seconds to go up to the 100th floor!

Because we went up so high so quickly, our ears popped a bit.

There were no windows in the elevator.

Instead, there was a video that we could watch.

The video for when you go up is different from the one for when you go down.

Be sure to enjoy both of these videos!

Sign pointing visitors to observation deck

Entrance leading to observation deck

We made it to the 100th floor!

And the view from BUSAN X the SKY looked like this.

View from observatory on 100th floor of building in Busan

Isn't the view breathtaking?

The beach, the ocean, the mountains, the buildings, it all looked so amazing!

Another view from observatory in Busan

Even though the weather wasn't as nice, the view still looked spectacular.

Observation deck featuring paintings

The observation deck was very spacious and decorated with various paintings.

This area almost felt like an exhibition space.

Pieces of artwork on display

Map of Europe on display on observation deck

There was a lot to explore on the observation deck.

View through glass windows of Busan

We kept coming back to this view though!

Visitor standing in front of glass of observation deck

Another picture of visitor standing in front of observation deck

We thought it would be really pretty to take photos in front of the glass like this.

Sign leading visitors to certain area of observation deck

Sign leading visitors to Shocking Bridge

After enjoying the view from the observation deck, we saw signs for the Shocking Bridge.

We wanted to see what this was about.

Visitor walking on Shocking Bridge

Visitor taking picture of feet on Shocking Bridge

This was a bridge made of glass, so you could see all 100 floors of the way down!

If you're scared of heights, watch out for this!

View from Shocking Bridge, which is 100 floors down

Another picture of view of 100 floors down

Even though it was a little scary at first, we eventually got used to this view and were able to take some amazing pictures.

Art installation of glass beads

After walking to the end of the Shocking Bridge, you'll find a staircase that leads you downstairs to the 99th floor.

Isn't this art installation beautiful?

Visitor taking picture under art installation of glass beads

If you go downstairs, you'll find a restaurant, cafes, and the Sky Garden.

Staircase going down

Menu for restaurant

Entrance to X the Lounge, a restaurant

When we went down the stairs, the first thing we saw was a restaurant called X the LOUNGE.

Wouldn't it be so nice to have a delicious meal with such a wonderful view like this?

Photo zone area in building in Busan

Close up shot of photo zone area of building in Busan

Next to the restaurant was the Sky Garden.

The view from here was also very beautiful.

City view of Busan from observation deck

The views of the ocean and the city just went on and on.

Souvenir shop in Busan

There was a souvenir shop called X the GIFT.

There were also various cafes in this area including a Starbucks.

Photo instructing visitors to Starbucks

This is where the Starbucks is located.

Starbucks cafe

This Starbucks is attracting a lot of attention as the world's highest Starbucks.

Order counter at Starbucks

Sitting area right outside of Starbucks

This Starbucks is only available to visitors of X the SKY.

Merchandise on display at Starbucks

Dessert and drink case at Starbucks

Another picture of seating area at Starbucks

We thought it'd be really lovely to enjoy a drink here and look out at the view.

Souvenir shop in Busan

At the souvenir shop, X the GIFT, there were lots of souvenirs that were unique to Busan.

Display at souvenir shop in Busan

There were so many great items to look at.

Various items for sale at souvenir shop in Busan

Display of art items on sale at souvenir shop in Busan

We thought any one of these items would be a great way to remember our visit to X the SKY.

Shirts on sale at souvenir shop

We particularly liked the "I love Busan" shirts.

Two tablets that connect to two larger screens in front

Before you make your way down to the 1st floor, there is an area called SKY LETTER.

Here you can write a letter on one of the tablets and then send it to the big screen in front of you.

As a souvenir, you can take a picture of your letter on the big screen.

Observation deck at observatory

Observation deck at observatory in Busan

View of Busan and Haeundae

Another city view of Busan

We really enjoyed our time at BUSAN X the SKY.

We went during the day, but we think the view at night would be amazing, too.

How to Get There

L City Trademark Tower at Haeundae

Come out of exit 3 of Haeundae Station on Line 2.

Walk straight for 10 minutes until you hit Haeundae Beach.

Turn left on the boardwalk.

You'll be able to see L City Trademark Tower from the beach.

Sign for observatory in Busan

As you get closer to the building, you'll see a sign for BUSAN X the SKY.

Entrance to X the Sky in Busan

The entrance is to the left of this sign.

If you're planning a trip to Busan and looking for amazing views of the ocean and city, then BUSAN X the SKY is a must for you!

Be sure to add this observatory to your list of places to visit when in Busan.

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