Korean Long Hair Wavy Styling

Curl Your Hair Like a Korean Celebrity at Home!

Hanna Park
5 years ago

Hello,everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

Today, we have prepared a tutorial for wavy hair home styling that will teach you how to style your hair like a Korean celebrity.

I know that we all have that experience looking at celebrities photo and thinking 'I want to try that hair....'

However, when you go to hair salon and show their pictures, saying 'Can I have a perm like this?,'

their answer is always the same.

"Ma'am, this is hair curler" 

(We even have the word for this in Korea since lots of celebrities natural curly hairs are not possible with perms 

but only with hair curlers. We call it '손이고.')

This is why we prepared a tutorial for you to make natural wavy hair at home!

Let's learn how to do pretty Korean wavy hair styling together!

Korean Long Wavy Hair Self Styling

Today, we will be using Vodana curling iron (36mm).

There are various types and sizes of curling iron, so here is a little tip for choosing a hair curler.

 If you use 32mm thinner curling irons, you can make soft relaxed waves,

and if you use 40mm thicker curling irons, you will have glamorous curls.

I used medium 36mm size iron, but you can use the one you depend on your favorite style!

First, we have to divide hair into sections so that we can make curls more easily. 

Please tie up the top part of the hair. We will put a curl on the bottom, first.

Then divide the hair into four sections, and we have to make same curls four times.

First, hold the middle part of the hair and curl it gently.

Wait 5 seconds, so that you can apply enough heat.

When you are curling the hair, curl it outward and upward. That way you can have more glamorous curls!

Then loosen the curled hair. The hair will be tangled like the photo.

Leave it that way, and move your irons lower to the bottom and curl it again like we just did.

Make two or three curls for the long hair, and if you have short hair, two will be enough.

After curling the hair, catch it in your hand and leave it a little bit to cool it down.

This is the most important part! You have to cool them down while your hair is twisted.

Make curls for the rest of the hair!

This is a video to help your understanding.

It could be confusing for the first time, but you'll get used to it as you practice.

Now that you've made curls to your bottom hair, now it's time to make curls for the top part.

Like the bottom part, divide the hair into 4 section.

After curling all eight sections, your hair will look like this.

Gently brush your hair with your hands. If you have a coarse comb, you can brush with it several times.

I don't recommend you to use fine-tooth combs since it uncurls your hair. 

Ta-da! You have a natural wavy hair!   

If you want your hair to be more loose and natural, brush it several more times.

For those who want to make the hair more glamorous, I recommend you to use hair products such as curl essence. 

This is not it!

There are so many styling methods you can try with wavy hair. 

Let me show you some of the simplest but prettiest styles!

@Taeyeon Instagram

Nowadays in Korea, many celebrities use pearl pins for styling.

This is called barbie pin style.

This style goes well with straight hairs, but you can give a serene looking with pins on a wavy hair.

Half up ponytail is also a very trending style.

Like the picture, tying the half top of the hair is the most basic half up ponytail style.

@Oh Yeon-seo Instagram

If you tie your hair all the way up near the crown of the head, it looks very bubbly and lovely.

Add ribbons or other accessories on to this, then you will be very adorable.

If you want to try feminine style, place your half-ponytail in the middle.

Don't tie them too tight. Loosening is the point of this style.

Tie the hair lightly, and I add a pearl pin for an innocent feel.

I wanted to hide the hair band, so I uses strands of hair to hide it.

Take the smallest piece of hair, and wrap it around the hair band.

If you don't want to let your hair loose since it is summer, I recommend a pony tail!

Good thing about this wavy hair is that when you tie your hair, it does not look messy but very curly and natural.

Depend on what you are wearing, you can look neat or bubbly.

If you want something more neat, try up-style hair.

With wavy hair, it is much easier to make big buns because your hair is curly.

For finishing touch, try adding a pin!

Today, I introduced you how to make a long wavy hair hair and various wavy hair styles.

Now try variety of styles with your curling iron at home!

The above was a short overview of Korean Long Hair Wavy Styling : Please read this blog post thoroughly, and make your reservation by following the instruction given in this post. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at help@creatrip.com.  

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