The Skyfarm Brunch Cafe

A must-go restaurant in Yeouido

5 years ago

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Yeoui-do is a major business district in Seoul. Many Korean corporates and banks have their bases there. At the very heart of Yeouido, you can find this fancy brunch cafe/restaurant called the Skyfarm Brunch Cafe (known as [세상의 모든 아침] in Korean). This cafe/restaurant is located on the 50th floor of a skyscraper and has a panoramic view of Seoul and the Han River. This place was also featured in the popular South Korean Drama "W: the two world."  You can enjoy the best brunch in Seoul while you get mesmerized by the skyscrapers.

#Yeoui-do|All Breakfasts in the World | Store Information

  • Address:서울 영등포구 여의대로 24 50F
  • Tel:02-2055-4442
  • Opening Hours:09:00am - 23:00pm(15:00pm to 17:30 Break time)
  • Official Website

#Yeoui-do|All Breakfasts in the World | Why we recommend

This restaurant can satisfy both your eyes and stomach. The restaurant is located on the 50th floor, so regardless of what time of the day (from 9:00 am to 23:00) you can see the beautiful scenery of the Han River and Seoul's skyline.

The view you see from All the breakfasts in the world is even better than the "N Seoul Tower" or "the Jamsil Sky Tower."

Yeoui-do Sky Farm Restaurant (All the breakfasts in the world):All the breakfasts in the world is an extremely popular restaurant. Located on the 50th floor of the IFC Mall building, the restaurant offers the best view of Seoul’s day and night. The restaurant is also close to the Han River. 

Therefore, making a reservation with All breakfasts in the world has always been competitive. Since they do not allow you to make a reservation for holidays and in the evenings, you might have to expect some wait time when you get there.

Good news! You can now make a reservation with All the breakfasts in the World via Creatrip. You can make a reservation from Monday through Friday. If you want to avoid the crowd and enjoy your meal in peace, make a reservation for the weekday morning. When the weather is good, you will be able to see the crystal clear sky and the Han River. 

Each person can order one main course at the restaurant. There is no additional service charge on the menu. While enjoying your meal, make sure you take a photo of the scenery. Make pleasant lifetime memories! 

This appetizing bread and fresh olive oil are served before the main course. The price of the main course falls between 17,000 Korean Won to 25,000 Korean Won. The higher price menu is also available, but the store manager recommends a Korean beef burger (22,000 Korean Won) and a Korean Beef Ciabatta Sandwich (24,000 Korean Won) as chef's specials.

Korean Beef Burger (22,000 Korean Won)

The Korean Beef patty was juicy, the portions were big and the cheese slice was very thick. The french fries were fresh and crispy. 

Korean Beef Ciabatta Sandwich(24,000 Korean Won)

The Korean beef patty was very tender and juicy. The portions were also very big and the ciabatta bread was chewy. The caramelized grilled onion was somewhat big, but I was able to taste the freshness.

Egg tarts(2,500 Korean Won)

The egg tarts had just about right sweetness. The outer pie shell was very crispy and the inner cream filling was very thick and sweet. 

Let's take a look at the restaurant. You can make a free reservation on Creatrip. Enjoy the Han River view and have a shopping spree, and come back for a fine dining.

The other side of the restaurant will be opened during the busy time of the day. The restaurant is often rented out for a wedding ceremony. The interior design will give a feeling that you are walking into the page from a fairy tale book. 

#Yeoui-do|All Breakfasts in the World | Store Information

  • Address:서울 영등포구 여의대로 24 50F
  • Tel:02-2055-4442
  • Opening Hours:09:00am - 23:00pm(15:00pm to 17:30 Break time)
  • Official Website

#Yeoui-do|All Breakfasts in the World |  Menu

잉글리쉬 코티지파이English Cottage Pie₩24,000
카프레제버거&프렌치프라이Caprese Burger & French Fries₩22,000
스페니쉬 오믈렛Spanish Omelet₩23,500
랑구스틴 빠에야Langoustine Paella₩38,000

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