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Easy Korean Academy has been promoting Korean culture and the Korean language by conducting Korean language classes since 1998. It is the first private educational institute to produce excellent teachers by conducting a 'Korean Teacher Training Course', and is a Korean language education institution that directly developed and published the "Easy Korean" series and the "New Easy Korean (2021)" series, the bestsellers of Korean textbooks. 

The teachers at Easy Korean Academy are language education majors and Korean language education majors. They all have Korean language teacher certificates, and boast the best skills and quality, upholding the traditions and reputation of Easy Korean Academy. In addition, it is located on Garosu-gil in Sinsa, Gangnam, the center of K-culture, so you can easily access various Korean cultures. It's one of the best Korean language institutions with a pleasant and convenient educational environment and high-quality service.

Easy Korean Academy offers a variety of classes depending on your purpose and schedule, including regular courses, short-term intensive courses, individual classes, intensive courses for conversation, pronunciation class, and Korean proficiency test (TOPIK).

You can enjoy a special discount for regular course when you register through Creatrip. Let's go learn more about the curriculum and how to enrol for Easy Korean Academy.

Korean institute | Easy Korean Academy  

Easy Korean Academy |Application Form

Easy Korean Academy | Tuition Payment

Easy Korean Academy: Study Korean effectively through a proven curriculum.

*This blog elaborates complicated curriculum information. If you are interested in Korean institute, please have a careful look with a computer!

Easy Korean Academy | Information

  • Address: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong, 511-10 3,4/F of JJ building
    서울특별시 강남구 신사동 511-10  3,4층 이지코리안 아카데미 
  • Hours: Mon~Fri 09:00 ~ 18:00 ; Sat 09:00 ~ 16:00 
  • Tel.: +82-2-511-9314 

Inside of Easy Korean Academy

Easy Korean Academy: Study Korean effectively through a proven curriculum.

Easy Korean Academy | Reasons For Recommendation

  • Easy Korean Academy has been operating for a long time, it ensures know-how and quality of education in the Korean language. 
  • The classes are open every month, so you have the flexibility to take classes on your own schedule. (After school classes/one week/two weeks/three weeks)
  • It's 3 mins away from Sinsa Station and is on Garosu-gil, so transportation is convenient and you can easily access various activities
  • Take advantage of the self-developed Easy Korean textbooks and materials to effectively process the class. 
  • The program is divided into 10 levels that match with personal language ability. 
  • Besides studying Korean, a variety of cultural activities can give you a deeper understanding of Korea.  
  • If you register through Creatrip, you can sign up for class with a 5% off discount.

Easy Korean Academy | Things To Keep In Mind

  • The admission date may differ from the date submitted after consulting with the language school.
  • If you pay for the deposit on the Creatrip Reservation page, it will be confirmed within 24 hours.
  • After the reservation is confirmed, pay the rest of the tuition fee directly to Easy Korean Academy, excluding the deposit.
  • In case of cancellation, the deposit paid to Creatrip will not be refunded, and the remaining tuition will be refunded differentially depending on the time of cancellation.
  • If the course you chose doesn't meet the enrollment quota (less than two students), the class may be cancelled. In this case, the fee will be refunded.
  • This class does not include the price of the textbooks, so you have to purchase the textbooks on site.
  • Class levels are assigned according to the level test results (writing, conversation).
  • If you are unable to participate in the level test on the assigned date or have any other questions, please contact support@creatrip.com.

Easy Korean Academy | Registration Information

Regular Course Registration fee
1 week course
(4 times=12hrs)
2 weeks course
(8 times=24hrs)
3 weeks course
(12 times=36hrs)
4 weeks course
(16 times=48hrs)

*Courses longer than 4 weeks are available, so please contact us if interested

Easy Korean Academy | Course Introduction

1. Regular Course (Can take starting from 1 week course, drop-in class allowed) 
Easy Korean Academy: Study Korean effectively through a proven curriculum.

The Object 
For foreigners and Overseas Koreans who would like to study Korean language 
Class time 
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri (4 times a week), 10:00am~13:00pm(3 hours a day) 
Class size
3~12 students(Small group lesson, Focusing on speaking skills) 
  • Enhance overall fluency in Korean while focusing on your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with the New Easy Korean series
  • Study Korean language and culture with authentic materials like K-Dramas, K-Pop, News
  • Advanced learning with original workbooks and handouts made by the teachers 
  • After the vocabulary and monthly tests, evaluate the results and give individual advice for learning method afterwards
  • Short-term classes for 1, 2, 3, and 4 weeks and long-term classes over 1 month are available
Textbook[NEW Easy Korean for Foreigners]

  • Develop a new series that fits the current language environment.
  • Numerous illustrations added to enhance learner’s comprehension.
  • Use QR code on each page to improve pronunciation and listening skills.
  • Include natural conversations reflecting real life situations in Korea.
  • Educational, substantive content focusing on improving conversation skills.
  • Includes practice to help you improve fluency and accuracy.
  • In the appendix, the word list and sentence descriptions are translated into English, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
  • Added a page to introduce Korean culture.

*You need to purchase the textbooks separately on-site. (Textbook ₩23,000-₩28,000)

Preview sample of Books

Regular Course Curriculum and Goal

TOPIK Level 1 - New EK 1A/1B
 4 weeks (48 hours)
Textbook & Progress Level 1: 1A Unit 1-6
Level 2: 1A Unit 7-1B Unit 3
Level 3: 1B Unit 4-8
Learn, read, and write Korean alphabet (Hangeul)
Learn greetings, self-introduction, simple shopping, making promises, basic conversation
Learn Korean culture, such as greeting etiquette and table manners
TOPIK Level 2 - New EK 2A/2B
4 weeks (48 hours)
Textbook & ProgressLevel 4: 2A Unit 1-5
Level 5: 2A Unit 6-2B Unit 3
Level 6: 2B Unit 4-8

Learn necessary expressions used at store, restaurant, post office, bank, etc.
Able to talk about everyday topics (family, hobbies, travel, experiences, etc.)

TOPIK Level 3 - New EK 3A/3B

4 weeks (48 hours)

Textbook & ProgressLevel 7: 3A Unit 1-5
Level 8: 3A Unit 6-3A Unit 3
Level 9: 3B Unit 4-8

Be able to understand and talk about social topics, such as work and school life, personality, and events
Learning practical texts such as simple advertisements, notices, and newspaper articles
Learning about frequently used proverbs or idioms and Korean holidays and customs

TOPIK Level 4 - New EK 4A/4B

4 weeks (48 hours)

Textbook & ProgressLevel 10: 4A Unit 1-5
Level 11: 4A Unit 6-4B Unit 3
Level 12: 4B Unit 4-Unit 8

Learning to speak and write by distinguishing the basic characteristics of written and spoken language
Speak and understand social subjects relatively accurately and fluently
Learn how to communicate formally at work and can handle basic tasks in Korean

TOPIK Level 5 - New EK 5A/5B
Duration4 months (200 hours)
Textbook & ProgressLevel 13:
5A Unit 1-4
5A Unit 5-8
5B Unit 1-4
5B Unit 5-8

Learning topics in politics, economy, society, and culture
Learning how to properly communicate informal and informal situations
Can write a simple essay or report

TOPIK Level 6 - New EK 6A/6B
Duration4 months (200 hours)

Accurate and fluent command of language for university/graduate school or work
Speak and write according to Korean speaking habits

*Classes are assigned according  through level tests (writing, speaking).

Course Schedule

Class PeriodLevel Test (11:00 am)
Dec 2-24, 2021Nov 30
Jan 3-28, 2022Dec 31
Feb 4-28Feb 3
Mar 3-29Mar 2
Apr 4-28Apr 1
May 6-31May 4
Jun 2-30May 31
Jul 4-29Jul 1
Aug 2-30Aug 1
Sep 1-30Aug 30
Oct 6-31Oct 4
Nov 3-29Nov 1
Dec 1-27Nov 29
  • Beginners class opened every month
  • If you are unable to participate in the level test date, please contact us.
  • You can start the class whenever best suits you, but if you cannot read or write Korean, you need to attend the first day to learn the Korean alphabet.

Information On The Mandatory Vaccine Pass

According to the mandatory vaccine pass system, from December 13, 2021 to January 2, 2022, visitors to all indoor multi-use facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and movie theaters must provide proof of vaccination completion or a negative COVID-19 test result when entering. 

You will not be permitted entry to the facility if the aforementioned documents are not present and failure to comply will result in a fine of 100,000 KRW. 

[Required Documents]

A. Those who have completed vaccination: You must select one of the documents below to prove that two weeks have passed since you completed vaccination. 

(If you have completed your vaccination abroad, you must first register your vaccination certificate issued overseas at a nearby community health center.)

1. Electronic certificate of vaccination completion: Confirmation provided by Coov, Kakao, and Naver (QR code allowed)

2. Paper certificate of vaccination completion: Bring your ID and visit a public health center or community service center in person.

3. Vaccination completed sticker: Bring your ID to a community service center and attach it to your ID after receiving it. 

B. Those who have not been vaccinated: You must select one of the documents below to prove the negative result of a PCR test that has been taken within 48 hours.

1. Text message: Negative PCR test result message sent from the laboratory and date received

2. Paper negative result certificate: Visit the inspection center with your ID. 

C. Recovered COVID-19 patients: You must bring the documents below to prove that you are within 6 months of release from quarantine.

1. Paper confirmation of release from quarantine: Visit the public health center with your ID.

※ Restaurants and cafes allow one unvaccinated person to accompany a group based on regional restrictions for private gatherings.
※ For ID, you may use either your passport or a foreigner registration card.

Easy Korean Academy | How to Register

To register for Easy Korean Academy, you must follow the steps below.

⭐️You can get up to 20,000krw discount per month if you apply according to the instructions provided by Creatrip below.

Step 1. Register information through Creatrip

Please click the button below to fill out the required information.

Korean institute | Easy Korean Academy  

Easy Korean Academy |Tuition Form

Step 2. Course selection and payment

Please select the option you want on the payment page and pay the deposit.  

Korean institute | Easy Korean Academy  

Easy Korean Academy | Tuition Payment

After payment, the status "Waiting for Approval" will appear on the reservation confirmation page

Receipt will be completed within 24 business hours and the status will be changed to "Reservation confirmed".

Step 3. Tuition payment at Easy Korean Academy 

After registration is complete, please visit Easy Korean Academy and finish the rest of the tuition fee except the deposit.  

⚠️Please pay the deposit in order to complete the tuition payment.

⚠️Please pay the deposit at least one week before for the sake of class size confirmation.

Step 4. After registration is completed, you will be assigned a class.

An appropriate level of class is assigned based on the result of the placement test. 

Step 5. Take a class~ 

Have fun taking classes and learning Korean~

Easy Korean Academy |  FAQ

⭐️How do I get a refund if I have to cancel the class suddenly? 

 ⚠️The deposit fee is not refundable.

The refund policy for tuition fees excluding deposit. Please take note as below.

1. Regular Course

Before the class starts 

100%  refundable

Before 1/3 of the total class time

2/3 refund of tuition

Before 1/2 of the total class time

1/2 refund of tuition 

After 1/2 of the total class time

Not refundable
  • Refund or postpone is not available after the admission letter issued.
  • The refund policy applies only when registering for more than a month.

1) You need to visit Easy Korean Academy in person to receive refunds. (With receipt)

*If you have paid with credit card, you need to bring credit card receipt along with you

⭐ Who should I contact if I have any questions? 

Easy Korean Academy: www.edukorean.com, webmaster@edukorean.com or, Creatrip: support@creatrip.com

Easy Korean Academy | Cultural Experience

Regular class students can learn about Korean tradition and culture through various cultural experiences. 

You can enjoy various experiences and understand not only the language but also the Korean culture as a whole.

Easy Korean Academy: Study Korean effectively through a proven curriculum.Hanbok & Traditional Cultural Experience

Easy Korean Academy: Study Korean effectively through a proven curriculum.Korean Traditional Craft Experience

K-POP dance class

Easy Korean Academy | How to Get There

Easy Korean Academy: Study Korean effectively through a proven curriculum.

  • Address:  Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong, Apgujeong-ro 2-gil, 58. 3,4/F of JJ building
                      서울시 강남구 압구정로 2길 58 JJ빌딩 3,4층 이지코리안 아카데미 

Easy Korean Academy: Study Korean effectively through a proven curriculum.

  • 3 mins walk from Exit 8 of Sinsa Station.
Int'l Airport 
[By subway]
  • Gimpo Airport (Line9) → Express Bus Terminal (Line3) → Sinsa (Line3 : Exit 8)
  • Gimpo Airport (Line5) → Jongno3ga(Line3) → Sinsa (Line3 : Exit 8)
Incheon Int'l Airport [By subway]
  • Estimated travel time is about 2 hours
  • Incheon Int'l Airport Terminal 1 or 2 (Airport Railroad)-> Gimpo Airport (Line9) → Express Bus Terminal (Line3) → Sinsa (Line3 : Exit 8)

  • [Airport Limousine]
    • Take the 6006 or 6009 limousine from the Incheon airport (1hour approximately)

Korean institute | Easy Korean Academy  

Easy Korean Academy |Application Form

Easy Korean Academy | Tuition Payment

Do you want to learn Korean? I hope you will learn Korean with excellent Korean programs and understand Korean culture through various cultural experiences.  It is also a great opportunity to meet Korean friends and friends from all over the world. If you have any questions, please refer to this blog or the website of Easy Korean Academy~or contact us at support@creatrip.com or leave a comment below. 

This is about Easy Korean Academy, Gangnam.  If you have questions about information not covered in the blog post, please email us at support@creatrip.com.