Kwangan-li beach(광안리 해변)
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부산광역시 수영구 광안2동 광안해변로 219
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Creatrip Team
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Creatrip TeamfromSeoul
a year ago
"Gwanganri has the best night view in Busan" Gwanganri is more popular at night than daytime. Thanks to Gwangan Bridge over the ocean, it becomes the number 1 night view attraction in Busan. Good raw fish restaurants are located along the seaside so many people visit the Beach just to eat raw fish. Lots of youth and young adults think the best romantic part of Busan trip is to enjoy Soju and raw fish at Gwanganri Beach. Recently, beautiful and unique cafes and artificial palm trees are built along the seaside so people visit during daytime too for its exotic scenery. Especially on second floor of cafe you can see both a semilunar shape of sandy beach and white Gwangan Bridge over the beach will make you to think as if you are in other beautiful country. Like this, each view at night and day is totally different. During daytime, you can feel white and clean images of beach but at night, you can explore shining and fancy view of Busan. Please enjoy the both view at Busan.
Creatrip TeamfromSeoul
a year ago
On every October, Busan World Fireworks Festival is held. Over 100,0000 people visit Gwanganri to see the colorful fireworks so if you stay in Busan during the festival time, please empty your calendar to enjoy it.
Creatrip TeamfromSeoul
a year ago
Restaurants near Gwanganri seaside often overcharge to foreign visitors as well as Korean who visit Busan for sightseeing. Based on the most popular fish, Gwangeo(Flatfish) and Ureok(Rock fish), usually it doesn't cost more than 30000~40000 won per 1 kg. Please be careful for the overcharge.
3 years ago