Incheon Day Trip C (인천일일여행 C)

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    • The third edition of Incheon Day Trip! Introducing a brand new day trip package with the addition of new attractions you have to visit when touring Incheon~
    • This day trip package provides the popular attractions that were included in the packages before such as the rail bike, ferry, and luge kartrider while providing additional attractions such as the biggest aquarium brand Aqua Planet and One Mount which has everything from a water park, shopping mall, to a sports club!
    • A perfect package introducing the best attractions in Incheon, lets go enjoy all of Incheon in just one day~
    • Yeongjong Rail Bike : This is the first rail bike to be installed in Incheon and you can enjoy a ride that is 5.6km long while enjoying the beautiful scenery all along the ride.
    • Ferry Ride : You ride a cruise for a round a 15 minute journey from Yeongjongdo to Wolmido.
    • Ganghwado Luge : Two 1.8km courses of a super fun Kartriding experience.
    • Aqua Planet : As one of the biggest aquariums in Korea, you can meet a variety of sea and land animals here.
    • One Mount : The biggest place to have fun in Incheon with a shopping mall, snow park, water park, luxury sports club and more attractions all in one place.



          • Reservations are only possibly every week Tuesday and Thursday.
          • Reservation cancellations and changes must be made at least 3 days before the reservation date.
          • A 100% refund is possible up to 3 days before the reservation date but a reservation is not possible after.
          • The following price includes all transportation, a Chinese/English speaking guide, and tickets to the various attractions.
          • The following price does not include meals, insurance, individual items at One Mount and other personal expenses.
          • The schedule may change depending on the weather and traffic of the day.
          • You have to arrive at least 10 minutes before the departure time.
          • An infant younger than 3 years old can ride free of charge but a separate seat will not be given.
          • If you prepare to ride with a stroller, wheel chair, or a large bag please let us know in advance by contacting support@creatrip.com.
          • Your reservation will be confirmed within 24 hours, and a voucher will be sent to your email as soon as it is confirmed.
          • Precautions when using the Luge
          • People who are drunk, pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart disease, or have spinal disc problems may not ride the luge.
          • Infants shorter than 85cm may not ride the luge even with a companion.
          • Children shorter than 120cm may not ride the luge without a companion.
          • You can use the luge only once for free. If you want to use it again you can buy additional uses on-site for a discounted price.
          • Timeline : 07:20 Depart from Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station Exit 10 → 07:30 Depart from Myeongdong Station Exit 8 → 08:00 Depart from Hongik University Station Exit 3 → 09:00~10:15 Yeongjong Rail Bike → 10:20~10:50 Feeding Seagulls from the Ferry →12:00~15:00 Ganghwado Luge (Kartrider) + Lunch →16:00~18:00 Aqua Planet (Ilsan) + One Mount→18:50 Arrive at Hongik University Station →19:20 Arrive at Myeongdong Station →19:30 Arrive at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station

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