CoconutㅣTeeth whitening(코코넛 치과ㅣ치아미백)


Free cancel 3 days before the reservation date
Mobile reservation card or voucher
Direct entry without ticket exchange
Date specific ticket
  • Located outside Exit 12 of Gangnam Station (Same building as Mcdonalds - 4th Floor), The ministry of health and welfare has authorized this clinic so you can trust it.
  • The dentists have a lot of experience so you are ensured the highest quality treatment.
  • It is perfect for tourists without a lot of time as you can come during lunch, at night or even on the weekends excluding public holidays during their working hours.
  • If you are worried about the change in color of your teeth visit Coconut Dental Clinic and receive teeth whitening treatment.
Kpop Star One Day Whitening (1 session of scaling + 2 sessions of whitening)
₩129000 ₩270000
Scaling + Cavity Checkup + Wisdom Teeth Checkup
₩50000 ₩150000
  • Remember to bring your passport for a tax refund. (Only applicable on teeth whitening)
  • Closed during public holidays and every fifth Saturday and Sunday.
  • The teeth whitening happens in two sessions back to back after cleaning your teeth for better results. (20 Min for 1 Session Teeth Whitening, 1 Hour for 2 Sessions)
  • The results of teeth whitening treatment may differ per person. (Usually gets brighter 2-3 steps)
  • If there is a lot of bleeding or swelling of the gum after the teeth whitening treatment you have to reserve the next day and receive the treatment then.
  • Please abide by the reservation date and time.
  • The reservation will be checked through the mobile reservation/payment page at the dental clinic.
  • If you decide to purchase other services at the dental clinic there is no need to change your reservation and just pay the amount at the dental clinic.
  • The reservation will automatically be cancelled if you are late to the reservation.
  • Change of reservation/Cancellation/Refunds are available up to 3 days before the reservation date.
  • Making a reservation the day of is not possible. You have to reserve at least 2 days before the reservation date.
  • Your reservation is confirmed within 24 hours of your payment.
  • Precautions after Teeth Whitening
  • The dentist cleans your teeth before teeth whitening. If there is a lot of bleeding in the gum or swelling the teeth whitening procedure will happen the day after for the safety of the patient.
  • Not eating for 2 hours after the treatment will maximize the treatment effect.
  • 24-48 hours after the treatment is the time to maximize the effect of the teeth whitening treatment. Please refrain from smoking or consuming food with a lot of artificial colors. ex. soda, wine, red tea, soy sauce, curry, grapes, coffee, and more
  • The slight soreness you may feel after the teeth whitening is temporary and will become normal after a day or two. If you take painkillers when you feel the soreness it will help.
  • Your gum may turn white temporarily but this too will go away naturally.
  • You may also see white dots or stripes but this will also go away in a few days.
  • Teeth whitening does not last forever and may revert to the original color with time. Please refrain from food and drinks with artificial colors and brush your teeth after you eat to prolong the effects.

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