Korean Chinese food delivery(중화요리배달)

Order Time 14:00 - 22:30

Free cancel 5 days before the reservation date
  • What do you think about Chinese cuisine in Korea? No matter where you go in Korea, you will see many Chinese restaurants. So many Chinese tourists will feel quite pleased and friendly.
  • Do you think these dishes will actually taste the same as foods you ate in China? Chinese Korean Cuisine actually is a little bit different from original Chinese food. You should try delivery service, and find out for yourself! Anyone who wants to experience the delivery culture of Korea, or anyone who wants to order a delicious noodle dish like a local but do not know how, should shout Hooray! Because now Creatrip provides Chinese Cuisine delivery service!
  • Delivery range: Seoul / Busan / Daegu / Gyeongju / Gwangju / Incheon
Sweet and Sour Pork (for 2 people)
Jajiangmyeon + Sweet and Sour Pork (Half/Half)
Fried Rice
Jjamppong + Sweet and Sour Pork (Half/Half)
Fried Dumplings
Soft Drink
  • Make an appointment on this page and complete the order and pay the price shown.
  • You must make a purchase of more than 10,000KRW excluding the delivery fee.
  • Regardless of the number of dishes you order, the delivery fee is only +1 (3000 won), and the fixed amount is charged.
  • Delivery service to celebrity dorms are not allowed. Creatrip is not responsible for failed deliveries.
  • Please input the correct name and contact of the receiver.
  • You can reserve your delivery in advance. Please select the date and time you'd like to get delivery.
  • After completing the payment, be sure to join the Creatrip official Line account (ID: @creatrip) or Whatsapp (ID: +821041784576) to inform us that the payment has been completed.
  • If you do not inform after completing the payment, we can't handle it here (the official account can't take the initiative to add the general account), in order to maintain your outgoing order, so please be sure to contact us.
  • After the order is placed, the confirmation is immediately sent but the delivery time cannot be specified.
  • Ordering during peak times such as lunch or dinner and popular areas such as Myeongdong may take longer.
  • No refund will be given after the scheduled payment.
  • When ordering the address, please enter the correct Korean, English address and delivery floor, room number, and wait there.
  • Delivery to small counties (gun) is not available (ex. Jangseong-gun).
  • If you do not wait for the order after you have placed your order, or if you have not contacted us and did not reply to us, we will not issue a refund if the delivery cannot be delivered.
  • Orders are accepted from 14:00 to 22:30. If you place an order and pay for another time and place than noted, Creatrip will not return the payment due to your failure to read the relevant information.

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