10%-OFF|Busan|GIF Photo Store(움직이는사진상점)
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  • The GIF Photo Store will shoot about eight seconds-long film. Then this film will be combined with the images and backgrounds of Busan. Eventually, this edited film will be printed as multiple photos. The store will bind the printed photo and viola! you get your own flip book!
  • It costs only 8,900 KRW for making a photo flipbook. With such a cheap price, you can create a unique photo album featuring the precious memories you made in Busan. This will be a lasting souvenir for your friends and lovers, and a perfect way to share your travel memories.
  • GIF Photo Store will help guests pick the best photos, and combine them with illustrations and backgrounds to make a photo flipbook. If you flip the book quickly, the photos inside will create a moving image as if the photos are in motion. This type of flipbook is rarely available in other countries. Many Korean locals visit this store to get this special flipbook.
  • There are multiple backgrounds you can choose from. The store will help you to pick the best design. The quality of each book in ensured.
  • Unlike ordinary souvenirs, the GIF Photo Store flipbook is special. It is made with your unique travel memories and will be a memorable, lasting gift for your beloved people as well.
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    대한민국 부산광역시 사하구 감천2동 감내2로 170-1
  • On Creatrip, you can make reservation with discounted price.
  • To enjoy the price of two books or more, you must print the same content for all books. Otherwise, individual books will be charged at one book price.
  • The store is open daily from 10:30 to 18:30.
  • If you do not arrive at your reservation time for more than ten minutes, your reservation will be canceled automatically.
  • If the payment is not made after the reservation, the reservation will be invalid. Please complete the payment as soon as possible.
  • If you'd like to make any changes after reservation is confirmed, please cancel and book again. Please kindly note that you can only cancel the reservation 3 days before arrival.
  • After the payment is completed, any changes and cancellations must be completed no later than three days before the reserved day.
  • Please arrive on time. If you are late, the store won't be able to reschedule on site and you won't be eligible for refunds.
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    你好請問4人一起拍1本價格是韓元8900嗎? 因為沒有看到可以選人的地方 若拍2本不同風格~分開預訂是嗎 謝謝
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    到店要出示的預約紀錄是指mail嗎? 還是給店家order ID就好?
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    * 親愛的Creatrip會員,很遺憾地宣布我們新上線的預訂系統有相關bug。 在我們的系統中,預約時間和原來一樣,但是在預訂確認函上會有一個小時的差異(源自於韓國與台港地區到時差問題)。當然您不用為此取消或是做相關變更,在我們的系統中,會顯示實際時間(或是當您抵達韓國時,將會顯示正確的時區時間)。我們在這個週末將修復此錯誤,並在下週二(2019年2月19日)之前,完成時區的訂正及顯示的差異。請各位耐心等候,在下週二顯示的時間與相關預訂將會恢復正常。對於給您帶來的不便,我們深表歉意。
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