Global Hot Girl: All About Freezia From Single's Inferno

Digging into the life of Freezia, from plastic surgery to product recommendations!

Yujin Kim
2 years ago

Recently, Single's Inferno on Netflix has been gathering wild popularity all over the world. Have you tuned in?

Song Zia, also known as Freezia, has stolen the hearts of many with her infamous lines such as "Let's go, puppy!"

So today, let's learn more about Zia and the products that she recommends.

All About Freezia

1. Introduction

There are probably many people who had never heard of Freezia until Single's Inferno. 

Let's start off with her name. Her name is Song Zia. She was born on April 20, 1997, and is 25 years old. (Korean age.)

Another reason why she is so loved is because of her charming Busan dialect.

It is quite rare to see Korean celebrities or influencers that use a strong dialect from other regions of Korea besides Seoul. Often, they will change their accents. 

Her hometown is Busan, and she lived there until high school before moving to Seoul to attend college.

2. Career

So what is Freezia's job?

As you all know, Freezia is an active beauty creator not just on YouTube but has often appeared on many Korean TV broadcasts.

3. Her Past

If you look at Freezia's pictures on her Instagram or on Single's Inferno, her beautiful, toned figure may catch your eye.

In fact, Freezia is a dancer who graduated from Busan Arts High School and Hanyang University Department of Dance.

Of course, she does other workouts like pilates to maintain her body shape but dancing from a young age probably helped her achieve the body she has now.

4. Idol

Freezia said that she has been offered many opportunities to become an idol.

However, she turned down the offers because she felt that singing was not her path.

As this story spread around the internet, a photo of Freezia and Jang Won-young went viral.

Looking at this picture of them posted to her Instagram, no wonder she got so many offers as an idol, she looks just like one!

5. Silver Spoon & Fake Luxury Brand Controversy

Freezia is known to live in an apartment called Trimaze located in Seoul Forest. 

The apartment is known to be home to many celebrities such as BTS J-Hope, soccer player Son Heung-min, actor Seo Kang-joon, Girls' Generation Sunny, and EXO Baek-hyun.

It is said that the apartment goes for 2 billion won (Approx. 1.6M USD) and the monthly rent is around 7 million won (5.8K USD).

In Seoul, apartments with views of the Han River are known to be expensive and luxurious.

"No matter how big Freezia is these days, she buys luxury items every day in her vlogs? Was she brought up with a silver spoon?"

There are many viewers that think and makes comments like this on her channel.

According to Freezia, she claims she was brought up in a well-off family and she works extra hard to pay back the money her parents spent on her during her dancing days.

In addition, the controversy began to catch on fire when it was revealed that Freezia worn a lot of luxury fake goods.

She wrote a handwritten apology and posted it on Instagram as the controversy grew that a lot of the clothes she wore on her haul videos and on the show Single's Inferno was in fact fake.

She is being criticized under the public eye for not only wearing the fake items but confidently showing them off on TV in the mainstream media while aiming to launch her own brand one day.

6. Plastic Surgery

Freezia has openly discussed her past plastic surgery experiences.

On the Korean TV program Video Star, Freezia said she inherited her eyes from her father.

She admitted to having a nose job when she was in her second year of high school.

When we compare pictures of Freezia from the past and her now with light makeup, we can see that she has always been pretty! 

7. Personality

So what is Freezia's personality like?

First, her MBTI is ESTP, which is known to be outgoing and enjoying life.

In fact, if you watch her YouTube vlogs, you can see that she lives her life with confidence and high self-esteem.

She said in one of her videos, "I think I am independent but not social." and "I'm not very interested in others."

She also said, "Even if I do get married one day, I think I will spend more time working than taking care of the house."

Also, I think one of the reasons why she is so loved is because of her realness and authenticity without being rude.

Freezia's fanbase has mostly consisted of women, but on the show, we can see that her personality attracts a lot of men as well.

Single's Inferno 

1. Casting

According to the production crew that made the Netflix original series, Single's Inferno

they had one look at Freezia and thought to themselves, "this is the hot girl image we were looking for".

With her doll-like features and cool personality, the production crew knew that she was going to be perfect for the show.

2. Relationship With 'Puppy' Kim Hyun-joong

Single Inferno's final couple Freezia and Kim Hyun-joong!

Are they still together? 

After the last episode of Single's Inferno was released, Kim Hyun-joong posted a photo of a dog on his Instagram story.

This imitates his love for Freezia as he has been loyal and only had his eyes on Freezia.

For now, no one knows for sure if they are dating.

After the shoot, Kim Hyun-joong posted "Personality Difference" on Instagram.

Many people speculated that they have broken up.

3. Was Single's Inferno Scripted?

Freezia revealed the behind-the-scenes of the show on her YouTube.

According to Freezia, Single's Inferno had no script and everything was authentic. 

In addition, when they first went to the shoot, she revealed that the cast members were shocked as they were surrounded by nature. 

On the contrary, when you were matched as a couple, she said it was really nice to get away to the luxurious penthouse hotel.

In fact, Single's Inferno was filmed on an uninhabited island called Sa Seung Bong Do in Incheon.

Freezia Product Recommendations

Freezia, a beauty creator and model, has captivated her fans with her meticulous self-care routine on YouTube and Instagram.

You can buy products that Freezia actually uses and recommends below!

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Today we looked into Freezia's lifestyle more in-depth!

From her personality, behind-the-scenes of Single's Inferno, and product recommendations.

We hope you found this useful!

We'll be back with more Korean product recommendations!

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