Seoul Night Bus Ride

Missed the last Subway? Seoul Night Bus can Save your Time and Money! 8 Routes

7 years ago

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The area of Seoul is about twice as big as Taipei. Adding to this the adjacent areas of Gyeonggido and Incheon, it's even larger. If the traffic around Seoul wasn't perfect, it would have been very inconvenient, so subways, buses, buses, etc. in the metropolitan area are operated very carefully.

So! You can take regular buses during the day, but what are the options other than taxis at nighttime? Yes, we'll introduce the most convenient night buses in Seoul today, informing you how to save money using public transportation. Get ready to take notes!

Night Bus in Seoul : Introduction

Seoul Night Bus Ride

Night bus fare in Seoul

  • Basic Fare:₩2,150(Transportation Card)

Seoul Night Bus Hours

  • Different places have different schedules so be 30 mins early

Seoul Night Bus Ride

In Seoul, night buses that operate only late at night (01:00 to 04:00) are called "Owl Buses (올빼미 버스)". There are eight routes. After the Owl Buses, regular buses will start running again.

Seoul Night Bus Ride

Regular buses usually start at 04:00, and subways will start from 05:00. N, as the name suggests, stands for "Night". When you see the buses starting with N in Seoul, they are all Seoul late-night buses introduced in this article.

Night Bus Routes in Seoul

  1. N13(00:00-03:25):Sanggyedong→Cheongryangri→Dongdaemun→Jongro→Gangnam Station→Jamsil Station→Songpa
  2. N15(00:00-03:35):Uidong→Mia Station→Bomun Station→Jongro→Seoul Station→Sinyongsan Station→Dongjakgu Office→Sindaebang Samgeori→Sadang Station
  3. N16(00:10-03:48):Dobongsan→Miari→Daehakro→Dongdaemun→Toegyero→Namdaemun→Yeouiseom→Yeongdeungpo→Guro Station→Onsu Station
  4. N26(00:00-03:10):Gangseo→Hongdae→Sinchon→Jongro→Cheongryangri→Mangwoodong→Joongrang
  5. N30(23:40-03:40):Gangdong→Myeongildong→Chunhodong→Dongdaemun→Euljiro→Seoul Station
  6. N37(00:00-03:10):Jingwan→Doknipmun→Jongro→Hanyangdaegyo→Gangnam Station→Songpa
  7. N61(23:50-03:50):Yangcheon→Nambusunhwanro→Sinlim Station→Sadang Station→Gangnam Station→Samsung Station→Yeongdongdaegyo→Dongilro→Nowon Station
  8. N62(23:40-03:00):Yangcheon→Mokdong Station→Deungchon Station→Yonsei Univ→Sinchon Station→Wangsimni Station→Konkuk Univ Station→Gunja Station→Myeonmokdong

Seoul Night Bus Ride

Among these routes, there are many tourist attractions that are still alive at night, and areas where many hostels and hotels are gathered. Please check your hotel location (which area in Seoul, South Korea) in advance.

I'll help you organize and will give you a touring tips. If you live near these stations and want to take a night bus, you will need this.

Tips on Using Buses in Korea 

Night Bus in Seoul : N13

  • Hours:00:00-03:25
  • Route:Sanggyedong→Cheongryangri→Dongdaemun→Jongro→Gangnam Station→Jamsil Station→Songpa
  • Passing through:Dongdaemun, Dongdaemun History and Culture Park, Hangangjin (near Itaewon, Gangnam, Jamsil

Seoul Night Bus Ride

The area that the N13 bus passes by at night is mainly east Seoul. Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Gangnam Station are the areas where nightlife is most lively. Dongdaemun is the place for late-night shopping and food. Gangnam is one of the largest gathering places for young people.

But if you want to take the N13 to go to Itaewon at night, you have to get off at Hangangjin and walk for about 15 minutes.

Dongdaemun Transportation Summary

Night Bus in Seoul:N15

  • Hours:00:00-03:35
  • Route:Uidong→Mia Station→Bomun Station→Jongro→Seoul Station→Sinyongsan Station→Dongjakgu Office→Sindaebang Samgeori→Sadang StationPassing Through:Dongdaemun, Jongro-3ga, Seoul Station, Yongsan, Seoul University

Seoul Night Bus Ride

The night bus N15 of Seoul is stretched through a wide area, from the northeast to the southwest. The places with best nightlife are Dongdaemun, Jongro, and Sinlim Station (Seoul Univ area).

Except Dongdaemun, just mentioned above, the part of Jongro is dominated by party and nightlife culture. Sinlim Station is the place where many students of Seoul University live. The nightlife in these two places is mainly for late-night dinners and drinking. Opening hours are late.

Seoul National University Language Course Promotion Info

Night Bus in Seoul:N16

  • Hours:00:10-03:48
  • Route : Dobongsan→Miari→Daehakro→Dongdaemun→Toegyero→Namdaemun→Yeouiseom→Yeongdeungpo→Guro Station→Onsu Station
  • Passing Through:Hyehwa (Daehakro), Dongdaemun, DDP, Myeongdong, Seoul Station, Yeouido

Seoul Night Bus Ride

The route of N16 is similar to that of N15. It's also ranging from northeast to southwest of Seoul, but it is relatively longer.

The nightlife is best here at the Sungshin Women's University and Hyewa Station (Sungkyunkwan University), and Dongdaemun district, Myeongdong, and Yeongdeungpo, and they have been introduced many times.

Sungshin Women's University and SKKU are small in scale, most of them are local students, and the nightlife is mainly for dinner and drinking, and the business hours are not open until too late. Due to its proximity to the commercial district, the prices at Yeouido is relatively higher. Local company workers mostly go to the Yeongdeungpo area.

Seoul Women's Univ Street Recap

Night Bus in Seoul:N26

  • Hours:00:00-03:10
  • Route:Gangseo→Hongdae→Sinchon→Jongro→Cheongryangri→Mangwoodong→Joongrang
  • Passing Through:Gimpo Airport, Hongdae, Sinchon, Ewha Univ, Jongro, Dongdaemun, Cheongryangri

Seoul Night Bus Ride

N26 mainly runs through North Seoul, and will depart from the vicinity of Gimpo Airport, passing through the bustling business districts of Hongdae, Sinchon, Jongro, and Dongdaemun. This is also the most commonly used night bus by myself.

And I’m not sure if it is due to the long travel range, this line is particularly difficult to wait, and there are so many people waiting for this bus.

Sinchon Shopping Summary

Night Bus in Seoul:N30

  • Hours:23:40-03:40
  • Route:Gangdong→Myeongildong→Chunhodong→Dongdaemun→Euljiro→Seoul Station
    Passing Through:Seoul Station, Euljiro, DDP, Gangdonggu

Seoul Night Bus Ride

N30's route is short. This night bus route in Seoul is mainly responsible for straight line traffic in East Seoul, and it is also a main means of night transportation for residents in this area. Except for the late business hours around Dongdaemun, Myeongdong and Seoul Station, the stores are open mostly for normal hours, and there's not much nightlife.

Dongmyo 24H Gamjagalbitang

Night Bus in Seoul:N37

  • Hours:00:00-03:10
  • Route:Jingwan→Doknipmun→Jongro→Hanyangdaegyo→Gangnam Station→Songpa
    Passing Through:Namdaemun, Jongro, Myeongdong, Hangangjin (Itaewon), Gangnam

Seoul Night Bus Ride

The range of N37 is very wide, covering from southwest to northeast of Seoul, passing Gwanghwamun and Jongro. Gangnam and Sinsa are very lively nightlife spots. In the areas of Sinsa and Gangnam, most of them are the destinations for dinner after work by surrounding office workers, and the price is relatively high.

As for the northeast, the area near the old police station passing by Gyeongbokgung Palace, there's nothing special since they are residential areas.

Sinsadong Garosugil Tour

Night Bus in Seoul:N61

  • Hours:23:50-03:50
  • Route:Yangcheon→Nambusunhwanro→Sinlim Station→Sadang Station→Gangnam Station→Samsung Station→Yeongdongdaegyo→Dongilro→Nowon Station
    Passing Through:Seoul National University, Gangnam, Konkuk University

Seoul Night Bus Ride

N61 runs through the peripheral part of Seoul's city centre, and passes through South Seoul.

In addition to the vicinity of Sinlim and Seoul, it is the main place for local students, and also passes through the areas of Seoul National University of Education, Gangnam, and Konkuk University. It is also a very popular night bus route. Whether it is a holiday or not, it is full of people, especially in the Gangnam area.

Gangnam Shopping Tips

Night Bus in Seoul:N62

  • Hours:23:40-03:00
  • Route:Yangcheon→Mokdong Station→Deungchon Station→Yonsei Univ→Sinchon Station→Wangsimni Station→Konkuk Univ Station→Gunja Station→Myeonmokdong
    Passing Through:Hongdae, Ewha, Jongro, Dongdaemun, DDP, Konkuk University

Seoul Night Bus Ride

The last Seoul night bus, N62 connects straight traffic to North Seoul. In addition to Hongdae and Sinchon business districts, it also passes Jongro, Dongdaemun, and Konkuk Univ, completely covering the nightlife of North Seoul.

Euljiro Food Map

The eight Seoul night bus routes are as above, so what about people who live farther, such as those living in Incheon and Gyeonggi-do outside Seoul?

For Koreans, most people remember the last subway train hour. If there is really no way, you can choose to take a night bus, go to a place closest to home, take a taxi, or sleep at a hotel or a jjimjilbang for the night.

Recommendation for Jjimjilbang in Korea

Seoul Night Bus Ride

This is why there are hotels or jjimjilbangs in the streets of South Korea. One is cultural, and the other is that many people have work dinner after work. It is not cheap to take a taxi ride home, and you need rest to go to work the next day.

Secrets Behind the Korean Railways

Seoul Night Bus Ride

However, I remind everyone that due to the large number of night bus riders in Seoul and the small number of departures, it is always crowded. Therefore, if you want a more comfortable ride, it is recommended to take a taxi or take the last subway train.

Seoul Night Bus Ride

So, that's it for today folks!

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