A Complete Guide to Shinchon's Best 11 Restaurants

The biggest College Town in Korea. Take a tour of Shinchon and discover the best restaurants!

7 years ago

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Shinchon is a famous college town.

There are Yonsei University, Sogang University, Ehwa Women's University, and Hongik University in Shinchon.

As a result, Shinchon has become a well-developed business district.

Many college students live in this area, so there are plenty of affordable and quality restaurants. 

Today, I will give you the list of popular Shinchon restaurants!

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Shinchon Restaurant:1. Dakgalbi Factory

Address:서울 서대문구 명물길 27 2F

Shinchon Dakgalbi Factory offers Dakgalbi, a dish made with spicy stir-fried chicken with cabbages. You can visit this restaurant with a group of your friends and share the dish together. The dish contains quality ingredients. In addition to the spicy chicken, you can add additional ingredients like meat, vegetables, and cheese.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, the waiter or waitress will assist you to your seat. You can either order the dish by yourself, or you can pay 10,900 Won to get access to the all-you-can-eat Dakgalbi buffet. Is it really worth the money? I would definitely say YES!

Shinchon Restaurant:2. Yeonnamseo Restaurant

Address:서울 마포구 백범로2길 32

Among the restaurants in Shinchon, the most famous restaurant among tourists would be the standing galbi. Shinchon Seoseo Galbi (which means "Standing" Galbi Barbeque) is an old (probably a bit shabby) Korean BBQ restaurant. As what the name suggests, this restaurant is where you stand around the BBQ table. There are no chairs. 

A flap of Galbi costs 15,000 Won, which is not expensive compared to the other BBQ restaurants. This restaurant uses Korean beef, but the grade of the meat is not as high as the authentic Hanwu (Korean Quality Beef). Considering the price, I think the quality of beef is great.


When you come to taste the famous Seoseo Galbi, you have to be mentally prepared (and I am serious). This restaurant is old and does not have adequate facilities for ventilating the air.  The restaurant usually gets foggy with fumes. Also, you might have to wait in line for more than an hour during peak hours. they often need to line up. I recommend you to eat something light before coming to this restaurant. 

Shinchon Restaurant:3. Opodak

Address:서울특별시 서대문구 명물길 61

Onion Flavor

Korean fried chicken is one of the best dishes you can taste in Korea. The barbecue chicken is famous too, but the Korean people throw their hands up for fried chicken. In Shinchon, Opodak is a famous place for fried chicken, and the price here is very affordable. This restaurant offers six types of fried chicken, and there is no restriction on the meal time. One person only costs 10,900 Won.

I've visited this Shinchon restaurant multiple times. This restaurant keeps the quality of the chicken to a certain level. Many tourists come to Shinchon for shopping. Shinchon is also known as a gathering place among Korean college students. Share a meal with friends at this deliciously fried chicken restaurant. I highly recommend the onion flavored fried chicken!


Shinchon Restaurant:4. Mutongsam Shinchon

Address:서울 서대문구 연세로7안길 10-4

In Shinchon, you can find hundreds of barbecue restaurants. I recommend this three-tiered pork belly barbecue shop with confidence. Mutongsam (the full name is “무한리필동삼겹살”) is an all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant.

The restaurant has three menus. I suggest you order the second package (11,900 Won), or the first first package. The difference between these two menus are the second level includes pork neck slices. The first package only contains three-tiered pork belly barbeque, which could taste too greasy.

The side dishes are provided as all self-service. At Mutongsam (unlimited three-layer meat), the waiter and waitress will refill the meat upon request. Don't be scared to ask for more! I love three-tiered pork belly BBQ!

Shinchon Restaurant:5. Shinchon Tongkeun Galbi

Address:서울 서대문구 연세로5다길 9

This restaurant is another galbi restaurant. How did this Creatrip editor add two Galbi restaurants on the list? You might be wondering. Huge ribs are a very popular rotisserie in Korea. As a result, there are many great Galbi BBQ restaurants in Seoul. This restaurant, Shinchon Tongkeun Galbi, is another famous restaurant that is being loved by college students.


I suggest you eat more Pork Galbi when you go to this restaurant. There are not that many options available at this restaurant in terms of the type of meat - you can only choose pork. Since this restaurant only specializes in Galbi, the price is very reasonable. One person pays only 11,000 Won.

On weekends, you might have to wait for a long time in line. If you don't like to wait in front of the restaurant, I advise you to go to the restaurant when it opens. Stop by this Shinchon Restaurant and taste delicious marinated pork ribs. you won't be disappointed!


Shinchon Restaurant:6. Daepo Jjimdak

Address:서울 서대문구 연세로 27-1

Daepo Jjimdak is a very famous restaurant. There are only two branches in Seoul, and one of them is in Shinchon.

You can eat different Korean chicken dishes full of Korean flavor.

For those of you who do not like spicy food, many Korean Jjimdak would be a challenge. Today I want to introduce this Shinchon restaurant's soy sauce chicken stew to everyone, which is a creative version of Jjimdak.

At Daepo Jjimdak, there are a variety of flavors to choose. In addition to the fried squid, you can also eat Jjimdak with abundant cheese. The basic taste of Dapodak Jjimdak could be a bit spicy, but it is not too excessive. If you add cheese, you can tone the spicy level down. Also, you can request for a specific spicy level when you order. Daepo Jjimdak is mainly divided into the portions of two, three and four. If several friends dine together, you can order different types of Jjimdak to enjoy multiple flavors at the same time.

This restaurant has recently raised the price. The Jjimdak dish for two people costs 22,000 Won, while for three people costs 33,000 won, and so on. You can order up to a maximum of four people. If you share the dish together and split the bill, the price isn't too bad.


Shinchon Restaurant:7. Gahwamansasung

Address서울 서대문구 연세로5가길 1

Korean Chinese restaurants are inexpensive and tasty. If you have cravings for Korean-Chinese food, you may want to visit Gahwamansasung Chinese Restaurant in Shinchon.

The Korean style Jjangmyeon is the most basic Chinese dish. For Koreans, this is also the most popular dish. At Gahwamansasung, you can taste quality Jjangmyeon at a cheap price. In addition, many Koreans add chili powder and vinegar to Jjangmyeon to add the spicy flavor. You can give it a try.


Shinchon Restaurant:8. Guwalsan Wangjokbal

Address:서울 서대문구 신촌로 87-22

This restaurant has a long history in Shinchon (opened in 1983). Guwalsan (in English, the September Mountain) is well known for Jokbal and Soondaeguk (Pig sausage soup) and is open for 24 hours. Many college students come to this restaurant at late night to assuage their hangover.

The price is not so cheap, and you need to share with a group of people to share the portion. You can also order a bowl of blood sausage soup (7,000 won).

The pig blood sausage and Jokbal are not like ordinary ones. This store is famous for cooking all the ingredients all day long. If you taste it, you will feel the difference. When you are in Shinchon, you must try the pig sausage.

Shinchon Restaurant:9. Uncle's Shinchon

Address:서울 서대문구 연세로7안길 42

Uncle's Shinchon recently became a social media phenomenon. When you order the store's famous fried squid Tteokbokki, you will be surprised by the flowery shape of big squid in the bowl.

If you want to taste the delicious Korean-style fried dishes, don't miss out on Uncle's! The Tteokbokki is worth more than 15,000 won, but two or three friends can share the dish together.

 If you want to visit the trending restaurant among locals, I would recommend Uncle's Sinchon. Uncle's Ttokbokki isn't too sweet nor too spicy. You will make great memories of your trip! Add a cup of fresh beer to lighten up the mood. This restaurant is my favorite hang out place on a Friday night.


Shinchon Restaurant:10. Hyeungjae Galbi

Address서울 서대문구 연세로 24

This Galbi BBQ restaurant has been in town for more than 40 years. The Brother Galbi became a landmark in Shinchon. Located at the heart of the Shinchon business district, this restaurant has a traditional hanok exterior. You will be able to spot its entrance very easily. The Shinchon Business district has a few traditional, famous gourmet restaurants. This restaurant is certainly one of them.


Although this is an old restaurant, the price is set slightly more expensive than other BBQ restaurants in the area. However, the quality of meat is certainly better than the others. There is also a small reminder that you need to order BBQ for more than two servings at a time, including the pork rib stew.


Shinchon Restaurant:11. Mibundang

Address서울 서대문구 연세로5다길 35

Pho is a Vietnamese dish. Mibundang is a small restaurant with limited dining space. The price of this restaurant is very reasonable. More importantly, this restaurant is also suitable for a solo diner. If you want to eat something different other than Korean food, I would recommend this Vietnamese restaurant.

You write down your desired meal on the wait list and get the meal voucher after the checkout.  The waiter or waitress will collect your meal coupon and guide you to your seat. This restaurant has a similar decor to a Japanese Izakaya. The store has a cozy, comfortable ambiance. With a bowl of delicious Vietnamese rice noodles, provide warmth to your soul at Mibungdang. 

The above post was about Top 11 Shinchon restaurants. I hope you've checked a few restaurants from our recommendations as your next destination in Shinchon. There are plenty of places to hang out and eat in Shinchon. Do not hesitate to leave your review as a comment! We would love to hear about your thoughts on our recommendations! 

Dear Creatrip members, I will see you again in my next post.

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