The Best 100 Korean Beauty Products in 2018! (2)

Must-Buy Beauty Products Recommended by Korean Editors

6 years ago

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Today, I would like to share a list of 100 must-stock up on Korean beauty products you should get on your trip to Korea. As a Creatrip editor, I am very excited to share these 100 items that rocked the year of 2018 with you. Just to give you a heads-up, these items are sorted by manufacturers on the list and are not necessarily in ranks. 

⚠️ Most of the items are shared as personal recommendations. Either the Creatrip editors or their acquaintances have used these products in person before giving these recommendations. This post is Ad-free.

⚠️ 100 is such a huge number... So we decided to divide the post into two! The first post contains the first 50 products, and the second the remaining 50. Don't forget to check out the second post after reading this one!

This is the second post. If you want to read the first one, please click the link below.

Korean Beauty Product Recommendations Part7. # The Face Shop  

1. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream

#미감수 브라이트 클렌징 크림   


@ THE FACE SHOP Official Website

This cleansing cream removes heavy makeup easily and does not irritate the skin. It washes off makeup gently with a soft, creamy texture.

The best part of this product is the texture: this cream has the texture of a lotion. Your skin will be moisturized with this cream.

Gently apply this cream over your makeup, and slowly massage your face for a minute. When you wash off, you will be able to see your clean face.

If you want to remove eye makeup without using a lip and eye makeup remover, I would definitely recommend this product.

2. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Oil 

# 미감수 브라이트 라이트 클렌징 오일    

10,000 KRW

@ THE FACE SHOP Official Website

Although the FACE SHOP Rice Water Bright cleansing oil is an oil-based cleanser, its texture is more like liquid.

This cleansing oil gives fresh and light finishes. It gently cleanses heavy makeup and washes off all dead skin cells. This oil contains nutritious rice extract and does not irritate the skin.

This oil is known for its light finishes, so I would recommend this item for those who have an oily skin type.


# 더테라피 퍼스트 세럼  

28,000 KRW

@ THE FACE SHOP Official Website

The price for THE THERAPY First Serum was set higher than other similar products made by street cosmetics brand.

However, this product is totally worth the price.

After washing off your face, you can apply this serum before applying skin lotion.

When you use this item on a regular basis, you will feel your deep skin is moisturized. You will no longer feel the extreme dryness and get a flawless skin.

4. THE FACE SHOP Dr.Belmeur daily repair toner   

# 닥터벨머 데일리리페어 토너   

18,000 KRW

@ THE FACE SHOP Official Website

THEFACESHOP Dr.Belmeur daily repair toner is a mild skin toner with soft touches. You can use this item every day, all year round. 

You can improve your dry skin when you use this item regularly.

This item does not contain any notorious ingredient, so you can use this item on the sensitive skin as well.

5. THE FACE SHOP face it listen artist finger glow 

# 페이스잇 레슨 아티스트 핑거 글로스  

13,000 KRW /each

@ THE FACE SHOP Official Website

THEFACESHOP face it listen artist finger glow is a unique lip tint item. When you apply this tint once, it shows the color of a tint. When it is applied twice, it exhibits the texture of a lip gloss. When it is applied three times, it displays the texture of a lipstick.

This lip tint is a cheaper version of Yves Saint Laurent lip tint, but it lasts longer than the original.

BE701 and  RD301 are the two top-selling colors, while PK103, OR201, and OR202 are also very popular.

6. THE FACE SHOP ink graffi brush pen liner 

# 잉크그라피 브러쉬펜 라이너  

9,500 KRW /each

@ THE FACE SHOP Official Website

My friends compliment THEFACESHOP ink graffi brush pen liner for its long-lasting effect. 

Most eyeliners get smudged over time due to the formation of grease.

This eyeliner is by far my friend's best smudge-free liquid eyeliner. 

If you are a beginner, this liquid eyeliner could be difficult to use. In that case, I recommend you to practice with pencil eyeliners first before using this eyeliner. 

7.  THE FACE SHOP ink lasting foundation SLIM FIT 

# 잉크래스팅 파운데이션 슬림핏 

18,000 KRW /each   

@ THE FACE SHOP Official Website

THEFACESHOP ink lasting foundation SLIM FIT is one of the TOP 5 bestselling foundations among the Korean cosmetics SPA brands. This foundation has great coverage, and its fluid texture enables easy makeup.  Once applied on the skin, you don't have to correct your makeup. With only a small amount of Slim fit foundation, you can effectively conceal skin breakouts.

This foundation comes with different shades, so you will be able to find the perfect shade that matches your skin tone.

8. 더페이스샵 콜라겐 앰플 립스틱 

# 콜라겐 앰플 립스틱    

19,000 KRW /each

@ THE FACE SHOP Official Website

The Face Shop Collagen Ample Lipstick is a bit pricier than the other street brands' similar products.

When you use it, you will soon understand why.

This lipstick effectively provides instant hydration to the lips, but it does not have a sticky texture.

It has a matte finish, and the colors pop wells without drying the lips.

The number 12 is the most famous color because it was once worn by Suzy from Miss A.

9. The Face Shop 모노큐브 아이섀도우  

# 모노큐브 아이섀도우  

5,000 ~5,500 KRW /each

@ THE FACE SHOP Official Website

The Face Shop Mono Cube eyeshadows have the same color expressions as Mac Cosmetics Eyeshadow Soft Brown and Honey Lust.

Mac Honey Lust
The Face Shop Mono Cube Eyeshadow Shimmer BE02 Honey Toast
Mac Soft Brown
The Face Shop Mono Cube Eyeshadow Matte BR09 Soft Brownie

These mono cube shadows not only have the equivalent color expressions as Mac Eyeshadow but also are in great quality. The mono cube shadows stick to the skin without dusting and are suitable for daily uses. 

If you are a fan of Mac Eyeshadows, try Mono Cube eyeshadows too. You will be surprised!

10. The saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 

# 커버 퍼펙션 팁 컨실러   

5,000 KRW /each

@ the SAEM Official Website

This concealer is by far the best concealer I've ever used.

I don't have major problems with my skin, but I often get skin breakouts when I feel tired. I use this item to conceal skin breakouts and after-trouble scars.

It effectively conceals blemishes, freckles, and skin breakouts. 

There is one thing to watch out! This item has a darkening effect. If you apply this concealer too much on the skin, it will get darker over time. Other than that, this concealer is perfect for quick coverups! 

11. the saem Healing Tea Garden Tea tree Cleansing Water  

# 힐링 티 가든 티트리 클렌징 워터   

5,500 KRW /each

@ the SAEM Official Website

The Saem Healing Tea Garden Tea Tree Cleansing Water is one of the best selling cleansing items in Korea.

If you are into makeup, you might have heard of 'Biotherma Sensivio H2O Cleansing Water. The Saem cleansing water is the copycat of Biotherma cleansing water. The Saem one has the equivalent effects of Bioterma product, but you can get it for less. This cleansing water gently washes off makeup and does not irritate the skin. Plus, you can experience long-lasting hydration after cleansing.

This cleansing water can cleanse almost all makeup products except for mascaras.

12. the saem Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Cotton Pad

# 힐링 티 가든 클렌징 코튼 패드

10,000 KRW /each

@ the saem instagram

Who thinks it's annoying to pour cleansing water to a cotton pad?

The saem Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Cotton Pad can solve that problem. These pads are already soaked with cleansing water. On the one side, these pads have floral patterns and the other embossed stripes.

The side with floral patterns are for cleansing and the other is for exfoliation. The side with embossed stripes contains Aha ingredients.

These pads can erase almost all makeup products including the base and point makeup.

Also, these pads are super handy and are perfect for traveling. You can bring these pads to everywhere and use them for correcting your makeup.

If you had a long day, you can use these cotton pads and make your cleansing easier. Erase your makeup with ease!

13. the saem Urban Eco Harakeke Root Cream

# 어반 에코 하라케케 뿌리보습 크림

20,000 KRW /each

@ the SAEM Official Website

the saem Urban Eco Harakeke Root Cream is a famous water cream in Korea.

Harakeke is a native plant to New Zealand, and the sap of this plant has better nutrition for moisturization than Aloe Vera.

Many cosmetic products use purified water as a base, but this water cream uses Harakeke sap instead.

Furthermore, this cream has highly concentrated Harakeke extract. You can feel the deep moisturization when you apply this cream on your skin. This cream creates a moisturized layer over your skin and works great for at the turning of seasons or in winter. 

14. the saem Saemmul Smile Babe Blusher 

# 샘물 스마일 베베 블러셔

7,000 KRW /each

@ the SAEM Official Website

I would recommend this blusher because it adds liveliness to your makeup with natural colors.

When you dab the powder and smoothly blend it on your natural skin, you can make blushing cheeks.

This blusher is suitable for makeup beginners because it shows natural color expressions.

The 02 Mango Peach color of Smile Babe Blusher is the copycat of Nars' representative blusher Sex Appeal. It goes out of stock frequently.

15. the saem Natural Condition Sparkling Lip&Eye Remover 

# 내추럴 컨디션 탄산 립 앤 아이 리무버 

8,000 KRW

@ the SAEM Official Website

The saem Natural Condition Sparkling Lip and Eye remover is known for its quality ingredients. This remover has a deep cleansing effect, so you would not have a problem erasing most of the makeup products, such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow pencil. 

Also, lip and eye removers, in general, contains oil base. This oil base can irritate our eyes and often temporarily make our vision misty. I personally don't like the oily finish of lip and eye removers. This product, however, contains carbonic acid and does not leave any oily finish. The price is set high, but I think it is a worthy investment for protecting your eyes and your skin. If you are conscious about ingredients, I would say go for the saem natural condition sparkling lip and eye remover.

16. TONYMOLY Wonder Ceramide Toner   

# 원더 세라마이드 모찌 토너 

9,900 KRW

@ TONYMOLY Official Website

TONYMOLY Wonder Ceramide Mochi Toner recently gained recognition and popularity among Korean women. 

It became famous because it uses high quality ingredients. This toner is sold at a cheap price compared to the big volume. After washing with a cleanser, you can squeeze a small portion of TONYMOLY mochi lotion and gently dab it on the face. Your skin will gain strength and moisture. 

This toner uses high-quality ingredients, so you use it to soothe the hyper-sensitive skin. 

17. TONYMOLY Make HD Silk Argan Oil 

# 메이크 에이치디 실크 아르간 오일

9,900 KRW

@ TONYMOLY Official Website

This hair oil recently went on viral due to its cheap price and excellent quality.  

After drying your wet hair, you can gently massage your hair with this oil. I personally felt the improvement after using this oil for a few days. My hair used to be very dry and coarse. After using this product, it became softer. 

TONYMOLY Make HD Silk Argan Oil will efficaciously repair thin, damaged hair.

18. TONYMOLY Perfect Lips Shocking Lip   

# 퍼펙트립스 쇼킹립 

12,000 KRW /each   

@ TONYMOLY Official Website

TONYMOLY perfect lips Shocking lip tint has prominent color expression. When you apply this lip tint, the colors do not fade away even if you drink coffee, eat lunch or kiss someone.

Some lip tattoos need to be stripped off. However, you can apply TONYMOLY perfect lips shocking lip tint on your lips as if you are using an ordinary lip tint. The colors of this tint last longer than most lip tattoos.

19. TONYMOLY 크리스탈 블러셔   

# 크리스탈 블러셔     

6,200 KRW /each   

@ TONYMOLY Official Website

Every Korean woman probably has at least one TONYMOLY Crystal Blusher for contouring.

One downside of this product is the weak case. But the cheap price can make up this weakness.

TONYMOLY Crystal Blusher 05 and 07 are popular for contouring.

The 05 color is suitable for natural shading, while the 07 is for dark shading or hairline contouring.

20. TONYMOLY 립톤 겟잇틴트 벨벳    

# 립톤 겟잇틴트 벨벳     

10,800 KRW /each   

@ TONYMOLY Official Website

TONYMOLY LIPTONE Get It Tint Velvet has a velvety texture, just like as its name implies.

Once you apply, you will be surprised how vividly the colors are expressed on the lips. This tint creates a long-lasting, thin layer of color. Get It Tint Velvet has a powdery finish, but it does not dry the lips.

If you want a matte lip tint, I would say - Go for it!

21. TONYMOLY 퍼펙트 립스 캐시미어    

# 퍼펙트 립스 캐시미어      

15,000 KRW /each      

@ TONYMOLY Official Website

TONYMOLY Perfect lips cashmere is my close friend's favorite item. According to her, this lipstick has better quality than Mac lipstick. 

This lipstick reacts to the lip temperature and smoothly paints over the lips. It has a soft texture with a matte finish. You can smoothly paint your lips with Perfect Lips Cashmere without keratinization.

22. TONYMOLY Kiss Lover Style M (Matte Type)     

# 키스러버 스타일 M (매트 타입)       

7,800 KRW /each      

@ TONYMOLY Official Website

TONYMOLY Kisslover Style M is known for its vivid color expressions.

In Korea, Red Chili and Rose Marsala colors are popular. The Red Chili color is the copycat of Mac Chili.

When you use this lipstick, make sure you exfoliate the lips to avoid the accentuation of lip creases. 

23. TONYMOLY 2X First Light Essence    

# 2X 퍼스트 라이트 에센스 

35,000 KRW

@ TONYMOLY Official Website

This item is Korean beauty editors' all-time favorite essence. It has a misty fluid texture, and you can directly apply this essence right after cleansing.

It has a brightening and lifting effect. TONYMOLY 2X First Light Essence contains numerous tiny blue capsules, and these capsules reduce sebum by moisturizing the skin.

24. too cool for school Art Class By Rodin Shading

# 아트클래스 바이로댕 쉐딩 

16,000 KRW

@ too cool for school Official Website

If I must choose only one item from too cool for school, I would probably pick this time. This contouring/shading kit is great for first-time users who never tried contouring before. too cool for school Art Class by Rodin will make your face look smaller and more natural.

For emphasizing the contour of your chin, you can use the mix of medium and dark brown powder.

On the nose, you can apply the soft and medium brown colors together.

25. too cool for school Art Class Studio de Teint Liquid Air

# 아트클래스 스튜디오 드 땅뜨 리퀴드 에어 

28,000 KRW /each      

@ too cool for school Official Website

too cool for school Art Class Studio De Teint Liquid Air is a super famous facial foundation in Korea. 

As implied from its name, this foundation sticks to the skin like air. It creates a fine layer of foundation and conceals skin breakouts and blemishes effectively. The finish, however, is rather powdery. This product is famous for a reason!

26. too cool for school Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack    

# 프레쉬 고어 슬리핑 팩 

15,000 KRW

@ too cool for school Official Website

too cool for school Fresh Gore Sleeping mask is the best-selling sleeping back from too cool for school.

This sleeping mask has a gel-type texture. It looks a plum lip gloss. This mask pack is great for providing nutrition and moisture to the dry, sun-kissed skin in summer.

When you apply this pack on your face, you will feel the explosive moisture and coolness. You will be able to tell the difference with your skin the next day. Be ready for soft skin! 

27. too cool for school Pumpkin Sleeping Pack 

# 펌킨 슬리핑 팩 

12,000 KRW

@ too cool for school Official Website

too cool for school Pumpkin Sleeping Pack is great for providing moisture to and exfoliating the skin. 

Before you go to sleep, gently massage your face with this sleeping pack. Your skin will absorb pumpkin extracts and moisture from the pack. You will wake up with a soft, moisturized skin. 

The next day, you will be able to wear makeup on softer skin. You will get no more flaky makeups with the pumpkin sleeping pack. 

28. too cool for school Check Jelly Blusher 

# 체크 젤리 블러셔 

12,000 KRW /each      

@ too cool for school Official Website

too cool for school Check Jelly Blusher has a unique texture. It has a jelly-like texture and has a firm consistency. When it is applied on the skin, however, the texture changes to powder.

too cool for school check jelly blusher fits well on the skin, and it does not get easily condensed. This blusher evenly spreads out on the skin regardless of the pores and wrinkles. 

29. too cool for school Check Creamy Blaster Tint

# 체크 크리미 블라스터 틴트 

10,000 KRW /each      

@ too cool for school Official Website

too cool for school Check Creamy Blaster Tint has a powdery finish. When it first touches the lips, it spreads on the lips like a cream. When it dries up, this tint leaves a thin, pigmented layer on the lips.

This tint does not make your lips go dry and still shows highly pigmented colors. I would recommend this item if you prefer tints with strong color expressions. 

30. too cool for school Check Glossy Blaster Tint 

# 체크 글로시 블라스터 틴트  

10,000 KRW /each      

@ too cool for school Official Website

too cool for school is the copycat of Yves Saint Laurent Lip Tint.

Yves Saint Laurent Tint 12
Check Glossy Blaster Tint 7
Yves Saint Laurent Tint 9
Check Glossy Blaster Tint 1, 9
Yves Saint Laurent Tint 8
Check Glossy Blaster Tint 5

This tint has the same quality and similar colors of Yves Saint Laurent's best-selling items. too cool for school tints costs only 1/4 of Yves Saint Laurent tints.  I urge those who want to try Yves Saint Laurent tint for less to buy too cool for school Check Glossy Blaster Tint.

31.  Mamonde Rose Water Toner

# 로즈워터 토너 

9,000 KRW

@ MAMONADE Official Website

Mamonde Rosewater Toner is the signature item of Mamonde.

The biggest portion of beauty product is purified water.

Mamonde Rosewater Toner became famous for using rose water instead of purified water.

This toner provides excellent moisturization and makes your skin silky.

32. Mamonde Floral Hydro Emulsion

# 플로랄 하이드로 에멀젼 

18,000 KRW

@ MAMONADE Official Website

Mamonde Floral Hydro Emulsion is a water-based emulsion.

As soon as you apply this emulsion to your face, your skin will absorb nutrition and moisturization.

It does not leave any greasy touches and adds freshness to the skin.

I do not recommend Mamonde Floral Hydro Skin.

33. Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow

# 팡팡 헤어 섀도우 

14,000 KRW /each      

@ MAMONADE Official Website

Mamonde Pang Pang hair shadow is for correcting the hairline. 

If you have a vast forehead, gently dab this powder over the hairline.

This hair shadow does not smudge over time.

34. IOPE Super Vial Softener

# 슈퍼바이탈 소프너   

55,000 KRW

@ IOPE Official Website

IOPE Super Vital Softener has a sticky fluid texture. This softener has a firm consistency due to the rich nutrition.

This product is a bit expensive. However, it will make a good present for mothers who need instant skin refreshments. This softener also works well for those who need to moisturize the dry skin during seasonal changes.

35. IOPE Super Vital Emulsion

# 슈퍼바이탈 에멀젼   

60,000 KRW

@ IOPE Official Website

IOPE Super Vital Emulsion is full of rich nutrition. This emulsion contains many ingredients for moisturization and has a bit of oily texture. I would recommend this product for those who need instant moisturization and nutrition. This product can cause skin breakouts If you have a complex or oily skin.

36. IOPE UV Shield Sun Protector EX

# UV 쉴드 선 프로텍터 EX   

32,000 KRW

@ IOPE Official Website

IOPE UV Shield Sun Protector EX is an excellent sunscreen for the dry skin.

It does not have an excessive whitening effect and moisturizes the skin. This sunscreen works perfectly as a makeup base as well. This sunscreen, however, contains oil base. I will recommend this product for those who have the dry skin rather than the oily skin.

37. Hanyul  Pure Artemisia Fresh Calming Water

# 어린쑥 수분 진정수 

25,000 KRW

@ Hanyul Official Website

Hanyul Pure Artemisia Fresh Calming Water is by far the best mist I've ever used. This mist sprays rich nutrition evenly over the face. The calming water not only hydrates but also refreshes the dry skin instantly. It infuses skin with beneficial humectants, peptides, and botanical extracts. You can spray this mist once in a while during your makeup to provide instant hydration. It does not leave any sticky or greasy finishes. I personally love the scent of pure artemisia. 

38. Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Toner

# 어린쑥 수분진정 토너   

22,000 KRW

@ Hanyul Official Website

Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Toner contains the extracts of mild baby mugwort. This toner mildly wraps skin with its rich ingredient of baby mugwort. Baby mugwort has a skin-soothing effect and gently tidies up skin texture. This toner is great for summer. 

Hanyul Pure Artemisia, when used with Pure Artemisia Watery Fluid, will restore oil and water balance of the skin. I recommend this product for those who have the oily skin.

39. Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Fluid

# 어린쑥 수분진정 플루이드   

25,000 KRW

@ Hanyul Official Website

Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Fluid provides instant hydration to the skin without leaving any greasy finish. You can reapply this fluid multiple times and create thick layer hydration. This product has a mild artemisia scent. 

It restores the balance of the hydration and the oil. I would recommend you to use this product with Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Toner.

40. espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow

# 프로 테일러 파운데이션 비글로우    

38,000 KRW /each      

@ espoir공식홈페이지

I recommend this product with all my heart! Espoir Pro Tailor Be Glow Foundation wraps skin in a thin layer with light touches. It covers skin blemishes and provides instant moisture. 

This foundation is famous for adding a natural glow to the skin. You can make porcelain-like skin texture with this foundation. It gradually blends with facial oil and displays natural skin tone over time.

41. espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Silk

# 프로 테일러 리퀴드 파운데이션 비 실크   

38,000 KRW /each      

@ espoir Official Website

The difference between espoir pro tailor foundation be silk and be glow is the texture of the fluid. Be silk has a matte finish while be glow has a dewy finish. 

This foundation covers skin pores and conceals blemishes. It has good coverage but does not feel too artificial. If you prefer matte foundation, I will recommend you to try espoir be silk foundation. 

뽀송한 파운데이션을 좋아하면, 에스쁘아 프로 테일러 리퀴드 파운데이션 비 실크를 구매해보시길 바랍니다.

42. espoir Water Splash Sun Cream

# 워터 스플래쉬 선크림 

15,000 KRW

@ espoir Official Website


Espoir Water Splash Sun Cream is a water-drop type sunscreen. When you rub this cream on the skin, you can see water droplets. These water droplets are the key to rich moisturizing effect of the sunscreen. This cream keeps skin fresh throughout the day without leaving any sticky feeling. This sun cream contains light pink pigment and brightens the tone of the skin. This sun cream can be an excellent substitute for a makeup base.

43. Peri Pera Ink the Velvet

# 잉크 더 벨벳  

9,000 KRW /each      

@ Peri Pera Official Website

Peri Pera is a super hot lip tint in Korea. The Korean women who love lip tints have at least one Peri Pera tint. This lip tint is highly pigmented and has a great consistency. It shows vivid colors on the lips and these colors last all day. On the downside, this lip tint has a super dry, matte finish.

Simkoong Yoobal (심쿵유발), Yeojooingong(여주인공), Poomjeol Daeran(품절대란) are the most popular colors.

44. Peri Pera Ink Black Cara 

# 잉크 블랙 카라      

12,000 KRW /each      

@ Peri Pera Official Website

Peri Pera Ink black mascara has a long lasting effect. It also contains mascara fibers that can make your eyelashes longer and curlier. This product became popular among the Korean youtubers first. 

Other than Peri Pera, Kiss Me is a famous Japanese brand for making long-lasting mascaras. This Peri Pera mascara has an almost identical quality to Kiss Me. You can also choose your favorite colors from multiple options.

45. It's SKIN It Top By Italy Matte Lip Pencil

# 잇츠 탑 바이 이태리 매트 립 펜슬      

12,000 KRW /each      

@ It's SKIN Official Website

I really want to recommend this item. 

It's SKIN It's top by Italy Matte Lip Pencil is made in Italy. The manufacturer of this product also makes Nars lip pencils. This product is in fact very similar to Nars Lip Pencil.  It's top by Italy Matte Lip Pencil Number 04 Sheer Rose is famous in Korea as a copycat item of Nars Dolce Vita. 

46. It's SKIN Power 10 Formula YE effector

# 파워10 포뮬라 와이 이펙터  

12,000 KRW / 19,000 KRW  

@ It's SKIN Official Website

It's SKIN Power 10 YE Effector contains beneficial enzymes. With continuous use, you can improve your skin texture. This item is not as good as Estee Lauder Brown bottle essence, but it does provide rich nutrition to the skin and restores strength over time. If you are a fan of a fermentation or enzyme skin care, I would recommend this item to you.

47. Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask

# 진저슈가 오버나이트 립마스크    

9,000 KRW

@ Aritaum Official Website

Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask is the best exfoliator for lips.

The texture of the lip mask resembles a super glue. At first, I thought "what is this?" after testing the texture. It didn't feel like a mask at all. When you go to sleep after applying this lip mask, you will be surprised the next day. You will find your lips free of keratin. Your lips will be fully ready for pigmented makeup.

Remember, this is an 'overnight lip mask.' You can't use this as a lip balm. Think this more as a lip scrub than a nutritious lip balm. Obtaining flawless lips isn't tough!

48. Nature Republic Shine Blossom Blusher

# 네이처리퍼블릭 샤인 블라썸 블러셔  

6,900 KRW /each         

@ Nature Republic Official Website

Nature Republic Shine Blossom Blusher 01 is the cheaper version of Benefit Dandelion. This blusher contains gold shimmers in the mix of pin and coral powder. 

This blusher will enhance liveliness to your skin by adding pink blushes.

I recommend this product for those of you like pink, girly cheeks.

49. PIA Pigment Shadow 

# 피그먼트 섀도우 

7,500 KRW /each         

@ BBIA Official Website

BBIA pigment shadow is a must-have item for those who love pigment eyeshadows. 

It contains a mix of small and big glitters, and it will make your eyes to sparkle like snow white.

Pigment eyeshadow is a bit difficult to use, but the glitters are super sparkly and pretty.

Mat dae Mat series, O-gwang Series, and Makjang Series are the most famous pigment lines. Test these shades from LOHB's. 

50. CLIO Pro Single Shadow G10 Pearlfection

# 클리오 프로 싱글 섀도우 G10 펄펙션 

10,000 KRW /each         

If you love glitter shadows, do not hesitate to try Clio Pro Single Shadow G10 Perpection. 

When you have a glance at it, G10 Pearlfection looks like a gold glitter shadow. However, this shadow does not have any pigment color. It only contains gold and opal glitters. This Vaseline-type textured eyeshadow is perfect for accentuating color makeup. When you apply this shadow near under-eye areas, your eyes will look dreamy.

※ Where you can buy Korean Beauty Products

Espoir Myeongdong Address: 서울특별시 중구 명동8길 13

It's skin Myeongdong Joongang Address: 서울특별시 중구 명동8길 37-7

Aritaum Myeongdong Joongang Address: 서울특별시 중구 명동8길 34-1

Nature Republic Myeongdong Joongang Address: 서울특별시 중구 명동8길 15

The saem Myeongdong Street Address: 서울특별시중구 명동길 9

You can buy PIA, Peri Pera, and Clio products from LOHB's: 

LOHB's Myeongdong Address: 서울특별시 중구 남대문로 67 롯데영플라자

In this blog post, I've shared the second 50 must-buy Korean beauty products out of the 100 list. This list contains extensive product information of THE FACE SHOP, SKINFOODS, TONYMOLY, too cool for school, Mamonde, IOPE, Hanyul, Espoir, Peri Pera, It's SKIN, Aritaum, Nature Republic, BBIA, CLIO, and the SAEM. 

If you have any further questions about Korean cosmetics, please leave us a comment. 


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