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From whiskey-infused coffee to a variety of desserts! If you're looking for a trendy cafe in Yeonnam-dong, don't miss out on 'Perlen Yeonnam'!

Park sungyeon
3 months ago

Trendy cafes are an irresistible hotspot among many Koreans. They not only radiate charm among the younger generation but also captivate people of all ages. Among these cafes, we would like to introduce the uniquely charming 'Perlen Yeonnam'!

Perlen Yeonnam

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Hours: Mon - Sun 11:00-22:00 (Last Order 21:30)
* Operating hours on 12/22: 11:00-19:00 (Limited hours due to store conditions)

Available Languages: Korean, English

Address: Perlen Yeonnam, 18 Seongmisal-ro 22-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울 마포구 성미산로22길 18 펠른 연남

Why We Recommend It

Variety of Options: 'Perlen Yeonnam' offers a range of vegan-friendly menu options for everyone to enjoy. Moreover, the coffee and desserts served here focus on bringing out the authentic flavors of the ingredients, making it particularly popular among those who appreciate natural tastes and prefer a healthy dining experience.

Stylish Interior: This cafe is adorned with a calm and tasteful interior, providing a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Such aesthetics are perfect for sharing on photos or social media, making it especially appealing to visitors who enjoy Instagram or other social platforms.

Signature Beverages: Unique and creative signature drinks like 'Perlen Latte' and 'Whiskey Dutch' offer a special experience exclusive to this cafe. These beverages provide a fresh and exciting taste experience, adding to the exploration of Korea's cafe culture. 

Explore Korean Trends and Culture: Yeonnam-dong is already a trendy area among young Koreans, and visiting 'Perlen Yeonnam' provides an opportunity to directly experience Korea's modern cafe culture and trends.

Special Discount for Creatrip Users: Through the collaboration between Creatrip and Perlen Yeonnam, you can get 10% off the entire menu! This allows you to enjoy delicious desserts and the finest service at an affordable price.

Creatrip Benefits

Entire Menu10% Discount

Things to Keep In Mind

This coupon can only be used in Perlen Yeonnam.

No advance reservation is needed for coupon use.

If you have any problems using coupons, please contact help@creatrip.com .


Perlen Latte
a soft blend of sweet cream and latte
6,500 KRW 
*change to whiskey cream +500 KRW


Whisky Dutch (non-alcohol)
Premium Dutch coffee that is made from Perlen Classic Dutch aged in oak, strong whisky flavor 
*Non-alcoholic (0% Alc.) Dutch coffee without actual whiskey 
8,500 KRW 
Whisky Dutch Bottle 
(500ml, non-alcohol)
The alluring signature coffee with the flavors of oak barrel and the sweetness of dark chocolate 
*Non-alcoholic (0% Alc.) Dutch coffee without actual whiskey 
42,000 KRW 
*Gift Box + 3,000 KRW 
Whisky Dutch Sling (non-alcohol)
Whisky Dutch and Hibiscus,
Bergamot's Sparkling Dutch 
*Non-alcoholic (0% Alc.) Dutch coffee without actual whiskey
8,000 KRW 
Whisky Dutch Milk (non-alcohol)
Soft and fragrant with whisky Dutch, blended milk and cinnamon 
*Non-alcoholic (0% Alc.) Dutch coffee without actual whiskey
8,500 KRW 
Hibi Rose
A harmonious blend of intense floral and herbal fragrances
Ice Only 
7,500 KRW 
Marron Latte
Winter season beverage with savory and sweet chestnuts and soft steamed milk
8,000 KRW 
Valrhona Chocolate Latte 
A latte that fully captures the dark chocolate flavor by using Valrhona chocolate
8,500 KRW 
Signature blending that contains the acidity of berries and the sweetness of chocolate
4,000 KRW 
Espresso Con Panna
a soft blend of sweet cream and espresso
4,500 KRW 
Espresso Romano
Espresso with the freshness of lime
4,500 KRW 
Signature blending that contains the acidity of berries and the sweetness of chocolate
5,500 KRW 
Flat White
A fragrant and nutty Felln Signature Latte, 
Vegan Available 
6,000 KRW 
Perlen Bar - Raspberry
Pistachio sheet with triple berry and rhubarb jam
9,500 KRW 
Perlen Bar - Vanilla Delice
Vanilla mousse and caramel mousse
9,500 KRW 
Perlen Bar - Mont Blanc
Chestnut cream, hazelnut mousse and mascarpone mousse
9,500 KRW 
Perlen Bites - Plain
Crunchy and chewy texture, baked pastries with various toppings 
3,900 KRW 
Perlen Bites - Chocolate
Crunchy and chewy texture, baked pastries with various toppings 
4,200 KRW 
Perlen Bites - Lemon
Crunchy and chewy texture, baked pastries with various toppings 
4,200 KRW 
Perlen Bites - Orange Almond
Crunchy and chewy texture, baked pastries with various toppings 
4,200 KRW 

*As of December 2023.

Our Visit

Today we would like to take you to 'Perlen Yeonnam' which is located in the trendy neighborhood of Yeonnam. Perlen Yeonnam is nestled within the alleyways of Yeonnam-dong, offering a calm and trendy atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the serene vibe of the area.

It's decorated in white and wood tones, which creates a very neat and modern ambiance. We would highly recommend it for those who like a calm and quiet atmosphere.

Perlen Yeonnam's signature drink is 'Whiskey Dutch' with whiskey flavor added to Dutch coffee. Although it doesn't actually contain alcohol, you can sense the aroma of whiskey blending with the coffee, creating a unique taste. It's a coffee that can't be easily found elsewhere, so we think it's a must-try menu item when you visit Perlen Yeonnam.

*Whiskey Dutch

Whiskey Dutch is a coffee with a strong whiskey flavor added to the Premium Dutch coffee that is made from Perlen Classic Dutch aged in oak. When you take a sip, the cold brew coffee aroma blends with the whiskey scent, creating a clean and delightful taste. The presentation in a glass with ice also adds to the experience, making it feel like you're truly sipping whiskey.

*Whiskey Dutch Milk

Whiskey Dutch Milk is a coffee that uses the original Whiskey Dutch, frozen into a round shape, and enjoyed together with blended milk and cinnamon. The addition of savory milk adds a soft texture, and as the aroma of Whiskey Dutch blends in, it becomes pleasantly aromatic.

To enjoy Whiskey Dutch Milk, simply pour milk into the glass, letting the Whiskey Dutch melt and blend as you drink. The whole experience of drinking this coffee is quite unique, making it a perfect menu for capturing Instagram-worthy photos.

*Whiskey Dutch Sling

Whiskey Dutch Sling is made from Whiskey Dutch infused with hibiscus, creating a red-colored brew. The addition of sparkling makes it have an even more refreshing and effervescent taste. Combining the tastes of hibiscus tea and whiskey, this drink is recommended for those who enjoy hibiscus flavors.

*Valrhona Chocolate Latte 

*Marong Latte

If you like sweet drinks, don't miss out on the Valrhona Chocolate Latte and Marong Latte! At first glance, they may seem similar, but Valrhona Chocolate Latte uses Valrhona chocolate, providing a rich flavor of dark chocolate. The Marong Latte is a winter season beverage with savory and sweet chestnut flavors, blended with soft steamed milk. 

*Hiby Rose

Hiby Rose is a drink available only as an iced drink, offering a harmonious blend of fragrant flowers and herbs. It has two layers, so be sure to mix it well before drinking. With its refreshing taste and the scent of hibiscus, it seems like a perfect fit for summer.

*Espresso Romano

Espresso is a coffee menu crafted through Perlen Yeonnam's signature blending, offering the choice of beans with berry or chocolate aromas. Adding lime for an extra touch of freshness, it transforms into Espresso Romano. Since the espresso menu is served together with water, we recommend to take occasional sips along with it when you start to taste the bitterness.

For a sweet break, don't forget to try the 'Perlen Bar' desserts—a visually striking, slender cake perfect for Instagram-worthy snapshots.

Perlen Bar offers three tempting choices: Vanilla Delice, Mont Blanc, and Raspberry. The Vanilla Delice delights with a luscious vanilla cream and a perfect balance of caramel mousse. 

Mont Blanch is topped with real chestnut, it boasts a delightful mix of chestnut cream and nutty mousse, making it a perfect pairing with your favorite coffee.

Raspberry bar is topped with pistachio cream and raspberries, allowing you to experience both nuttiness and sweetness. The sophisticated aroma of pistachio makes it a recommended choice for those who enjoy pistachios.

The final menu we'd like to mention is the Americano and Perlen Bites. Perlen Bites provides a crispy and chewy texture with multiple topping choices. You can select from plain, chocolate, lemon, orange, and almond, making it a perfect match with coffee, based on your taste preference. As for the delicious Americano and espresso, it is once again emphasized that this is a cafe devoted to the authentic essence of coffee.

*Whiskey Dutch Bottle

The Whiskey Dutch we've tried first was available for purchase in a 500ml bottle. If you enjoy the taste of Whiskey Dutch, buying it in a bottle and adding ice to enjoy at home would be a great idea.

Perlen Yeonnam is a cafe where dedication is felt in every menu. They also sell mugs with the signature Perlen Yeonnam logo, so it might be nice to take a look. If you want to taste delicious coffee and desserts in a serene atmosphere, you can receive a 10% discount coupon from Creatrip and enjoy Perlen Yeonnam at an affordable price!

How to Get There

Come out of Hongik University Station Exit 3. 

Walk straight, keeping the exit behind you.

Keep walking straight, passing the two corners.

Turn left at the third corner.

Walk straight.

Turn right when you see the road on the right.

Walk straight.

Cross the crosswalk on the right.

Cross the street and walk straight into the street on the right.

Walk straight.

Cross the crosswalk and walk straight.

Keep walking straight.

Walk straight for approximately 330 meters, and then make a left turn.

Walk straight.

You'll see the cafe on your right.

You've arrived at Perlen Yeonnam!

Perlen Yeonnam

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We hope that you can enjoy a relaxing break at Perlen Yeonnam! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com! You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!

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