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Jiyoon Kim
2 months ago

People visit massage shops to recover from accumulated fatigue. But fatigue cannot be fully restored through exercise, nutritional supplements, or enough sleep. With so many diffferent types of massage shops available, it may be difficult to decide where to go. If that's the case, this post might be helpful! Today, I will introduce you to a massage shop in Myeongdong that can help you recover from accumulated fatigue—Art de la peau Massage Shop. Now let's see what kind of premium facilities are there in Art de la peau.

Art de la Peau Massage Shop

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Hours: 10:00~22:00
Available Booking Hours: 10:00~21:00
Languages: Korean, Japanese, English

Address: 서울특별시 중구 명동7가길 20 3층
3F, 20 Myeondong 7ga gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 

Why We Recommend It 

Art de la Peau Massage Shop offers a healing experience for both the tired body and mind, providing a comfortable and modern interior that makes you feel at home during your massage session.

They have curated a lineup of premium skincare treatments, including Photon Therapy, allowing you to receive high-quality healing experiences.

Operating on a reservation basis, they have small-scale rooms prepared to ensure you can enjoy your massage with peace of mind and comfort.

Located near Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station, it has easy accessibility, and after you are done with your massage, you can explore the Myeongdong area. 

With the special offer from Creatrip x Art de la peau, you can enjoy premium massages at a more affordable price.


Please make your reservation at least 3 days in advance.

Art de la Peau x Secret Skincare Treatment (70 Min)
Cleansing, double cleansing, exfoliation, first-stage moisturizing mask, scalp and nape massage, Decollete lymphatic circulation massage, neck lymph node management, small face facial massage, nutrition and hydration management, moisturizing collagen modeling mask.
100,000 KRW
80,000 KRW
K-Beauty Water Shining Repair Treatment (80 Min)
Cleansing, double cleansing, exfoliation, plasma pigment toning care, scalp massage, neck massage, Decollete lymphatic circulation massage, facial contour massage, ampoule brightening (dual sonic) ultrasound treatment, ampoule management, high-hydration nutrition pack.
180,000 KRW
135,000 KRW
Special Full Body Aroma Photon Therapy (100 Min)
Foot bath, first-stage body check, Platinum Diamond Photon Therapy, second-stage body check, posterior (neck, back) massage, arm massage, lower back and pelvis massage, calf massage, foot massage, scalp massage.
200,000 KRW
140,000 KRW

Refund Policy
If canceled up to 3 days before the visit, a 100% refund will be given.
If canceled up to 2 days before the visit, no refund will be provided.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you would like to add any additional items apart from the reserved ones, please make the payment on-site.

To ensure smooth progress, please select the correct date and time on the reservation page.

If you arrive more than 10 minutes later than the reserved time, the reservation will be automatically canceled, and no refund will be provided.

For reservation changes or any other inquiries, please contact us at help@creatrip.com.

How to Reserve

Step 1

Make a reservation on the Creatrip reservation page.
Reserve Here

Step 2

Please provide the requested information in detail.
After the reservation is completed, it will be confirmed within 2 business days.

Step 3

Please make sure to arrive at the store on time for your reservation.
Please present your reservation details to the staff member.

Step 4
Enjoy your massage

Our Visit

Today, we visited Art de la peau Massage Shop in Myeongdong. Art de la peau has premium facilities, allowing you to receive premium massages. As we entered, we noticed a desk decorated in a wooden tone.

On the left side of the store, there are chairs available for consultation or waiting.

While waiting, you can browse various cosmetics. On the table, there is Cheongdam 30, a cosmetics brand created by the makeup artist Victoria Ahn from Studio The Third Mind. She uses these products when doing makeup for celebrities. Additionally, on the shelf, there is ERENACELL, an inner serum specifically designed for Y-zone care.

At the top left of the store, there is a specially designed space for consultations. The transparent door and chairs give a sense of transparency, symbolizing Art de la peau's transparent price and care.

As you enter the corridor, the first thing you see is the premium double room. It's a perfect space for couples, families, or friends to enjoy a massage in a premium setting.

Next to the double room is the locker area, where they provided clothes to change into. Today, I reserved the K-Beauty Water Shining Regeneration Management, including Photon Therapy as an additional treatment. Please note that I will need to change clothes twice due each for Bio-Photon and skin care sessions.

Bio-Photon treatment delivers powerful photosynthetic light energy deep into the entire body, providing various benefits. It not only offers a pleasant aroma that helps alleviate stress but also brings emotional stability. The device is integrated but it allows separate temperature settings for the upper and lower parts, maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment. Moreover, even a single session can lead to a remarkable decrease in body fat percentage and weight, along with an increase in skeletal muscle mass. To accurately assess the results, it is necessary to conduct an InBody analysis before starting the treatment.

Once inside, I had a warm eye steam and received Bio-Photon treatment for about 20 minutes. Initially, it felt pleasantly warm, but in the last 5 minutes, I could sense the temperature rising slightly. However, I didn't sweat a lot during the session!

I re-measure my body composition with an In Body analysis. Having the advantage of being able to get a free InBody measurement is definitely a plus!

After the measurement, the staff provided a detailed comparison of before and after. They explained the whole process of measuring the in-body composition so well that I can understand it completely even though this was my first time measuring. 

On the left is the "Before" measurement, and on the right is the "After" measurement. Although there isn't a significant difference in weight, the editor's skeletal muscle mass increased by 0.8kg, and body fat percentage decreased to 18.4%. It's definately worth a try worthwhile to give it a try for this effect!

After changing my chlothes one more time, I came to the foot bath area. The manager told me that this foot bath zone is known as the "photo zone" for customers.

She is holding an hourglass. Depending on how it's flipped, it becomes a mountain or a sea. The foot bath is done until all the sand in the hourglass has passed through. I could feel how much the manager paid attention to the detail. Sh decorated even the smallest things like an hourglass.

Now, I'm going to get the main treatment, and I'm scheduled to get it in the innermost room, a 4-person room.

They first remove the makeup, and then does peel cleansing, and then exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. 

They started with the Aqua Peel. Aqua Peel is a treatment that is good for people with a lot of acne as it helps manage acne, sebum, and dead skin cells.

Next, they performed plasma pigment toning care. Using Aqua Peel, they eliminated hair follicle mites, blackheads, and dissolved other impurities within the skin.

After completing the plasma pigment toning care, they provided a moisturizing replenishment session.

Now, it's time for Ultra Hifu lifting treatment. Hifu lifting involves using ultrasound to contract the fascial layer, resulting in improved firmness and elasticity. As it is done with ultrasound, it has slightly higher intensity compared to plasma pigment toning care. Since I have a sensitive skin, it immediately turned red. But there's no need to worry since the redness calms down quickly. 

After the lifting treatment, the masseuse massage the shoulders, scapula, and neck. During the massage, I could feel my skin calming down and soothing.

After the shoulder, scapula, and neck massage, they proceeded with a facial massage. I don't often have the opportunity for a facial massage, so it was great to relax and enjoy it while getting a massage.

Continuing, they applied Ovaco cosmetics products. These products are suitable for people with sensitive skin as they minimize physical friction and are good for those who are prone to skin troubles.

Next, they applied Dr. Mecca products, specially designed for cosmetics and prepare for the lifting procedure. The treatment, as shown in the photo, is a Dual Sonic Water Droplet Lifting Ultrasonic procedure.  Ultrasonic lifting has the effect of concentrating ultrasound deep into the skin, soothing skin irritation, and providing overall benefits.

After finishing the Dual Sonic Water Droplet Lifting Ultrasonic treatment, they proceeded with the Pixel procedure. Pixel treatment has the effects of reducing pores, scar regeneration, and improving pigmentation.

Finally, they applied a plaster modeling mask. At Art de la peau, we use Ovaco products, which is a global cosmetic brand created by TDS experts from the United States, Germany, and Korea.

We will apply a base and then apply the modeling mask. Next, we will provide 15 minutes of LDM (Lymphatic Drainage Massage) treatment. The plaster mask promotes skin metabolism and blood circulation, resulting in clear and transparent skin. It also provides elasticity to the skin. 

After 15 minutes, they remove the modeling plaster mask and thoroughly clean any remaining residue. 

After applying oil, cream, sunscreen, and BB cream to replenish moisture to the skin, the treatment is complete.



Now, let's head to the makeup station and apply makeup according to your preferences. Thanks to the premium treatment from start to finish, your skin, which was previously covered with acne, has become clear and transparent. 

After changing into different clothes, I found the plaster mask and a drink waiting for me. I even had time to beautifully decorate the plaster mask. Since it was a plaster mask that resembled my own face, I could be more careful and diligent in decorating it. 

You can hold the beautifully decorated plaster mask against your face and take a picture. At Art de la peau, where you can care for both your face and body, rejuvenate your tired and weary body from your travels through premium treatments!

How to Get There

Please leave Exit 5 of Euljiro 1-ga Station.

Please go straight ahead after exiting the station. 

Make a right turn at the first alley.

Continue straight for about 150 meters.

Make a right turn at the third alley.

Once you make the right turn, you will see the yellow signboard of Art de la peau above.

Enter the building and take the elevator to the 3rd floor, and you will arrive at your destination!

Art de la Peau Massage Shop

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We hope that you can enjoy this relaxing massage at Art de la peau! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com! You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!

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