Seoul Edae
    Ewha Womans University Regular Course
    USD 1,432.62 /Semester
    Application Fee USD 49.98InformationIcon
    Application Fee USD 49.98InformationIcon

    Application Period
    D-422023-05-30 ~ 2023-07-21

    Fall2023-09-06 ~ 2023-11-20
    Winter2023-12-06 ~ 2024-02-19

    Morning class
    Classes are held in the morning

    Dorms available
    You may apply for dorm housing at this university.

    Excellency certified university
    It has been specially recognized by the nation as a top university even amongst the best universities.

    Application Period
    D-422023-05-30 ~ 2023-07-21

    Fall2023-09-06 ~ 2023-11-20
    Winter2023-12-06 ~ 2024-02-19

    Today, we will introduce the language school at Ewha Womans University, the best women's university in Korea. If you have always wanted to take Korean classes, but had a hard time researching and applying, this blog is for you. Creatrip offers a very useful service for those who want to apply to the language school at your desired Korean university.


    We will inform you in great detail about all the documents needed for the application process.

    We will fill out the application form for admission to the language school based on the personal information and documents you provide.

    If you pay for the language school admission fee and tuition through Creative, we will deliver it to the school right away. You don't have to use the expensive and long-term overseas remittance service.

    Things To Keep In Mind

    If you are interested in applying for the language school, we highly recommend accessing it on your computer. 

    Only regular courses at the language for the student work visa. 

    Creatrip is not responsible for student visa work. You should refer to the embassy's website of your country and prepare it carefully. 


    Ewha Womans University campus is known for its beauty and is visited by numerous tourists and is also used as a filming location for dramas. Take high-quality Korean classes on these beautiful campuses!

    The area commonly known as 'E-dae' (short for Ewha Womans University) is downtown in front of Ewha Womans University. There are so many restaurants, cafes, shops, and things to see here that you can experience the culture of Korean college students very closely.

    Ewha Womans University Language Center conducts various Korean cultural activities as well as Korean language education. Actively participate in hands-on activities and make meaningful memories

    Why We Recommend It 

    You can take great Korean classes at Korea's top women's university. (However, in the case of language schools, male students can also apply!)

    The transportation is very good because it is located in Sinchon. Also, the downtown area is well developed, so you can enjoy a pleasant life in Korea.

    They provide various benefits and programs for foreign students, such as scholarships for outstanding students and various cultural activities.

    Application Eligibility 

    A person that has graduated high school or high school equivalent educational background

    Creatrip Service Procedure

    STEP. 1
    Fill out the application form
    Please select the semester, dormitory application, and basic information.
    Based on the information you entered, Creatrip will fill out the application form for you so please fill out every single one carefully.

    STEP. 2
    Upload scanned copy of the submission
    Please refer to the list below for the list of documents.
    Depending on the situation, the school may request additional documents for you to submit.

    STEP. 3
    Pay admission fee
    * The admission fee is paid to the school when registering, separate from the tuition fee.

    STEP. 4
    Required information and submission documents are reviewed by Creatrip. (It takes 2-5 business days).
    * if there is a problem with the information you submitted, we will contact you by email.

    STEP. 5
    If you receive an online document confirmation email from Creatrip, 

    submit an offline document by mail (EMS, DHL, etc). 
    (Postal charge will be paid by the applicant).

    * If there is no problem with the online submission document, we will request you to submit it offline by email.
    *When the documents arrive at Creatrip, we will review them one more time and deliver them to the school.

    Address to send document: 서울 특별시 강남구 강남대로 484 7층 702호 (06120)
    Room 702, HK B/D, 484, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (06120)

    STEP. 6
    Fill out the application form and deliver the documents to the school
    After completing the offline document screening, Creatrip will complete the admission and deliver the documents to the school. (The school takes 2-3 weeks to screen each application).

    STEP. 7
    Notification of acceptance and payment

    STEP. 8
    Visa and dormitory applications

    STEP. 9

    Enter the country, take the admission test and attend orientation. Take Korean classes!

    Things to Keep In Mind

    Reviewing the required information and documents takes about 2-5 business days.

    The school's document screening takes 2-3 weeks from the date of receiving the documents.

    If there is a problem with the materials you have submitted, or if you have any other questions, you can contact us by email. Please check your mailbox regularly.

    If the school requests additional data, you may have to send additional documents. All postage costs will be paid by the applicant.

    The original document is kept by the school, so it may not be returned to the applicant. (Different by school).

    The applicant must apply for the visa themselves.

    If you have any additional inquiries, such as applying for quarantine or applying for a dormitory, please contact us at help@creatrip.com or the school you applied to.

    Application Checklist

    Online Application Form 

    If you enter the basic information, Creatrip will fill out the application form on your behalf.

    ID Picture 

    White background, taken in the last 6 months.

    Copy of Passport 

    Colored copy recommended. The passport number must be clear.

    Copy of Alien Registration Card 

    Only applicable if you already have one.

    Latest Academic Graduation Certificate 

    Submit an English original certified copy, or Apostilled.

    Bank Statement

    Submit the original English version.
    10,000 USD or more.
    Issued within 30 days.
    Applicant's own account only. 

    Explanation of Gap

    If the gap is more than 6 months after your graduation. 
    Any type of job certificate, etc.

    * The submission documents vary depending on the nationality. Please inform your nationality to help@creatrip.com before applying and inquire about the specific list of submission documents.
    * In addition to the required submission documents, additional documents may be requested by schools or government agencies without prior notice.

    Document Notarization Guide

    What is document notarization? 

    It refers to the public recognition of the credibility of documents as they come and go between countries. Notarized documents will be effective as official documents in both countries A and B.

    If you wish to use documents issued in country A in country B, you should generally obtain 1) certification from the government agency in country A and 2) certification from the ambassador (consul) of country B in country A.

    As the number of Apostille members increases, the above general document notarization process is used only for document exchange with non-apostille members.

    The notarization process of documents and the department in charge of notarization may differ by country. Make sure to check the exact process with the information appropriate to your nationality

    What is Apostille?

    In order to facilitate the international use of official documents among the members of the Convention, instead of abolishing the consular verification process of foreign missions, the official document issuing country certifies the reliability of the documents. Therefore, in the case of documents certified by the issuing country between the member countries, the official document can be recognized in the other country (the country of use).

    Each country has a different government department in charge of issuing apostille. Please contact your local embassy to prepare for the detailed Apostille issuing agency and the issuance process.

    List of countries that have joined Apostille as of 2022/04


    Member of Apostille

    Asia/Oceania (19)

    New Zealand, Niue, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Mongolia, Vanuatu, Brunei, Samoa, Australia, India, Japan, some parts of China (Macao, Hong Kong), Cook Islands, Tajikistan, Tonga, Palau, Fiji, Philippines

    Europe (52)

    Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Romania, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Moldova, Malta, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, San Marino, Serbia, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Armenia, Iceland, Iceland, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Turkey

    North America (1)

    United States (including Guam, Maurice Islands, Saipan, and Puerto Rico)

    Latin American (30)

    Guyana, Guatemala, Granada, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Dominican Federation, Mexico, Barbados, Bahamas, Venezuela, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, St. Kitsunevis, Suriname, Argentina, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Panama, and Panama

    Africa (12)

    Namibia, South Africa, Liberia, Lesotho, Malawi, Botswana,  Mépríncipe, Seychelles, Swaziland, Caboverde, Burundi, Tunisia

    Middle East (4)

    Morocco, Bahrain, Oman, Israel

    What is a notarized translation?

    If the document is in a language that is not recognized by Korea, the first thing you need to do is translate it and get a notarization for the translation. 

    For students applying for Korean language schools in Korea, translation into "Korean" or "English" is the most appropriate, and generally, the two tasks are entrusted together to an administrator who is qualified for translation and notarization. 

    Translation notarization is a procedure to prove that the translated content is not different from the original document. 


    How To Apply

    Eligibility: Regular course students for the relevant semester

    Apply by checking the notice on the school website 1 months before the start of school. 


    2023 Spring
    2023 Summer 
    2023 Fall
    2023 Winter
    3/08 ~ 5/18
    6/8 ~ 7/17
    9/6 ~ 11/20 
    12/6 ~ 2024/2/19
    Placement Test
    Period of Residence
    2/27 ~ 5/19
    5/26 ~ 8/18 
    8/28 ~ 11/21
    11/27 ~ 2024.2.20

    Refund Policy

    Cancellation three week before moving in
    Cancellation after moving in 
    Full Refund
    Cancellation for the vacation period
    Non Refundable 

    Things to Keep In Mind

    If you do not register for the intensive course of the language education center or cancel it in the middle, the dormitory will be automatically canceled and you will have to leave.

    Rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis according to the order of application.

    If you do not pay the dormitory fee within the period, the application will be automatically canceled.

    If there is a problem with the chest X-ray finding or the COVID-19 test results, you cannot enter the dormitory.


    Dormitory Type
    Room Type
     (per semester)
    for 1 (private bathroom)

    for 2 - A (shared bathroom)

    for 2 - B (private bathroom)

    for 2 (private bathroom)

    The dormitory fee above is based on the 2022 spring semester and may be subject to change. 
    This amount includes the Creatrip fee 

    D-4 Visa Information (issued by the Korean embassy) 

    Things to Keep In Mind

    Creatrip does not offer visa issuance services.

    The following information can be used for personal reference by Creatrip members when preparing visas, and please note that the contents may vary depending on the time of application.

    If you don't prepare thoroughly, you may not get a visa even if you are admitted. Creatrip and universities cannot guarantee visas, so they need to be reviewed thoroughly.

    Please refer to the embassy website (click) in your country for the latest information. Please check the documents required to issue a D-4 visa and submit them without fail. 


    The D-4 visa is a student visa for students who plan to study the Korean language for more than 6 months (2 semesters).

    You are allowed to stay for 6 months, and you must extend your visa every 3 months after entering the country.

    You can get it from the Korean Embassy in your country.

    Students who apply for only the first semester can receive a C-3-1 short-term comprehensive visa and stay for 90 days.

    You can get a D-4 visa after receiving the school standard admission letter.

    The issuance period takes at least two weeks to a maximum of two months. (You must check the time it takes to issue a visa with the local Korean embassy in advance.)

    The necessary documents below are those that must be submitted when applying for a visa and do not need to be submitted to Creatrip.

    Documents Required

    *College-affiliated language school (D-4-1): A person who has a high school diploma or higher and intends to study Korean at a language school affiliated with a higher education institution or foreign education institution established under the Higher Education Act.

    The following is a document that a U.S.A. student must submit to obtain a D-4 visa.

    The contents of the documents to be submitted may vary depending on the nationality, so please refer to the notice on the website of the Korean Embassy (or representative department) in your country for accurate information.

     Application form
    Must be signed by the applicant
    1 ID picture
    Standard specifications
    Visa application fee
    Business license of identification number of the school
    Submit a copy
    Standard admission letter from the school
    Provided by the school. (Issuance by the president or dean of the university)
    Scholarship students will be replaced by invitation letters issued by the head of the Institute of Education.
    Documents providing the contents of one's attendance or final educational background
    Certificate of enrollment or graduation certificate (for proving final educational background), etc
    Original Submission
    Degree certificate notarization (Apostille/document of proof of degree, etc. that has been confirmed by the consul of Korea in the country or the consul of the Korean embassy)
    Bank statement
    Submit original copy
    Example: balance certificate, bankbook, scholarship certificate, deposit, and withdrawal statement, etc
    The balance certificate is only valid if it is issued within 30 days.
    Submit additional family relationship certificates when submitting balance certificates in the name of parents 
    Curriculum plan
    You must include a curriculum of the school, training content, etc

    Source: https://overseas.mofa.go.kr/

    We hope that this information was helpful for those looking to study in Korea. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please send us an email at help@creatrip.com!


    2023 Schedule 

    SemesterApplication Period
    Class Period
    2022 Winter
    Visa agreement country
    2022.10.21 deadline
    2022.12.07 - 2023.02.16
    Non-visa agreement country
    2022.10.07 deadline

    SpringVisa agreement country
    2023.01.20 deadline
    2023.03.08 - 2023.05.18
    Non-visa agreement country
    2023.01.06 deadline
    SummerVisa agreement country
    2023.04.21 deadline
    2023.06.08 - 2023.08.17
    Non-visa agreement country
    2023.04.07 deadline
    FallVisa agreement country
    2023.07.21 deadline
    2023.09.06 - 2023.11.20
    Non-visa agreement country
    2023.07.07 deadline
    WinterVisa agreement country
    2023.10.20 deadline
    2023.12.06 - 2024.02.19
    Non-visa agreement country
    2023.10.06 deadline


    Morning Mon-Fri 09:10~13:00

    *The class is conducted face-to-face. (It may be subject to change to online classes depending on the COVID-19 situation).

    The curriculum for classes by level 1 to 6 difficulty level can be found here.


    Admission Fee₩64,800
    TuitionOne semester ₩1,857,600

    * (Example) When applying to four semesters: Admission fee ₩64,800 + tuition fee ₩1,857,600*2 = ₩3,780,000
    *The admission fee is the amount you pay when you apply and cannot be refunded.
    *The tuition can be paid in full after you have passed the admission process.
    *Textbook fees are not included. 
    *This amount includes the Creatrip fee

    Refund Policy

    PeriodRefund Policy
    Before the first day of schoolFull refund
    1-7 days after school starts2/3 of tuition from 1-20 days + tuition from 21-50 days
    8-10 days after school starts1/2 of tuition from 1-20 days + tuition from 21-50 days
    11-20 days after school startstuition from 21-50 days
    21-27 days after school starts2/3 of tuition from 21-40 days + 41-50 days
    28-30 days after school starts1/2 of tuition from 21-40 days + 41-50 days
    31-40 days after school startstuition from 41~50 days
    41~50 days after school startsNon-refund

    The admission fee cannot be refunded.

    The date of application for the refund is calculated based on the number of school days from the date of the first day of school. On the date of the application for a refund, it is counted as a class day.

    One day of class is a four-hour class. If you take an eight-hour class, it counts as two days.

    In the case of an overseas refund, the applicant must pay the remittance fee.

    Students who have obtained a C-3 or D-4 visa through that standard admission permit must submit all documents required by the school to receive a refund.

    For details, please contact the administration office in advance when applying for the refund.

    If you cancel in the middle after class starts, the scholarship benefits already awarded will be canceled. 

    Ewha University is one of the top educational institutions in South Korea and around 6,000 students learn Korean here each year! It is also located in the neighborhood Sinchon, which is a vibrant and young neighborhood in Seoul filled with many delicious restaurants, popular cafes, and good shopping options! Although the university is a woman's university for Korean students, the Language Education Center accepts male students so anyone can apply to the Language Program regardless of gender. 


    Address: 서울특별시 서대문구 이화여대길 52 여자대학교 언어교육원 (이화삼성 교육 문화관)
    52, Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

    Contact: +82-2-3277-2114


    Ewha Womans University Station | Things to Keep In Mind

    Ewha Womans University is located near Subway Line 2 and the Gyeongui-Jungang Line. It is very convenient to commute to school as the subway station is very close to school. It is also in a perfect location for those that are looking to hang out in popular neighborhoods like Gangnam or Hongdae as the transportation goes through these areas. 

    The main entrance of the university is just a short walk from Exit 2 or Exit 3 of Ewha Womans University station and the university is very accessible from the subway station. 

    The train intervals are every 5-10 minutes. 

    Ewha Womans University Station | First Train Schedule

    Ahyeon Bound

    Weekends and Holidays
    Ewha University → Euljiro 3(sam)ga/Wangsimni/Konkuk University/Jamsil
    05:34 (Seongsu Bound)
    05:34 (Seongsu Bound)
    Sinchon Bound
    Ewha University   Hongik University/Sindorim/Seoul National University/Gangnam
    05:37 (Seongsu Bound)
    05:37 (Seongsu Bound)

    Ewha Womans University Station | Last Train Schedule 

    Ahyeon Bound

    Weekends and Holidays
    Ewha Womans University  Konkuk University/Jamsil
    24:20 (Seongsu Bound)
    23:18 (Seongsu Bound)
    Ewha Womans University  Euljiro 3(sam)ga/Wangsimni
    24:37 (Seongsu Bound)
    23:37 (Seongsu Bound)
    Sinchon Bound
    Ewha Womans University   Hongik University
    24:56 (Hongik University Bound)
    23:56 (Hongik University Bound)
    Ewha Womans University  Sindorim
    24:45 (Sindorim Bound)
    23:47 (Sindorim Bound)
    Ewha Womans University → Seoul National University
    24:31 (Seoul National University Bound)
    23:33 (Seoul National University Bound)
    Ewha Womans University  → Gangnam
    24:02 (Samseong Bound)
    23:11 (Samseong Bound)

    2) Sinchon Station: Gyeongui Jungang Line

    Sinchon Station | Things to Keep In Mind

    The Gyeongui Jungang Line is not the most suitable options for commuting to school because the interval between trains is very long. We recommend that you allow plenty of time for your departure. Please make sure to plan your trip accordingly if you are using the Gyeongui Jungang Line to commute to school. 

    However, if you do choose to go to Sinchon Station via the Gyeongui Jungang Line, you will arrive much closer to the university than if you were to go to Line 2 Ewha Womans University Station. 

    Train intervals are 1 hour. 

    Sinchon Station (Gyeongui Jungang Line) | First Train Schedule

    Gajwa Bound

    Weekends and Holidays
    Sinchon  Gajwa/Digital Media City/Ilsan
    05:51 (Munsan Bound)
    05:41 (Munsan Bound)
    Seoul Station Bound
    Sinchon → Seoul Station
    06:05 (Seoul Station Bound)
    06:34 (Seoul Station Bound)

    Sinchon Station (Gyeongui Jungang Line) | Last Train Schedule

    Gajwa Bound

    Weekends and Holidays
    Sinchon → Gajwa/Digital Media City/Ilsan
    23:43 (Ilsan Bound)
    23:44 (Munsan Bound)
    Seoul Station Bound
    Sinchon → 서울역
    23:42 (Seoul Station Bound)
    00:11 (Seoul Station Bound)

    3) Main Routes

    Departing FromHeaded Towards
    Departing from Incheon International Airport T1, T2
    1) From Incheon Airport Terminal take the Airport Railroad (towards Seoul Station)
    2) Get off at Hongik University Station and transfer to Line 2 (heading towards Sinchon).
    3) Get off at Ewha Womans University Station.

    (It takes about 1 hour and 6 minutes from International Airport T1)

    Departing from Hongik University Station
    1) From Hongik University Station take Line 2 (heading towards Sinchon).
    2) Get off at Ewha Womans University Station.

    (It takes about 3 minutes from Hongik University Station)

    Departing from Gangnam Station
    1) Get on Line 2 (headed towards Gyodae) at Gangnam Station.
    2) Get off at Ewha Womans University Station.

    (It takes about 43 minutes from Gangnam Station)

    Departing from Seoul Station
    1) Take Line 1 (headed towards Soyosan) at Seoul Station.
    2) Get off at City Hall Station and board Line 2 headed towards Chungjeong-ro).
    3) Get off at Ewha Womans University.

    (It takes about 14 minutes from Seoul Station)

    Transportation | Bus

    Bus | Main Routes

    Departing from Incheon International Airport T1, T2 
    (Board Airport Bus)

    ※ Currently all airport buses are suspended due to COVID-19 (04/2020 - Present) ※

    From Incheon International Airport you can take Airport Bus No. 6002 to Sogang University. Get off at Ewha Womans University Station and walk for about 10 minutes to arrive at Ewha Womans University. 

    (It takes around 1 hour from Incheon International Airport)

    [6002 Airport Bus Price]

    \10,000 (Accepts Cash, Credit Card)

    [Where to board Airport Bus 6002]
    Incheon International Airport T2 : Bus Boarding Platform 30

    Incheon International Airport T1 : Bus Boarding Platform 5B-4

    [Airport Bus 6002 Schedule]
    From Incheon International Airport T2 : First Bus 06:30 Last Bus 23:00
    From Incheon International Airport T1: First Bus 06:50 Last Bus 23:20
    Bus Interval Time: Around 1 Hour Bus Intervals (50 minutes ~1 hour 10 minutes)

    [Airport 6002 Main Route]

    Departing from Gangnam Station

    1) You can take bus 470 from Gangnam Station to Ewha Womans University
    2) Get on the bus at 'Gangnam Station of Subway Line 2' and get off at the 'Ewha University Back Gate' stop.
    (It takes around 58 minutes from Gangnam Station)

    Departing from Hongik University Station
    1) To get to Ewha Womans University from Hongik University Station you can take various buses such as 271, 273, 602, and 603.
    2) Get on the bus at 'Hongik University Station' stop and get off at 'Ewha University Station' stop.
    (It takes around 24 minutes from Hongik University Station)

    University District and Neighborhood Information 

    University District Information

    Sinchon, which well known as being a bustling university district is adjacent to Ewha Womans University, Yonsei University and Sogang University. As three universities are in contact with each other, this area is very large and the commercial district is very well developed and offers an abundant amount of activities.

    Sinchon is home to large franchise restaurants and cafes as well as many famous restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities that have been featured on TV. Therefore, many Ewha Womans University students hang out here for dinner after their lectures are over. 

    For more information about Sinchon, click here

    Neighborhood Facilities and Information

    1) Sinchon Hyundai Department Store U-PLEX

    Address: 서울 서대문구 연세로 13
    13 Yonsei-ro, Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

    Hours: Daily 10:30~22:00

    The Hyundai Department Store U-Plex Sinchon Branch is located at the start of the downtown area of Sinchon . The basement of the department store is also connected to Sinchon Station on Subway Line 2 so it is in an accessible location. The department store is filled with many popular clothing stores and brands. There are also many brands that have relatively low prices. There are also many pop-up stores and events that are held here so it is a good place to hang out!

    2) Large Supermarkets (E-Mart Sinchon Branch, No Branch Sinchon Brand etc. )

    Address: 서울 마포구 신촌로 94
    94, Sinchon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

    Hours: Daily 10:00~22:00

    Source: E-Mart

    Address: 서울 서대문구 명물길 32
    32 Myeongmul-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

    Hours: Daily 11:00~22:00

    Many students like to go to E-Mart or No Brand to find cheap food and daily necessities. 

    In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, these marts sell various types of ramen, snacks, meal kits, and instant foods that are easy to make for those that are busy with their studies or do not have enough time to put into cooking. All the items are very cheap and perfect for those on a budget. 

    3) Movie Theaters (CGV Sinchon Artreon Branch, Megabox Sinchon Branch)

    위치: 서울 서대문구 신촌로 129 아트레온 2층
    129 Sinchon-ro, Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

    Ticket Booth Hours: Daily 09:00~21:00

    Source: cgv

    Address: 서울 서대문구 신촌역로 30 밀레오레 5층
    30 Sinchonyeok-ro, Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

    Ticket Booth Hours: Daily 09:00~21:00

    Korea's leading cinema brands CGV and Megabox are both located in Sinchon! Megabox is closer to Ewha Womans University. The Megabox is not that big, but the location is near the school so it is perfect to go to after a day of classes! 

    4) Other Nearby Universities: Yonsei University, Sogang University, Hongik University

    1) Yonsei University

    Address: 서울 서대문구 연세로 50

    50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

    2) Sogang University

    Address: 서울 마포구 백범로 35
    35 Baekbeom-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

    3) Hongik University 

    Address: 서울특별시 마포구 와우산로 94
    94 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

    (Source: Veritas)

    Yonsei University, Sogang University, and Hongik University are also all located in Sinchon and nearby Ewha Womans University. These are some of Seoul's most famous universities all located in one district, so the neighborhood is always filled with youthful energy! 

    We hope that this was helpful for those that are looking to come and study in Korea! If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com!

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