Looking for a place to stay?
Looking for a place to stay?2023.11.03 ~ 2024.12.31

Were you aware that Creatrip has launched accommodation services? 

We provide accommodations at the lowest prices, offering great deals up to 80% discount for those planning a trip to Korea. Moreover, everyone who book accommodations will receive a 50% travel discount coupon! Reserve now and take advantage of the benefits!

50% Travel Activity Coupon

  • Automatic coupon issuance: When your accommodation payment is completed, a coupon will be automatically issued. Enjoy the benefits immediately without any hassle. 
  • Maximum discount limit: USD 35
  • Creatrip offers variety of products from amusement parks tickets, hanbok rentals, photo studios, and so much more! Book accommodations at Creatrip and enjoy various activities at discounted prices!
  • If you cancel your accommodation reservation, the travel activity 50% coupon issued at the time of booking will be automatically reclaimed. Some cash spots are excluded from coupon application. (ex. currency exchange service, etc.)