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Hanboknam, a traditional hanbok rental shop that strated from the city of Hanbok, Jeonju
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Renting a hanbok in Seoul became a must-do activity for many Korean and foreign tourists in Seoul. In Seoul, there are over 100 hanbok rental shops. Creatrip has an exclusive partnership with the representative hanbok rental shop called Hanboknam Hanbok (한복남) near the Gyeongbokgung Palace area. When you rent a hanbok from Hanboknam Rental, you are eligible for up to  63% Creatrip members-only discount on hanbok rentals. You can also book an outdoor photo shoot in your favorite hanbok. Come and Learn more about the deal!

Travel Seoul|Gyeongbokgung Hanbok Rental
2019 Korean New Year opening hours : No closing and no changes to the business hours



Jeonju Hanok Village|Hanboknam

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Rental Price

2.5 hour RentalAll Day Rental
Luxury Hanbok₩35,000 

Additional Services

Free Services
Hairstyling, inner skirt, and safe deposit box
Additional Charges
Bags, Hanbok Shoes ₩2,000, hat ₩3,000, hair accessories
Photography Service
Hanboknam offers a photography service. You can take 20 photos and get your final photos airbrushed on the spot (₩5,000).
Overtime penalty
Every 10 minutes ₩2,000

Hanbok Remarks

Hanbok Size
S to XL(non-standard sizes should be requested on-site)
Children's Hanbok
Provides hanbok for infants over one year old to 13 years-old
All Day Rental
You have to return Hanbok before 18:00 on the same day, not 24 hours
On-site Reservation
You can also book on-site and enjoy Creatrip members-only discount

Recommended Reasons

  1. Hanboknam provides an in-door photography service upon request. You can take a photo of yourself in your favorite hanbok. The Hanboknam Gyeongbokgung Store has an in-door photo studio, so you can get the best photo regardless of the outside weather. With an additional cost of 5,000 KRW, you can take 20 photos and choose the best one after photoshop. The final results will be sent to you via email.
  2. Hanboknam Gyeongbokgung occupies four floors of the building. There is also an indoor photo studio and a plenty of space for trying out the hanbok collection. This store is enormous in size, and is considerably larger than other nearby hanbok rental shops. You can choose your hanbok without hurrying.
  3. Hanboknam also has a branch near Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung Palace. The original store was founded in Jeonju, the traditional city of Korea. Those who want to visit Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung Palace can easily rent hanbok from Hanboknam. If you have plans to travel Jeonju, you can rent at the Hanboknam Jeonju store. The price is set the same across all locations.
  4. Hanboknam stores always produce trendy Hanbok dresses and introduce exclusive designs every season.
  5. Hanboknam also has special hanbok dresses for wedding. You can rent this special type of Hanbok dress are rarely found in other Hanbok rental stores. If you want to take a special wedding photo, I would recommend Hanboknam.
  6. There will be staffs who can communicate fluently in English and Chinese at all times.

Business Information

  • Hanboknam Gyeongbokgung Store:서울특별시 종로구 북촌로5가길 17
    Business Hours:09:30 to 20:30(During Gyeongbokgung Night Opening Event,Close at 22:30)
  • Hanboknam Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung Store:서울특별시 종로구 돈화문로 85 1F
    Business Hours:10:00 to 18:30(Last Rental Order at 17:00)
  • Hanboknam Jeonju:전라북도 전주시 완산구 은행로 56 백의민족
    Business Hours:09:30 to 19:30 (Last Rental Order at 18:00)
  • Tel:010-6485-8507


The staff can communicate in Chinese.
No deposit is required.
ID Document
An ID document is required.
Enjoy up to 63% Creatrip members-only discount on reservations. Creatrip reservations are free of charge and no prepayment is required. On-site payment accepts cash and credit card.
No makeup service is provided. Only Hanboknam Gyeongbokgung Store offers a photography service. You will be given 30 minutes to choose your Hanbok and get changed. You can try on 2 Hanbok dresses for free. If you use more than 30 minutes or want to try the third Hanbok dress, the vendor may charge you for additional costs.

Reservation Process

  1. After making reservation, you can check the reservation status at "My reservation" after submitting the order form. If the button turns out to be green marked "Confirmed", your reservation is confirmed.
  2. If you want to modify the reservation date, please cancel your reservation and make a new reservation.
  3. Present your reservation confirmation at the store to prove your booking by clicking the "Confirmed". It is your reservation confirmation.
  4. Present your reservation receipt and your Creatrip membership page to the vendor to enjoy the exclusive discounts and offers!

    How to see whether your reservation is confirmed
    Reservation confirmation to be presented at the store

Hanboknam Gyeongbokgung Store

  • Address:서울특별시 종로구 북촌로5가길 17
  • Business Hours09:30 to 20:30(During Gyeongbokgung Night Opening event,close at 22:30)
  • Directions: Go straight from Exit 1 of the Anguk Station. After reaching Shinhan Bank, find a stonewall road. Turn right at the stonewall road, and go straight. Pass Olive Young (cosmetics store) and walk straight until you see kiehls on the left. Take a left turn, and you will be able to find Hanboknam.
  • Remarks:Hanboknam and other stores are right by each other. You can decide where you want to go. Hanboknam offers an in-door photography service.

Hanboknam Gyeongbokgung Branch Roadmap Directions

Go straight from Exit 1 of the Anguk Station. After reaching Shinhan Bank, find a stonewall road. Turn right at the stonewall road, and go straight.
Pass Olive Young (cosmetics store) and walk straight until you see kiehls on the left. Take a left turn, and you will be able to find Hanboknam.

Hanboknam Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung Store

  • Hanboknam Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung Store:서울특별시 종로구 돈화문로 85 1F
  • Business Hours:10:00 to 18:30(Lanst rental order at 17:00)

Hanboknam Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung is relatively smaller than the Gyeongbokgung branch. However, this location is close to many traditional attractions: Changgyeonggung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace. Those who want to visit these two palaces can rent their Hanbok dresses here. Nowadays, Gyeongbokgung Palace gets very crowded with tourists. If you decided to go to Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung, you can save your time by renting at this Hanboknam location.

Hanboknam Jeonju Store

  • Hanboknam Jeonju Store Address:전라북도 전주시 완산구 은행로 56 
  • Business Hours:09:30 to 19:30(Last Rental Order at 18:00)

Jeonju is a well-known city in South Korea where you can catch up with most up-to-date Hanbok trend.
Hanboknam is located at the heart of Jeonju Hanok Village, which is a representative attraction of Jeonju. Hanboknam Jeonju store is the most visited Hanbok rental shop in Jeonju.

Hanboknam Photo Review

The Gyeongbokgung Hanboknam store has a main hall and a pavillion. This store is the largest out of all the Hanbok rental places near Gyeongbokgung. From the ground floor to the fourth floor, Hanboknam is full of Hanbok in various styles and colors. Also, you can get the same discount benefits across all Hanboknam branches.

Hanboknam owns their designs. They regularly make sure to stay on top of the latest Hanbok trends at all times. Hanboknam stores produce Hanbok with new designs every season. That's why some of the Hanbok dresses at Hanboknam is unique to the store.  You can always try new Hanbok dresses in different styles.

When you rent Hanbok from Hanboknam, you can arrange for a photography service at a low additional cost (5,000 KRW). There is an in-door studio in the store, so you can take photos regardless of the outside weather and temperature. You can take 20 photos and get one finalized photo after airbrushed. 

At Hanboknam, you can borrow a wedding dress Hanbok. Other Hanbok rental stores usually don't have wedding dresses, or if they do, they usually have only one or two sets. However, Hanboknam has a collection of wedding Hanbok in store. You can also take wedding snap photos at the in-door studio.

At Hanboknam, you can also get a free hairstyling. All the staff members received hairstyling professional training. If you rent a Hanbok, you don't have to worry about how to do your hair. Depending the hairstyle you choose, there could be an additional fee for borrowing hair accessories.  

How can I use my 10% Creatrip discount at Hanboknam?  

If you come in as a group, each person has to prove his or her member membership to receive the discount.  

Present your reservation confirmation and your Creatrip membership page to the vendor to enjoy the exclusive discounts and offers!

Creatrip Membership|How to Prove Your Membership

Creatrip APP

1. Sign in to Creatrip APP2. Click the account3. Show this page to the vendor

Creatrip Website

1. Sign in to Creatrip 2. Click the account3. Show this page to the vendor

The above was a short overview of Hanboknam(한복남) near Gyeongbokgung Palace: Please read this blog post carefully, and make your reservation by following the instruction given in this post. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at   

If you need to change any details about your reservation, please make another reservation instead of modifying. Please read the information on the service and reservation and do not hesitate to contact us for further details.


Hanboknam ChangdukChanggyunggoong
서울 종로구 돈화문로 85 1F
60%-OFF|Jeonju Hanok Village|Hanboknam
전라북도 전주시 완산구 은행로 56 백의민족
Hanboknam Gyeongbokgung 60%-OFFㅣGyeongbokgung
서울특별시 종로구 북촌로5가길 17

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優點 1.店家很寬敞,早上9點半抵達,不用人擠人(全州韓屋村店) 2.進入大廳前有面落地鏡,燈光美有如蘋果光,適合女孩們拍照 3.置物櫃比其他家韓服租借店來的大,不用跪著,方便拿取 4.洗手間比其他家韓服租借店來的大,換完韓服後如廁不易碰撞 5.提供部分免費的髮型設計 缺點 1.預約好的時間,大廳空無一人 2.當天沒有會說中文的店員,英文有 3.更換韓服不一定有員工有空協助(看緣分) 4.員工忙、跑來跑去、導致沒時間引導顧客各項流程 5.著裝好員工會計算頭飾數量,行程結束,歸還時遇店家正在現場錄影,員工忙著協助拍攝,無人能總點頭飾,最後隨機告知一名正在幫客人綁頭髮的員工,但她也沒空點數量,請我們放著就好... (總之整間大樓的員工都在忙,是真的很忙,我們只能自己觀察,然後趁空檔發問)