Cafeterias At Korea's Big Entertainment Agencies | What Company Employees & Idols Eat At Work

Touring the restaurants at JYP, SM, YG and BIG HIT! What do the employees eat at the company food courts?
2 months ago

korean entertainment company cafeterias

JYP Entertainment, which moved its home to a new building, gained lots of attention from its new company cafeteria.

YG Entertainment also gained lots of attention from its own cafeteria in their new Mapo-gu building back in 2010!

How do cafeterias at JYP, YG, SM and BIG HIT differ? Let's take a look at these cafeterias enjoyed by our favourite idols.

Organic Meals For The Artists

organic food served at jyp

On Korean show All The Butlers, JYP's Park Jin-young revealed that they spend around 2 billion won (Approx. 1.8M USD) to run their cafeteria.

The cafeteria offers healthy, organic meals without GMO and MSG for their trainees in their teens who are still growing.

jyp entertainment's organic food introduced on bob bless you

The food being organic is obviously healthy but apparently it's really delicious too!

Bob Bless You, a Korean comedy show of exploring all the delicious food in the country, also visited the company cafeteria and was amazed by the buffet-like variety of dishes!

the interior of jyp's cafeteria

Can we also talk about the cafeteria's decor? It reminds of a luxury restaurant rather than a company cafeteria.

Great food and decor, plus running into JYP's idols during meal times, working at JYP is packed with benefits! 

Eatery Trending Among Celebs

yg entertainment's cafeteria food

YG's cafeteria, which has been famous for years for its great food, is a place non-YG idols want to visit and taste!

YG's artists like G-Dragon, Winner and BLACKPINK have talked about the great food at their cafeteria on many occasions and its popularity hasn't died down.

g-dragon watching jeong hyeong-don eat YG's cafeteria food on Infinity Challenge

On Infinity Challenge, Jeong Hyeong-don visits the cafeteria with G-Dragon and calls Haha, knowing eating at YG's cafeteria on his bucket list, to brag about how delectable the food is!

blackpink members eating YG entertainment's cafeteria food

BLACKPINK members on a radio show in 2017 talked about the cooks' talents and said they sometimes even ask to have the banchans to take home!

A Restaurant Open To Everyone

SM Town's SUM Cafe

SM Town Cheongdam's SUM Cafe is a popular local spot open to the general public.

Because SM doesn't have an in-company cafeteria like the two mentioned above, its employees get 50% off at the cafeteria instead.

SUM Cafe foods

SUM Cafe is beautifully decorated in pink and offers a vareity of items on the menu! You'll find a lot of pictures on IG when you search for the cafe.

Park Joon-hyung visiting SM's SUM Cafe

Try the food often enjoyed by SM idols and take a look around the goods shop located in the same building!

No Company Restaurant But They Never Go Hungry

Yoojeong Sikdang, BTS members' frequent restaurant

BIG HIT, home to BTS and TXT, doesn't have their own company cafeteria, but they do have restaurants around the area they frequent!

One popular restaurant is Yoojeong Sikdang (유정식당 · Address: 서울 강남구 도산대로28길 14)

The members of BTS picked the black pork stone pot bibimbap (흑돼지 돌솥 비빔밥) as the dish they've been eating for 7 years and still can't get sick of.

Spicy black pork served with a variety of vegetable banchans and powdered seaweed was the source of energy for BTS!

BIG HIT's new building in Yongsan

BIG HIT moved to a new building in Yongsan in January 2021 and although the new building doesn't have a cafeteria, BTS members and BIG HIT employees will surely discover their new fave spots around the area!

A Generous Meal Allowance

BIBI, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae

Feel Ghood Music is run by Korea's 1st generation rapper Tiger JK and is home to artists like Yoon Mirae and BIBI, and offers unique benefits to its employees!

Tiger JK on his employees' meal allowance

Korea's average meal allowance covered by the company is around 7,000 won (Approx. 6.3 USD) but at Feel Ghood, employees get a meal allowance of 13,000 won!

Tiger JK said he didn't have a lot to eat when he was poor and he wanted to offer his employees a generous meal allowance to make sure they don't get the same feeling of going hungry and lacking food.

What did you guys think of these company cafeterias? Which one would you want to visit?

I would love to enjoy a nice, organic meal at JYP.

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