The Best Korean Men & Women Hairstyles In 2021

These Hair Trends Are Going To Take Over 2021! Which One Would You Go With?
5 months ago

Korean celebrities with four different hairstyles for korean top hairstyles blog

Today we will introduce hairstyles that were popular in Korea during 2020! 

We categorized hair cuts by length: Short (above the shoulders), bob, and long (past shoulders).

In 2020, the popular hairstyles seemed to focus on giving your hair a textured look, rather than full on curls.

These style trends are expected to continue into 2021, so if you are looking to change up your hairstyle you can still refer to the styles below!


LEAF CUT & LEAF PERM (리프컷 & 리프펌)

korean comedian jang do-yeon short hairstyle

Recently, Korean comedian Jang Do-yeon's hairstyle of a leaf cut has become more popular!

A leaf cut is when chunks of your hair, especially the bangs are styled in a wispy manner, like leaves.

For those looking to try a short cut, this is a great style to check out since it tends to be compatible with many different face shapes.

example of popular korean hairstyle leaf cut done by korean hairdresser chahong arderChaHong Arder

This cut gives impact by creating a chic, and sophisticated vibe. 

If you find that this short leaf cut is difficult to manage, you can try a leaf perm to "set" the style and make the styling process easier. 


side view of popular korean hair style pixie cut done by kakao hair shopKakao Hair Shop

This timeless style has many variations, but the core is that the hair in the back and the sides are short, while the hair on top is a bit longer.

This short hairdo frames your face well. This style generally best suits those with heart, oval, or triangle face shapes. 

Originally this hair style was made popular in the 1950s by Audrey Hepburn. But the pixie cut is now making a 2020 revival!


LEAF CUT (리프컷)

korean actor lee dong-wook with a leaf cut hair style

Male Korean celebrities, such as Lee Dong-wook, have made the long-haired leaf cut style popular over 2020. This style is expected to remain popular for 2021. 

Like the name implies, the leaf-cut is when the front hair is parted in the middle, and styled with textured waves to look like leaves falling.  

What makes this style unique is that the bangs look effortlessly tousled, while framing the face. 

AS PERM (애즈 펌)

korean male celebrities with as perms for hairstyle

As perm give the hair a bit more texture, and volume but is not a full out perm. This style naturally covers the forehead, with a slight part in the middle. 

A unique quality to the as perm is that the curls in the bangs can give a softer impression. 

Managing this hair style is simple because there is no need to fuss with gels, or mousses. After shampooing, just brush it out a bit with a comb and a hair dryer. 

If you are worried about a receding hairline, this style may be the one for you! 



three korean female celebrities with hersey cut style haircut

If you want a hip hairstyle, we recommend the hershey cut. Those with square face shape should consider this cut!

The hershey cut adds more layers to your hair than a typical layered haircut. This style helps give more volume to the back of your hair. Perfect for those with thin hair.

model displaying hersey cut hairstyle done by korean hairdresser chahong arderChaHong Arder 

Many female Korean celebrities like Taeyeon, Yoona, Wendy, and Suzy rocked the hershey cut in 2020.

This cut can show off vibrant earrings well. It also looks great with formal business suits or comfortable hoodies. Create hip vibes with the hershey cut!

korean actress Suzy with bob style haircut

korean model displaying tassel haircutes

The tassel cut is a style that gives the ends of your hair a tassel-like texture. If you ever thought, "I can't pull of short hair because my hair is thick," this is a style you should consider! 

model in white blouse with a tassel hairstyle done by korean hairdresser chahong arder ChaHong Arder

You can give off a cool and chic vibe with this cut.

Depending on whether or not you have bangs, you can style to have a youthful lively look, or a cool and confident look.



korean celebrities red velvet irene and sunmi with long/medium layered haircuts

In Korea during 2020, hair length that falls below the shoulders above the chest was more popular than hair that falls past the chest. 

The medium layered cut was once referred to as "beggar zone" because of the awkward and ambiguous length. But now it is becoming a more loved hair style. 

models with medium layered haircuts done by korean hairdresser chahong arder and jenny houseChaHong Arder/Jenny House 

This layered look creates a clean look. Those with diamond or rectangle face shape may want to try this style.

Not only does this style look great with medium length hair, but also works well for longer hair that goes past the chest.  


korean celebrities including IU with hippie perm hair styles

This free and wild hairstyle of a hippie perm was also well loved in 2020. 

Inspired by the hippie hairstyle that was popular in the 70s, the hippie perm can be styled in a variety of ways to give different vibes from cute to retro. 

korean models with long hippie cut hairstyles done by Korean hairdresser chahong arderChaHong Arder 



korean female idols with balayage hair styles

Balayage is a dying technique that naturally blends two contrasting hair colors.

Although the balayage technique has been prominent in North American for over a decade, it's only recent that it started appearing in the hair world in Korea.

popular korean hair dye style balayage done by the day's hair of long and short lengthsThe Day's Hair

This hair style was popular amongst idols and women interested in fashion, becoming a popular hairstyle in 2020.

You can elevate any of the cuts aforementioned with a balayage. 


korean celebrities blackpink jennie and snsd taeyeon with antennae dye hair styles

After the balayage, bleaching or dying only part of the hair was also a trending style in 2020.

When Korean singer Jennie was making her comeback, she dyed only the front parts of her hair giving, the impression that she had antennae (therefore called antennae dye).

The antennae dye style got especially popular with male idols because they can have a wider range of style options with two different hair colors, rather than just one.

korean male idols with antennae dye hair styles

The hair color that Taeyeon had on the cover of her mini album, released in December of 2020, generated a lot of buzz.

If you find bright hair colors burdensome, then you can try a style similar to Taeyeon's where you dye the back parts of your hair with two colors of similar tones.

You can still get the same overall effect of this style, just toned down!

korean female idols with popular hair dye styles

We hope you enjoyed this list of hair styles. 

Which ones are you trying in 2021?

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