Netizens Vote For The Best-Looking Korean Male Actors In Hanbok

Which Actor Looks Best In Hanbok? The Result Shows Park Bo-gum, Lee Joon-gi, Cha Eun-woo, Kim Soo-Hyun On The List!
7 months ago

korean actors including kim soo hyun, lee joon ki, cha eun woo and park bo gum in korean traditional clothes, hanbok

Recently, the Korean website Exciting DC (익사이팅 디시) conducted a survey asking which male actor looks best in traditional hanbok.

It was a close fight between the actors who finished in first and second place, but finally the last vote has been cast. Let’s have a look at the result!  

10. Jang Dong-yoon (280 votes / 1%)

jang dong yoon in hanbok from a kdrama scene

jang dong-yoon in hanbok from a korean drama

Jang Dong-yoon, who wore hanbok in the K-drama The Tale of Nokdu, finished in 10th place in the poll.

There was only a small difference in number of votes between him and the actors who finished below and above. Jang Dong-yoon’s ranking is even more impressive considering the fact that he mostly had to wear a female hanbok throughout the drama series! 

jang dong yoon in hanbok eating something

9. Ju Ji-hoon (316 votes / 1%)

ju ji hoon in korean traditional clothing hanbok in netflix korean drama kingdom

Ju Ji-hoon plays the eldest son in the drama Kingdom, and he wears his hanbok with the confidence of a runway model.

Although he was voted number 9 in the survey, we believe that he deserves to be even further up the list.

ju ji hoon in korean netflix drama kingdom, wearing traditional clothing hanbok

8. Song Joong-ki (374 votes / 1%)

song joong ki looking good in hanbok in a scene from sungkyunkwan scandal

When he wore hanbok in the K-drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Song Joong-ki set a new standard on how to wear the traditional garment in style.

Although he had previously made his acting debut in the film A Frozen Flower, it was after wearing hanbok in a gorgeous fashion in Sungkyunkwan Scandal that his star quickly rose. 

song joong ki in hanbok in korean drama sungkyunkwan scandal

7. Kang Ha-neul (556 votes / 2%)

kang ha neul in korean drama when the camellia blooms

When fans thinks of Kang Ha-neul’s hairstyle, most of them will remember his bangs in When the Camellia Blooms.

But his curly bangs in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo were also something to behold. The hanbok helped showcase his beautiful facial features, capturing the hearts of fans.

kang ha neul in korean drama when the camellia blooms wearing korean traditional clothing hanbok

6. Park Bo-gum (566 votes  / 2%)

park bo gum fully dressed in hanbok in korean drama love in the moonlight

Park Bo-gum looked like nothing less than a piece of art  in Love in the Moonlight. Recently, Park Bo-gum has mainly starred in modern dramas, the most recent one being Record of Youth.

But many fans still remember his handsome and impressive hanbok from Love in the Moonlight.

park bo gum in korean drama love in the moonlight wearing traditional korean clothing hanbok

5. Yeo Jin-goo (612 votes / 2%)

yeo jin goo in korean drama the crowned clown

In the K-drama The Crowned Clown, Yeo Jin-goo wore his hanbok in such a fashion as to propel him to Top 5.

Having begun his career as a child actor, his lead role in this drama allowed fans to see his transformation into a handsome-looking man. 

yeo jin goo dressed in traditional king hanbok in korean drama the crowned clown

4. Cha Eun-woo (2923 votes / 11%)

cha eun woo in korean drama wearing hanbok, netizens vote for best male actor in hanbok!

In forth place, we find Cha Eun-woo, who is known for his good looks.

He may have received criticism for his acting in the drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung, but fans still remember how fantastic he looked in hanbok. 

cha eun woo wearing hanbok in a korean drama

3. Lee Joon-gi (3594 votes / 13%)

lee joon gi wearing traditional korean clothing hanbok in a kroean drama moon lovers

We are not surprised to see Lee Joon-gi in third place in the Best in Hanbok ranking.

His grave and beautiful facial features captured many hearts in both Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo and The King and The Clown.

lee joon gi in hanbok in moon lovers

2. Yoo Ah-in (8721 votes / 31%)

yoo ah in in sunkyunkwan scandal wearing royal's hanbok

Yoo Ah-in, who starred in Sungkyunkwan Scandal with Song Joong-ki, has focused on film performances in recent years, and his great acting has won him many awards.

He has worn hanbok in several productions, often with a stern look on his face. He narrowly missed out on the number one spot!

yoo ah in in korean drama wearing traditional royal hanbok,

1. Kim Soo-hyun (8899 votes / 32%)

kim soo hyun in hanbok in korean drama my love from the star

Having completed his military duty, Kim Soo-hyun made his acting comeback in the K-drama It's Okay To Not Be Okay.

But earning him the number one spot in the ranking were his looks in Moon Embracing the Sun. It makes us want to re-watch the 2012 drama series!  

netizens vote the best looking korean male actor in traditional clothing hanbok, kim soo hyun

That’s the full top 10 Best Korean Male Actors In Hanbok. Everyone on the list looks stunning in hanbok. Which actor would get your vote?

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