Fire breaks out in Dongdaemun area
The fire was put out 1 hour ago with thick smoke still going on
Haemin @creatrip
8 months ago

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Fire breaks out in Dongdaemun area in the morning of Sep 21st. 

Creatrip team intended to grab some Shack Shack burger in the area, but found out the huge fire was going on in Pyeonghwa market (평화시장), one of the biggest traditional clothing markets in Korea.

Photo by Creatrip Team

The fire erupted in Dongdaemun Pyeonghwa market (동대문 평화시장) and there were no reports of casualties yet.

The blaze started about 9 a.m. and more than 100 people in the market had to be evacuated, according to the district's emergency rescue department. 

The fire was put out an hour ago, but there are still thick smokes going on in the entire Dongdaemun area at this moment. 

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