2019 Maple Leaf Forecast
When will maple leaves start showing up? The latest maple leaf forecast!
9 months ago

Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak during late October in Seoul!)

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

As Autumn approaches Korea, the Korean weather forecast sites have announced the 2019 Korean Maple Leaf forecast.

The Maple Leaf Forecast is based on the current weather, past trends, and other big data analysis so if you haven't planned your trip to Korea yet how about coming here during the peak of maple leaves in Seoul!

2019 Maple Leaf Forecast (First Maple)

Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak during late October in Seoul!)Weatheri

It can be seen from the photo above that the first maple leaf is forecasted to boom on September 27th at Seorak Mountain. Seorak Mountain is not only the place for the first maple leaf to bloom but is also usually the place that snow comes in Korea as well. 

Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak during late October in Seoul!)Seorak Mountain

Maple leaves in the city of Seoul will start blooming later around October 13 - 17. The Bukhan Mountain located north of Gyeongbok Palace blooms red with maple leaves later than other mountains.

Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak during late October in Seoul!)FILICKR @ koreanet

So a day in which you will always be able to see maple leaves would be during mid to late October and in early October you will only be able to find a few places where red maple leaves have bloomed.

Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak during late October in Seoul!)Jiri Mountain

If you are visiting a city in the south part of Korea, you will have to wait until mid/late October to be able to see the red maple leaves blossom. In the case of Busan, you will only be able to start seeing maple leaves starting the end of October.

Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak during late October in Seoul!)Gaya Mountain 

To choose a date than ensures you will be able to see maple leaves, I recommend you book your ticket to come to Korea during mid/late October. At that time, the majority of the mountains and maple trees will be full of red maple leaves that have blossomed and if you are lucky you will also be able to see beautiful Ginkgo trees as well. 

2019 Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak)

Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak during late October in Seoul!)WeatheriAs seen in the picture above, the peak time of maple leaves is mid to late October so I highly recommend you come to Korea during this time to enjoy the beautiful Autumn Korea has to offer.

Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak during late October in Seoul!)Odae Mountain

In addition to maple leaves blooming in the mountains, I also recommend people to stay in the city and enjoy the maple leaves around the city as in Seoul the maple leaves blooming peaks at the end of October. 

Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak during late October in Seoul!)SBS News

In addition to the maple leaf and ginkgo tree landscape that can be seen all around Seoul, you can enjoy it first hand by walking through beautiful university campuses located all across the city which is also very romantic.

Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak during late October in Seoul!)Seoul National University Economic Major Branch

Ehwa Woman's University, Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, and Korea University are all universities with beautiful campuses in which you can enjoy Maple Leaves that I highly recommend you to come visit at the end of October.

Maple Leaf Forecast (Peak during late October in Seoul!)Facebook @ Sungkyunkwan University

The above was the latest information on the maple leaf forecast of 2019. However, it is worth noting that the predicted temperature this year is higher than previous years. Whether or not this will effect the maple leaves is yet to be determined.

The lower the temperature the faster the maple leaves will bloom, I hope that the maple leaves of 2019 will stay bloomed until the start of November so that it is a longer period of time to leave happy memories for everyone in and visiting Korea.

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