Good Shopping Deals in Korea
Don't pay for more than what it is worth! Korea has many good shopping deal! 7 brands that are good deals in Korea!
a year ago

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

Did you know that when shopping in Korea you should be looking for a list of products that are recommended by bloggers.

Which brands are worth it to buy in Korea? We list seven Korean brands for your reference. When coming to Korea, it is right to buy these things first! This is because when you return to your home country the price will be different!

Korean Brands that are Cost-effective to Buy


When it comes to the first brand when talking about being cost-effective to buy in Korea it has to be Korean FILA.

Do you guys know? FILA Korea is actually the Asia-Pacific headquarters and shares the global rights of FILA brands and trademarks with major brands. Maybe this is why South Korea's FILA is cheap in terms of price compared to that of other countries as well as new products being updated quickly.

From basic shoes to the latest shoes, no matter whether they are cheap or the same style the price difference between South Korea and other countries for FILA is very large. FILA products bought in Korea can also be refunded.


2. Dickies

Dickies is another popular street fashion brand. Dickies price is quite cheap in Korea with promotions for sale everywhere and keep in mind they are not fakes!

Whether it is infront of Hongdae's department store or Dongdaemuns store outlet, many of the Dickies products are very cheap in Korea compared to other countries.

If you are coming to Korea to shop make sure to see whether or not Dickies is on sale and find the perfect product for you! Although the models may not be the latest the prices are really cheap!

3. innisfree

Of course many people come to South Korea to buy beauty products but why innisfree you ask? That is because South Korea's innisfree is really cheap compared to other places in the world. 

It is due to customs and import factors that innisfree in South Korea is really cheap and it is no wonder people buy a lot of beauty products here and bring it back home with them.

In South Korea, innisfree is also very cheap and is willing to give discounts and various promotions. 


4. Etude House

South Korea's Etude House is also very cheap. With the same reasons as innisfree why not buy it as well?

In addition to the two Korean beauty brands introduced above any other beauty brand is very cost effective in Korea especially when you buy the products in duty-free shops as it makes it substantially cheaper. 

5. Jeong Gwan Jang

When it comes to Korean ginseng Jeong Gwan Jang is one of the biggest brands that cannot be mentioned without it. This is a highly recognized brand.

If you want to buy Jeong Gwan Jang in South Korea, the best way would be to go to the airport duty-free shop to buy it. Even receiving tax rebates after buying it in normal shops will not be cheaper.


6. Korean Soju

Many Korean foods have gone worldwide and prices have been way more expensive than that of Korea. One of them has to be Korean Soju.

In South Korea a single bottle of soju will be around 2000-3000 krw but the price of it overseas soars and becomes much more expensive. 

Please note that when wanting to bring soju back it should not exceed 1 liter which is the law. 

7. Korean Coat

The winter coats that are sold in Korea is the style many people dream of. The price of coats have soared all around the world making it desirable in Korea.

The goods that come to South Korea are worth it to buy such as autumn coats and winter jackets. Many people will come to Korea to buy jackets as it is substantially cheaper. It also is very effective in keeping you warm.

As for the coats that are usually worn in autumn and spring you have to go to the basement to go shopping. The price is really good with different texture and types available.

 On top of the brands mentioned above, Korean brands of clothing, electronic products, food are all recommended to be bought when visiting Korea. What do you think you should buy in Korea?

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