Incheon Activity | Paradise City (CIMER, Wonderbox)
5 minutes from Incheon Airport! Enjoy luxurious spa and amusement park at Paradise City~
Sung J LEE
a year ago

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

Did you all know that there is a place near Incheon Airport to hang out all day? Paradise City is a luxurious hotel resort that has recently opened. 

BLACKPINK has been selected as a model here, and you can enjoy the amusement park, jimjilbang and spa all in one place. 

From Inchon International Airport, it takes only 5 minutes by public transportation. Before you return home, it is a perfect place to make another unforgettable memory.

Normally, it is a bit expensive since it is located inside a luxurious hotel resort. However, we provide exclusive offers for Creatrip members, so you can enjoy the activities at a reasonable price.

Incheon Paradise City (CIMER, Wonderbox) | Price

1. CIMER Aqua Spa

May 2-June 30, 2020

Aqua Spa
(Aqua Spa+Jimjil Spa)
(Ages 10~18)

*Adolescents must bring documents or ID to verify the age.

2. CIMER Jimjil Spa

May 2-June 30, 2020

Jimjil Spa
(Jimjil Spa only)
(Ages 10~18)

*Adolescents must bring documents or ID to verify the age.

3. Wonderbox Free Pass

May 2-June 30, 2020

Wonderbox Free Pass

(Ages 3-13)


(Under 3)


*Infants must bring documents or ID to verify the age.

Incheon Paradise City (CIMER, Wonderbox) | Information

  • Wonderbox
    *5/22~6/30 closed on Tue~Thur
    Hours: 12:00-19:00
    Last Entrance: 1 hour before the closing time
    • Free pass users can re-enter on the same day.
    • Infants under 36 months can enter for free. (Need verification documents.)
    • Pets(only guide dogs allowed), outside food (baby food, religious food allowed), stroller, kickboard, and small rides are not allowed inside.
    • If you bring baby stroller please keep it at the stroller storage.

    *5/18~6/30 closed on Tue~Thur
    Aqua Spa Hours: 12:00-21:00
    Aqua Spa service hours: 6 hours
    Jimjil Spa hours: 12:00-21:00
    Jimjil Spa service hours: 4 hours
    • Spa clothes are free of charge
    • Need to use the shoe shelf before 30 minutes after the ticket issuance. (Automatically locks after 30 minutes)
    • Need to wear swimsuits to use Aqua Spa.
    • Children over 10 years old or taller than 130cm can enter. Minors must enter with their legal guardian or present proper ID(Passport) to enter.
    • Users smaller than 130cm must wear a life vest and enter with a legal guardian.
    • Tube, smoking, oil are not allowed.
    • If you have tattoos please cover them. (Wear Rash guard)
    • If you use past the service hours 5,000KRW is charged per hour

Incheon Paradise City (CIMER, Wonderbox) | Recommended because

  • Enjoy the luxurious hotel resort activity with a discounted price for Creatrip members only.
  • From Incheon Airport, it takes 5 minutes by public transportation. Spend some memorable time before you get home.
  • You can enjoy jimjilbang, amusement park, swimming resort all in one place.
  • You can use the service freely according to your schedule within the given date. 

Incheon Paradise City (CIMER, Wonderbox) | How to use

Step. 1

Incheon activity | Paradise City (CiMER, Wonderbox)

 Click the "Reserve" button at the bottom of this page.

Step. 2

Please input reservation information.

  •  Please input accurate information for reservation.(Service name, age, and etc.)
  • When reservation is confirmed a voucher is sent to your e-mail within 24 hours.
  • You can confirm your reservation at Click Here.

Step. 3

You can visit the spot within the date presented at the price list.

  • Present the mobile voucher at the ticket box to get a physical ticket, and enter.
  • Ticket type: Wonderbox - paper bracelet, CIMER - Locker Key 

Incheon Paradise City (CIMER, Wonderbox) | Notes

  • After the reservation is complete, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address within 24 hours.
  • No refunds are provided for this product.
  • According to the circumstances on the spot(e.g. too many people), entrance might be delayed or restricted.
  • You need to present proper documents or IDs to get discounts for infants or adolescents.
  • You can use the voucher anytime within the date listed in the price list.
  • If you have any more questions please contact us at

Incheon Paradise City | Preview

1. CIMER Aqua Spa

CIMER Aqua Spa is a deluxe indoor/outdoor resort. It is extremely large and has lots of features. 6 hours might be too short to enjoy everything. In a blink of an eye it might already be time to leave. 

If you purchase Aqua Spa pass you can use the swimming pool and the jimjilbang. However, for safety issues children under 10 cannot use the service.

You need to wear swimsuits to use CIMER Aqua Spa. You can buy swimsuits, rent towels, life vests and other items at the counter, so even if you have not prepared them, it is okay.

A person smaller than 130cm must wear life vests to enter.

If you arrive on the spot, you must show the mobile voucher at the counter and receive the locker key. You need to keep in mind that after 30 minutes the locker locks itself. So first, put your shoes in the locker within 30 minutes.

There are various types of spa you can enjoy. It is really well organized compared to other swimming pools. It makes you feel really relaxed.

Especially, there is a place where they put dreamy images from LED screen. You can take selfies or have some rest in between.

Instagram: yesirii

Instagram: ch_oi529

There is also Infinity pool, Steam room, Water slide and so many other features you can enjoy.

Luxurious indoor pools are less crowded and relaxing compared to other water parks. It is really close to the airport, so we recommend that you visit before the long ride home.

Instagram: by_1000

You can enjoy the Outdoor pool, Club pool, Infinity Pool, and various types of pools out side. Hot spring and outdoor spa is also there, so no need for cold weather.

Instagram: ye___nny

Instagram: yuunacho

Sunset from the Infinity pool is a real beauty. Rest your body and mind after all the fatigue from the day.

Beside swimming, there is a bar, karaoke, food court that you can enjoy for the whole day.

2. CIMER Jimjil Spa

Jimjil Spa is a luxurious version of Korean Jimjilbang. It is connected to Aqua Spa, so if you have purchased the Aqua Spa pass you can also use the Jimjil Spa.

CIMER is built brand new so you do not need to worry about the sanitation of the place. I can say it is the best facilitated Jimjilbang in the whole Korea.

You can enjoy rooms from 14° C  to 87° C. It has more variety than any other Jimjilbang.

Beside Jimjilbang there are resting area, skin care spa, nail shop, fitness center, restaurant, snack bar, and so many other services. 

Enjoy your luxurious spa experience here!

 3. Wonderbox Themepark

Incheon Paradise City Hotel provides not just pool activities but theme park called 'Wonderbox'. It feels like you are at the 'Alice in wonderland' or the 'Carnival' here. 

It is not huge but there are so many unusual interiors and exotic lighting, that you can enjoy your child or loved ones. 

Wonderbox restricts number of people who can enter at once and it is not huge. If you visit with your child you do not need to worry that you will lose them.

Wonderbox has 10 types of attractions in 2 floors. Each attractions has height limitations. You need to be over 80cm to ride them. 

It feels like you are in the middle of a fairy tale, and the highlight of the Wonderbox is Carnival Parade and Acrobatic Circus. It is not childish so that even adults can enjoy.

[Luna Carnival hours]

  • Weekdays: 13:00, 18:00
  • Weekends: 15:00, 19:00

You cannot miss arcade in a theme park. There are 9 types of Carnival games in Wonderbox. 

They charge additional fee for the arcade. Therefore, it is better for you to purchase the option with carnival games to spend more efficiently.

Inside Wonderbox there are pretty snacks for your Instagram. Only snacks like hot dogs and nuggets are available.

If your bracelet is not damaged you can enter within the day. You can dine outside and re-enter to play some more!

For adults it is colored gold, and for children it is orange~

(If the bracelet is damaged you cannot enter. Please keep your child from tearing it.)


Incheon Paradise City (CIMER, Wonderbox) | Directions

  • Incheon Paradise City (CIMER, Wonderbox)
    Address: 인천광역시 중구 영종해안남로321번길 186

  • Transportation: Free shuttle bus from Incheon airport or public transportation. (5 minutes)
    • Free shuttle bus from Incheon airport
      Hours: 05:40-11:40, every 20 minutes
      • Incheon Airport Terminal 2 1F Exit 1A
      • Incheon Airport Terminal 1 1F Exit 3C
      • Incheon Airport Terminal 1 1F Exit 14C

  • Magnetic Levitation Railway from the Incheon airport
    Hours: 07:30-20:15, Every 15 minutes
    • Board on Incheon airport terminal 1 station -> Depart on Paradise City Station (Exit 1, 2)

This posting was about Incheon Paradise City (CIMER, Wonderbox). There are most of the information in the posting, but if you have any more questions please contact or leave a comment.