50% off! Gangnam Coex PASS

Free admission to the Coex Aquarium, SMTOWN MUSEUM and enjoy other substantial benefits!
Sung J LEE
2 years ago

Hey guys! We're CreatripWe bring you info on Korea so you can travel like a local.

Many foreigners visit Coex when they come to Seoul, South Korea. Coex is indeed the place where many locals visit to enjoy their leisure time, shopping, and hanging around with friends. 

In this giant shopping-complex, there are a number of well-known attractions such as Starfield Library, Coex Aquarium, SMTOWN MUSEUM, etc. And today, we've prepared a special PASS for our Creatrip members to enjoy the Coex must-see attractions at the lowest price!! More than 50% Discount!!

The PASS includes free admissions to the well-known attractions in Coex as well as other substantial benefits such as Airport Limousine Ticket and DutyFree Discount. This price is only available to the foreigners visiting Korea, so please check this out and enjoy all the possible benefits in Korea! 

Coex PASS | Price

Price/ per person
  • Coex Aquarium Free Admission
  • SMTOWN MUSEUM Free Admission
  • Megabox Movie Ticket 1
  • Airport Limousine Bus
    (from Coex to the Incheon Int'l Airport)
  • Baggage Storage Service
  • Partner Benefits from more than 30 stores in Coex Starfield Mall
  • Discount Benefits from Lotte Duty Free and Hyundai Department Store Duty Free

Coex PASS | Information

  • Coex PASS
    • The Term of Validity: can use it on any days within 90 days from the date of purchase, and the PASS will be valid for 48 hours after the first use at the partnership store.
      Ex) If you make a reservation on 2019.09.01, you may use it on any days you want within 90 days from Sept 1, and if you start to use the PASS on Sept 18 at 09:00 AM, you can enjoy all the benefits until Sept 20 at 08:59 AM.
    • How to use: please present your mobile voucher to our Coex PASS partnership store counter or ticket office, and enjoy all the benefits!
    • Discount Coupon cannot be used directly from the QR code, MUST be downloaded from  www.coexpass.com. Put in the voucher number(ex> TV1234567890)!

Coex PASS | Recommended Reasons

  • We could proudly tell that 48 hours Coex PASS is the most cost-effective way to enjoy substantial benefits in Coex.
  • More than 50% discounted price is only available to the foreigners visiting Korea. Can enjoy free admissions to the Coex Aquarium, SMTOWN MUSEUM as well as other substantial benefits.
  • Other than free admissions and shopping discounts, the PASS also provides substantial benefits from the restaurants in Coex. A great budget PASS to enjoy Coex for a day.
  • The term of validity is very flexible; Can use it on the day whenever you want within 90 days from the date of the purchase.

Coex PASS | How to Book

Step. 1

Gangnam Coex 48 hours PASS

 Click the "Reserve" button at the bottom of this page.

Step. 2

Please enter your details.

  • Enter the date and the number of the PASS you want.
  • A mobile voucher and email will be sent within 24 hours of booking.
  • After submitting, CLICK HERE to check your booking.

Step. 3

Please show your mobile voucher to the stores with this Coex PASS membership sticker.

  • The PASS is valid within 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • The service life of the PASS ends within 48 hours from the time of the first use.

Coex PASS | Notes

  • A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours of the booking. 
  • The following product is non-refundable.
  • The voucher is valid at any period within 90 days after purchase.
  • The service life of the PASS ends within 48 hours from the time of the first use.
  • If you have any further enquiries, please email us at support@creatrip.com.
  • Must visit the Free Entry Stores within 48 hours. The 48 hours count down starts from the time of the first entry not the time of purchase.
    (e.g. Purchased on the 1st of August, First used on the 3rd of August 9AM  - available until 5th of August 8:59 AM)  
  •  Discounted available stores may change depending on the situation of the store.
  •  The Limousine Bus Ticket may be sold out on the time of your choice. Recommend to book the seating first.  
  • Refund unavailable even if you only enter 1 place.  
  • Discount Coupon cannot be used directly from the QR code, MUST be downloaded from  www.coexpass.com. Put in the voucher number(ex> TV1234567890)!
  •  [MegaBox] Movie tickets are only available in general theaters and in 2D movies. Special theaters and 3D/4D are not available.  
  • [MegaBox] Subtitles are not available for Korean Movies. Refund for this case will not be permitted.
  •  [MegaBox] You may choose to watch the movie or not. However, change of mind will not be available. (e.g If purchased the pass for 3 people and only 2 people wants to watch the movie, the other 1 person may not change their mind later and watch)  
  •  [SMTOWN MUSEUM] Use the QR code given on the actual ticket to access the AR Photo Shoot. And may print out the image at the Gift Shop on your way out (Extra Fee).
  • [SMTOWN MUSEUM] Digital Cameras are not allowed to be used when taking photos in the Museum. Only Phone Cameras are allowed.

Coex PASS | Directions

  • Gangnam Coex
    Address: 서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 513
    Transportation: Metro Line 9 Bong-unsa Station Exit 7 or Metro Line 2 Samsung Station exit 5, 6


Coex PASS | Free Admission

1. Coex Aquarium

Benefit: Free Admission within 48 hours
[Original Price ₩28,000]

Business hours: 10:00~21:00; Last entry: 20:00

How to use : Redeem Ticket after presenting QR code at the ticket booth

You can't forget about the aquarium at COEX. It has the best facility, attractions, and entertainments where everyone can enjoy. Other than all the sharks and fish to be found there, there are additional attractions such as Mermaid performances, feeding experences, etc.  

I personally think that the COEX aquarium is one of the best places to spend your times indoors.

Enjoy free admissions to the Coex Aquarium with this 48 hours Coex PASS!  

Ticket exchange

Aquarium Ticket booth


Benefits: Free Admission [Original Price ₩18,000]

Business hours: everyday 13:00~19:50; Last entry at 19:00

How to use : Redeem Ticket after presenting QR code at the ticket booth

SMTOWN MUSEUM is a complex cultural playground to feel and experience the traces of SM artists. 

There are total 6 museum spaces where you can take a closer look at the history of SM artists from their debut by albums, costumes and props. Also, there is a Special Exhibition where you can find unpublished photos and videos of your favorite SM artists!  

Other than exhibitions, there are experience spaces from the SM studio, where you can record yourself, to the AR experiences, where you can take pictures with your favorite K-pop artists!  

Even if you are not a big fan of SM artists, it is worth it to visit this museum as you can get to know more about K-pop.  

Ticket Exchange

L3 Ticket Box

Coex PASS | Free Ticket

1. Megabox Theater Coex

Benefit: 1 Free Movie Ticket (valid within 48 hours from the time of the first use of the PASS)
[Original Price ₩12,000}

Business hours: everyday 07:30~02:00

How to use : Please print out the number ticket then visit the ticketbooth according to the number called. Select Movie/Seat AFTER presenting QR code → then redeem the actual ticket and enter on time

Megabox is one of the biggest movie theaters in Korea like CGV. Especially the one in Coex has the best and the biggest facility that most of the movie previews in Korea are often held in there. You might be able to see your favorite actors or actress if you are lucky enough!  

In Coex Megabox, you can watch the up-to-date blockbuster or Disney movies, as they have the fastest updates among all the Asian countries!

Just for a quick tip: it is so crowded during the weekdays dinner and weekends, so you need to book earlier in the morning in order to reserve for a good seat.

Ticket Exchange

 B1 COEX Mall, Mega Box Ticket Booth

2. Nonstop Airport Limousine Bus from Coex to Inchoen Int'l Airport (6103)

Benefit: One way airport limousine bus(valid within 48 hours from the time of the first use of the PASS)

Bus hours: First bus at 04:10, Last bus at 21:30

Interval btw buses: 10~25min.

Time: takes about 65min. to Terminal 1 and 85min. to Terminal 2

How to use: Board on the bus after exchanging the QR code to an actual bus ticket (Board on Time)  

Coex City Airport Address: 서울특별시 강남구 테헤란로87길 22 도심공항터미널 


You can have the fastest and comfortable trip to the Incheon Int'l Airport by using the City Airport located at Coex.  Since check-in services and immigration check are available in Coex, you don't have to line up and wait for the long queue at the Incheon International Airport. If your hotels are near Coex or Gangnam, we highly recommend you to use this service by using our 48 hours Coex PASS!  

This will make your way back home so much easier!

You will see the City Airport sign from the Metro Line 2 Samsung Station Exit 5. Since the City Airport and Coex Mall is connected, all you need is just following the signs, and you can easily get to the destination. 

As soon as you arrived at the City Airport, go to the 1st floor check-in counter to get your boarding pass. The boarding procedure at the City Airport is so much faster than the Incheon Int'l Airport, so we recommend you to check-in at the City Airport to save some time.  

The business hour of check-in service is from 05:10~18:30, and the check-in deadlines are 3 hours before flight departure for the passenger Terminal 1 and 3 hours 20 minutes for the passenger Terminal 2.

*Check-in services are unavailable for LCC and foreign airline flights that depart before 9:00 AM

Airlines available for Check-in at City Airport

After the check-in, you might proceed through the immigration check on the 2nd floor. All you need is your flight ticket and the passport, then you will get the fastest immigration check ever. The service hour for the immigration check is from 05:30~18:30.

After finishing your immigration check, go to the counter and show your mobile voucher. Ask the lady at the counter your preferred time of departure, then she will kindly help you out issuing the ticket.  

As soon as you've arrived at the Incheon Int'l Airport, pass all the check-ins and just go directly to the entrance gate and use the designated priority entrance. After that, you can enjoy your Duty Free Shopping  

For Terminal 1(3rd floor), the designated priority entrances at the sides of the entrances number 2, 3, 4 and 5.

For Terminal 2(3rd floor), the designated priority entrances at the entrances number 1B and 2B.

Terminal 1

Terminal 2

Ticket Exchange

Information Box located inside Bus Ticket  

3. Baggage Storage Service 4 Hour Free Ticket

Benefit: Free Storage Service for 4 hours

Business hours: 06:30~19:00

How to use : Present the voucher then leave your baggage there  

It is exhausting to carry around all the luggage from the travel. If you have come directly from the airport you must be carrying a whole lot of baggage. We provide baggage storage service so you can travel in lighter condition.

If you present your voucher you can use the storage service for 4 hours for free. You must visit here first, for your pleasant trip. 

Ticket Exchange

City Airport Limousine Building 1F


Coex PASS | Other Benefits

1. Duty Free

  • Lotte Duty Free(Coex Store) 20,000KRW coupon + 20% Discount
    Address: 서울특별시 강남구 봉은사로 524 코엑스인터컨티넨탈서울


  • Hyundai Department Store DUTY FREE(9th floor) Maximum 25% Discount
    Address: 서울특별시 강남구 테헤란로 517 현대백화점무역센터점


2. Starfield Coex Mall Partership Stores

Address: 서울특별시 강남구 봉은사로 524 



Devil's Door20% off for Foods & drinks + 2 free drinks for meals over 50,000 won
Top Cloud 52Free welcome drink (One glass of wine per person)
Oakwood Hotel Restaurant, Bar10% Discount
SMTOWN CafeAde Drinks Discount
Megabox CoexSnack Bar, Pop-corn Set 2,000KRW Discount
Old Palace(고궁 수라간)1 Korean Steamed Eggs(계란찜) for 3 people
VIPS my pick1 Free Soda Drink
China Factory3pcs of deep fried dumplings served for meals over 10,000 won
Cheiljemyunso One can of soft drink given for meals over 10,000 won
Seasonal Table(계절밥상 소반)Order over 10,000KRW and get 1 Korean Sweet and Sour chicken(small size)
SHYBANA(샤이바나)1 Free Side Dish
Bangkok 9Free Thai Chicken(3 pcs) served for orders over 10,000 won
Grand MAOOne bottle of Harbin beer served when ordering meal
HUMMUS KITCHEN(허머스키친)All drinks and beer 40% OFF, Wine 30% OFF
KONAYA(코나야)Set Menu 10% OFF
YI HWA WON(이화원)All menus 10% OFF(exclude alcohol)
MATSUGAZE(마쯔가제)All menus 10% OFF(exclude alcohol)
KYUNGBOKKUNG BLACK(경복궁)All menus 10% OFF(exclude alcohol)
Shopping MallLotte Duty Free Store20,000won Coupon (for purchase over $50) + 20% Discount
Hyundai Department Store Duty FreeUp to 25% off Special Voucher + Silver Membership  
Hyundai Department Store Trade CenterK-Card Membership Free Drink and Welcome Gift
Starfield COEX MallDiscounts and special gifts offered to F&B and shopping malls in COEX Mall
Parnas MallOffering store discounts in the underground level of the Parnas Hotel.
Oakwood MallDiscount on the Oakwood Hotel Premier Mall
K Mall 24 Online Sale DiscountWelcome coupon and discount coupon
FashionRoemAll product 10% OFF
HAZZYS10% Additional Discount on New Products
marimekkoAll product 5% OFF
IL BISONTEAll product 5% OFF
OthersHaneol Craft(한얼공예)All product 10% OFF
LATEMBuy more than 50,000KRW and get 10% OFF
AveneAll products 10% OFF + miniature set gift

The total cost just for the Coex Aquarium and SMTOWN MUSEUM is already over 44,900KRW. With Coex PASS, you can enjoy all these attractions, and plus, you can get additional substantial benefits from all the partner stores at 44,900KRW! This price is only available to the foreign visitors, and we hope you have a pleasant memories in Coex with this great budget PASS!  

This blog post is about 50% off! Gangnam Coex PASS. If you have questions about information not covered in the blog post, please email us at support@creatrip.com

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2019-10-23 12:08:42

I would like to know, if you are not boarding an airline that is suitable for check-in (see below), but you already have an e-ticket and passport, can you go to Sancheng Station to go abroad? Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, East Air, True Air, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Dulwich Air, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, China Southern Airlines, KLM KLM, Delta (United Airlines, Air France)

2019-10-24 11:16:35

Hello, only designated airlines can pre-check in and go abroad to check in at the Duxin Airport! Thank you.

Eva Loh
2019-09-19 17:49:54

Hi. Can I check-in at the Incheon Airport Terminal 1 instead of City Airport? It seems like AirAsia is not listed among the airlines available for check-in in City Airport.

2019-09-19 22:50:06

Sure! :)