Visiting Ehwa's First Starbucks
The reopening of South Korea's first Starbucks branch
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Do you know where the first Starbucks in Korea is? It was Starbucks in front of the University of Pear in 1999! At the moment of entering the 20th anniversary of Korea, South Korea's Starbucks has re-decorated and opened the Ewha Women's No. 1 store into a "Starbucks R Store" with a distinctive image.

Many of the products sold here are not only limited by Korea, but also limited by the No. 1 shop of Lida. Come and see the latest visits by Xiaobian.

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Ehwa Starbucks R Store


The first branch of Starbucks Coffee Korea in Ehwa has revamped their entrance to celebrate their 20th anniversary. 

The store is a lot more elevated and high-end feeling compared to the typical Starbucks branches elsewhere. 

The first Starbucks Korea branch carries special products exclusive to this store.

In the middle of the product shelf, there's a limited edition Ehwa Starbucks canvas bag. On the top shelf, you'll see photos of the Starbucks store as it was 20 years ago. 


Another special edition product found at the R Store is a special edition of the Starbucks mug with a Ehwa (pear) flower design. 

As for the canvas bags, there are tote bags and notebook covers. The Starbucks logo isn't too prominent, and is a relatively simple and clean design that you can only get at the Ehwa Store. 

There are traces of history everywhere in the in the Ehwa store.

The Ehwa store also carries products that other Starbucks branches have. Along with the Jongro shop, the Ehwa store has one of the largest collections .

? Visiting Starbucks Jongro 

Now let's take a look at the new decoration of the Ehwa Starbucks.

The bar design is a little more intimate, amplified by the unique system where the professional clerk will brew the coffee on the spot for your order. 

The menu is also more varied; they carry a wider variety of coffee beans that you wouldn't typically get from other Starbucks stores. 

Ehwa Starbucks has three floors. The second floor has the bar design, but the products sold here are from TEAVANA.

The third floor is a general seating area with floor-to-ceiling windows that lets in plenty of light, creating a very relaxing mood. 

Overall, the size and scale of the Ehwa Starbucks is not very different from other stores. 

The most unique part of the store is the brewing system as well as the fact that it's the first Starbucks in Korea. 

One thing's for sure, however, is that this long-standing Starbucks is the only prominent cafe around Ehwa. It's been stationed in this neighborhood through thick and thin, through harsh waves of change and transformation. 

Make sure to check it out for yourself if you're in the area shopping. 

This was the recent visit to the newly opened Ehwa Starbucks. 

Until next time!

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