Busan Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip
Enjoy an autumn day trip through Creatrip, now from Busan!
Sung J LEE
a year ago

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You're planning a trip to Busan during the autumn but aren't sure if you'll get to see the autumn colors properly? Don't worry -- we Creatrip have prepared an autumn day trip from Busan!

The Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip will take you around to destinations in Gyeongju, located north of Busan and Ulsan. Unlike the mountainous destinations of the Gangwon day trips from Seoul, Gyeongju's destinations are flat, which means you don't have to exert yourself to get to these places. Gyeongju is also where all the historical sites from the Silla Era are still preserved.

Shall we take a look?  

Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip | Information

  • Gyeongju Bomun Tourist Area + Gyeongju Historical Sites
    Booking available: between 10/28 - 11/15
  • The package includes transportation, English/Chinese staff, and entry fees.
    *does not include meals, traveler’s insurance, or other personal expenses. 

Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip | Recommended Because

  1. There aren't a lot of areas in Busan where you can really enjoy the autumn colors. Gyeongju, on the otherhand, is one of the best places for autumn.
  2. Immerse yourself in historical sites that are over a thousand years old as well as the beautiful autumn colors. 
  3. The destinations in Gyeongju tend to be far apart. Transportation is not as good as in Seoul so it would be difficult to get around in time. If you're on this trip, however, you won't have to worry about any of these things. 
  4. The English/Chinese staff are there to help you and make sure there are nor issues with communication.

Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip | Price

(13 and over)
(3 - 12)
(under 3)

*does not include meals, traveler’s insurance, or other personal expenses.

Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip | Schedule

Gyeongju Bomun Tourist Area + Gyeongju Historical Sites
Bookings available only between 10/28~11/15

Busan KTX Station exit 1
*Not Busan Station

Seomyun Station exit 12

Haeundae Station exit 5

Bomun Tourist Site Tour
*includes lunch time

Gyeongju Historical Sites

Departure back to Busan

Haeundae Station

Seomyun Station

Busan Station

*The schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions

Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip | Notes

  • Please book at least two days before the date.
  • You'll get a confirmation email within 24 hours of your booking.
  • The package includes transportation, English/Chinese staff, and entry fees.
  • The packages does not include meals, traveler’s insurance, or other personal expenses. 
  • The schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions. 
  • Please let us know in advance if you need accommodation for strollers or wheelchairs.
  • Infants under 3 are free, but will not be provided separate seats.

Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip | Refund policy

  • Cancellations must be made at least 3 days before.
  • Please contact support@creatrip.com to make changes to your booking.

Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip | How to Book

Step. 1

Busan Day Trip | Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip

 Click the "Reserve" button at the bottom of this page.

Step. 2

Please enter your details.

Enter the dates, trip option, and pick up location.

After submitting, click here to view the booking. 

Step. 3

Be on time at your pick up location: the schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions, so please refer to your email voucher. 

Pick up location: 08:20 at Busan KTX Station exit 1
*Not Busan Station

Pick up location: 08:40 at Seomyun Station exit 12

Pick up location: 09:20 at Haeundae Station exit 5

Step. 4


Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip I Preview

1. Gyeongju Bomun Tourist Site (Bomunjeong)

Bomunjeong Pond

Gyeongju Bomun Tourist Site is a beautiful park that is built around Bomun Lake. It's a great place to take a walk in the autumn.

The autumn leaves are so relaxing.   

The park also has pink muhly, now popular on Instagram. It'll be a great place to take pictures!   

2. Bulguksa Temple

Bulguksa Temple was built in 528. It's literally more than 1400 years old, and shows just how far back buddhist traditions stem back to in Korea. It's also a terrific place to enjoy the autumn colors because it's surrounded by nature. 

The pond on the temple grounds. The autumn leaves really make the lake come to life!   

The colorful autumn leaves are also everywhere in and around the temple. Even if it's not on this day trip, you should definitely visit Bulguksa Temple.   

3. Gyeongju Reunification Pavillion

Out of all the leaves that turn colors in the autumn, I personally like the yellow leaves from the Ginko trees. These trees are what line the entire road to the Reunification Pavillion.   

Gyeongju's autumn comes a little later than Korea's northern regions. Autumn is in full bloom in late October and early November. 

When that time comes, the 1km road to the Reunification Pavillion is shrowded in a startlingly bright, golden yellow.   

Walking along this road would be so romantic. Get on this day trip and check it out for yourself!

4. Ungok Seowon

Ungok Seowon is a school built in the Goryeo Era. Ginko trees are abundant here as well, covering the area with a golden hue come autumn. Get prepared though; this place gets crowded with people rushing to see the autumn colors at this gem of a spot.

When the wind blows, the yellow leaves fall like snow.   Take some pictures and make some memories at this beautiful place. 

5. Dokrakdang

Dokrakdang is a traditional hanok built during the Joseon Era in the early 1500s. It's perhaps not as glamorous as the other destinations, but it's a quiet, remote area where you can get some time with nature. 

Inside, you can see the bits of old Korea preserved within the house's stone gates. Hanok always seems to be in harmony with nature. 

You can look down on Dokrakdang from the stream, but I personally like this view from this old Dokrakdang's balcony. From here, you can listen to the nearby stream and the rustling sounds of the colored leaves drifting down. 


There are more destinations included in the actual day trip. Book through Creatrip and enjoy a day trip from Busan to enjoy Korea's autmun!  

This posting was about Busan Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip. If you have any questions please leave a comment or send us an e-mail. We'll get right back to you! Then, we'll see you next time!