Namsan Restaurant | THE PLACE Dining
Luxurious meal at N Seoul Tower with great Seoul city view | THE PLACE Dining
Hanna Park
a year ago

Hello,everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

Namsan is a must go place when you visit Korea. There are lots of things to see in Namsan. Such as N Seoul Tower, Souvenir shop, and Ryan adventure. However, when you are visiting Namsan searching for a place to eat becomes a problem. It is really hard to find tasty and affordable restaurants. 

For those of you who are facing these problems, we have found a place where you can enjoy excellent food with really nice view! Only course meals are served in THE PLACE Dining, but for Creatrip members only we present Pasta/Pizza set which is affordable and tasty. Let's take a look inside!

Namsan Restaurant : THE PLACE Dining | Information

  • Address:2F, N Seoul Tower, 서울특별시 용산구 용산동2가 남산공원길 126  
  • Hours : 11:00 AM~23:00 PM (Last Orders 21:30) 

Namsan Restaurant : THE PLACE Dining |  Menu

MenuCourse CompositionOriginal PriceCreatrip Discounted Price
THE PLACE Dining Package (2 People)Special Couple Course₩140,000₩126,000
Vegetarian Package (1 Person)Observatory + Pizza or Pasta (choose 1) + Drink₩38,000₩30,000

Namsan Restaurant : THE PLACE Dining |  Recommended Because

  1. You can enjoy the whole view of Seoul from N Seoul Tower. Nightscape from the restaurant is really marvellous.
  2. It is a great course to visit in Namsan, since you do not have to go down and look for a restaurant.
  3. The food is really fresh and delicious. It is affordable for a fine-dining course meal.

Namsan Restaurant : THE PLACE Dining | Notes

  • Please be on time at on the right date.
  • Any payment made at the restaurant will exclude the amount made online.
  • Guests that are 10 or more minutes late are subject to automatic cancellation.
  • You can confirm your reservation by showing your mobile reservation/payment page.
  • Changes and cancellations must be made at least 3 days in advance.
  • Day-of reservations must be made at least 2 hours in advance. 
  • Last orders for dinner is at 21:30. No orders after this time.

Namsan Restaurant : THE PLACE Dining

A place where you can enjoy fine-dining with a beautiful Seoul scenery : THE PLACE Dining. Operates from 11:00 ~ 23:00 with no break hours. Keep in mind that the last order hour is 21:30, so make it there before that.

Since it is located inside N Seoul Tower, the interior is in round structure. You can enjoy the view of Seoul city on all the window seats. 

It is an special experience to have dinner in such unique place.

The view is really great!

It was day time when we have visited the place. However everyone recommend the nightscape, so visit at night time to enjoy the scenery.

Interior design is mostly is in wood tone and black which feels very modern.

We ordered 2 Vegetarian set with Margherita Pizza and Garlic Creamsauce Pasta. This is Margherita Pizza.

Tomato looks really fresh, and the smell of tomato and basil was outstanding. Dough was so soft and tasty as well. They use fresh mozzarella to make the pizza. Unlike other pizzas, this margherita pizza was full of flavor. I really enjoyed it! 

Pizza is served in 6 pieces, and it is a little bit too much for 1 person. It is too small for 2 people so I recommend that you order two menus for two people.

This is garlic cream sauce pasta. It has thick garlic smell like vongole pasta. It has creamy and unique flavor!

Mix the cheese and cream sauce with the pasta to enjoy the full flavor. It has garlic scent like an oil pasta, and tastes like cream pasta. I recommend it to people who enjoy new tastes.

We have ordered Grapefruit Ade and Lemon Ade for drinks. Vegitarian set includes drinks, so order the drink you want from the special drink menu. Normally pasta and pizza menus taste similar to each other. However, it tasted really special here and especially the ingredients were really fresh. If you want to have fine-dining in Namsan visit THE PLACE Dining! You won't be disappointed.

N Seoul Tower | Ticket Ordering Process

Step. 1

Once the ticket number has been sent, you can find the ticket code on My Reservations Page.

Step. 2

Please enter the ticket code of the reservation confirmation card at the ticket device onsite,
and then change it to a physical ticket.

【PLAZA 5 Floor]

Step. 3

Enter N-tower

Namsan Restaurant : THE PLACE Dining | Location

  • Address : 2F, N Seoul Tower, 서울특별시 용산구 용산동2가 남산공원길 126 
  • Directions: A 25-minute walk from Myeongdong Station Exit 3. If you take a bus or the cable car you can travel much faster.
  • From Dongguk Univ. Station Exit 6, take 02 bus that takes you directly to N Seoul Tower.

Exit from Myeongdong Station Exit 3.

Walk toward Seven Eleven.

Walk straight until you get to the hotel. Turn Right.

Walk straight.

If you walk for about 10 minutes, you can see the Namsan Cable Car stand. Walk up the stairs.

Follow the Ticket office aisle to ride the cable car.

Buy the ticket. One way ticket is ₩7,000 and round trip is ₩9,500 for adults.

You can see THE PLACE Dining on 2nd floor of N Seoul Tower. Take the stairs to get to the 2nd floor.

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