Seoraksan Autumn Day Trip

The best place to see Korea's autumn views, Seoraksan
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Korea' s four seasons all offer vastly different views and vibes. Today, we've brought to you a day trip that's perfect for the autumn, a day trip to Seoraksan!   

Seoraksan is the third tallest mountain in Korea. It's popular among local Koreans as one of the best places to enjoy the autumn colors, and it's especially famous if you're into hiking. However, it's located at a distance from Seoul in Gangwondo, and there are so many different historical sites and tourist sites to visit that it's difficult to cover everything in a day. That's why the package that we've prepared for you is a substantial trip package that includes only the best destinations in Seoraksan.

Additionally, the tour will be back in Seoul before dinner, so you can have separate evening plans in Seoul after enjoying  a day out in nature!   

Seoraksan Autumn Day Trip | Information

  • Seoraksan
    Booking dates: 10/16~10/31; Everyday except Saturday
  • The package includes transportation, English/Chinese staff, entry fees, and a simple breakfast (bread and water).
    *does not include meals, traveler’s insurance, or other personal expenses. 

Seoraksan Autumn Day Trip | Recommended because

  1. The trip where you can immerse yourself in Korea's nature at its most beautiful in mid-October in Seoraksan (the autumn tree colors in Korea last about a month). 
  2. This is the chance to visit an area that's remote enough that even a lot of Koreans can't go -- but you won't have to worry about that because all transportation is taken care of.
  3. If you'd like to go beyond the city and explore more of Korea's nature, this is the package for you. Especially since you arrive back in Seoul by dinner, you can set up plans for after.
  4. An English/Chinese staff is there to help with any communication issues.

Seoraksan Autumn Day Trip | Prices

(13 and over)
(3 ~ 12)
(under 3)

*does not include meals, traveler’s insurance, or other personal expenses.

Seoraksan Autumn Day Trip | Schedule

Bookings available on the dates 10/16~10/31 except Saturday


Hongik Univ. Station exit 4


Myeongdong Station exit 2


Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station exit 10

Arrival at Seoraksan Mountain

Seoraksan exploration

Lunch & free time

Departure to Seoul


Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station exit 10


Myeongdong Station exit 2


Hongik Univ. Station exit 4

*The schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions

Seoraksan Autumn Day Trip | Notes

  • Please book at least two days before the date.
  • You'll get a confirmation email within 24 hours of your booking.
  • The package includes transportation, English/Chinese staff, entry fees, and a simple breakfast (bread and water).
  • The packages does not include meals, traveler’s insurance, or other personal expenses. 
  • The schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions. 
  • Please let us know in advance if you need accommodation for strollers or wheelchairs.
  • Infants under 3 are free, but will not be provided a separate seat.

Seoraksan Autumn Day Trip | Refund policy

  • Cancellations must be made at least 3 days in advance.
  • Please contact to make changes to your booking.

Seoraksan Autumn Day Trip | How to book

Step. 1

Seoul Day Trip | Seoraksan Autumn Day Trip

 Click the "Reserve" button at the bottom of this page.

Step. 2

Please enter your details.

  • Enter the dates, trip option, and pick up location.
  • After submitting, click here to view the booking. 

Step. 3

Be on time at your pick up location: the schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions, so please refer to your email voucher. 

Pick up location: 06:00 at Hongik Univ. Station exit 4

Pick up location: 06:30 at Myeongdong Station exit 2

Pick up location: 06:40 at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park exit 10

Step. 4


Seoraksan Autumn Day Trip | Review

Seoraksan is located in Sokcho, Gangwondo, and it's the third tallest mountain after Hallasan Mountain and Jirisan Mountain. Because it's so tall, the temperatures at the higher altitudes are up to 12℃~13℃ lower. Make sure to take something warm.

You can take in the beautiful views of nature from Seoraksan. Within its 400km2  range, there are quite a few cultural and tourist sites.

Seoraksan Autumn View Destinations | 1. Jujeongol

Jujeongol is a valley that's located in the West of Seoraksan. The name stems from the rumor that thieves had hidden in that valley making counterfeit coins during the Joseon era. 

There are a lot of trails along the valley so you can really be immersed in the beautiful autumn colors of Seoraksan.   

Seoraksan Autumn View Destinations | 2. Gwongeumseong Fortress

Gwongeumsong Fortress is where there used to be a fortress during the Goryeo Era. Only the foundations are left now, but it's still a location that many people seek to reach because of the breathtaking views of Seoraksan that's found there.

If you come up the trails of Gwongeumseong mid October, you can see all the beautiful red colors covering all sides of the mountains.  

Once you get to the top, everything is just stone. Gwongeumsong is at its most breathtaking during the autumn, but it's beautiful at all seasons of the year.   


It's quite a hike to the top of the mountain but you should definitely check it out since there's now a cable care that goes to the top!

Seoraksan Autumn View Destinations | 3. Ulsanbawi Rock

You can see a fence-shaped stone formation when looking toward Seoraksan Mountain from Sokcho. These are the Ulsanbawi Rock. 

It's so famous that many locals come to Seoraksan Mountain just to see this rock formation. It's so large and unique looking that you'd be able to spot it from a 2km distance.

The views of the Ulsanbawi Rock are different in the spring, summer, autumn, and winters. But in the autumns, you'll see the colorful leaves covering its sides.   

Of course, Ulsanbawi looks grand from the distance, but many do the trek up to witness this view of the rocks covered in clouds. If you like to hike, try the trek to catch this marvelous view of Seoraksan. 

Seoraksan Autumn View Destinations | 4. Seoraksan Shinheungsa Temple

Most large mountains in Korea has at least one or two big temples, but Shinheungsa Temple is one of the most famous of them all. It was built in the Shilla Period (652 AD), but has been rebuilt during the Joseon Period in 1644 after it burned down in a fire.

Shinheungsa Temple is located at the bottom of the mountain, so you can walk to it easily. It's a perfect place to breathe in the good mountain air and take a lovely walk with your friends and family. 

The bronze Buddha statue is especially famous. It's a place to make wishes among buddhists and others alike. 

There are so many other beautiful areas to visit in Seoraksan. The beautiful colors that cover the mountain is a view that you can't miss if you're fortunate enough to be visiting in mid-October.

Take a day trip to Seorak and enjoy nature, then go back to Seoul in the evening and enjoy the city life.  

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