Korea's Controversy on Dog Meat
Will Korea now ban dog meat?
a month ago
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Korea has eaten dog meat since times of old. But as the dog meat became controversial worldwide, there has also been protests against allowing dog meat in Korea as well. The controversy heated up especially as dog meat farmers participated against these protest, proclaiming that dog meat should be allowed. 

Let's take a look at this controversy inside and out.

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Source: Media Today

Recently in Seoul, there was a protest about dog meat consumption from both opposing and supporting sides. The protest was interesting in that there were not only Korean locals but also foreigners protesting against dog meat. Locals from animal rights groups and foreigners mourned the death of slaughtered dogs. 

Additionally, the animal rights group demanded a legislative ban on animal slaughter, asserting that more than 1000 dogs had been butchered while National Assembly considered the motion. 

Source: Media Today

The American actress Kim Basinger was present at this protest to speak out against dog meat.

She stated, "Korea is the only country that raises dogs for consumption. I haven't been here long, but I've talked with many people who wish for the end of dog meat. I do think that government is going to have to not turn a blind eye and really come up with solutions like this." She also asked Korean celebrities to become involved. "I love K-pop and the celebrities from Seoul. If you are out there, be brave, be bold," she said.

Source: Media Today

On the other side, the dog farmers were holding a dog meat tasting event to protest against the banning of dog meat. The Dog Meat Association argued that dog farming is the livelihood of over 70,000 Koreans and is a traditional cuisine enjoyed by many elderly Koreans, and therefore must not be banned. 

It is estimated that approximately 72,000 tons of dog meat is consumed every year in Korea. 

Opinions on dog meat is mixed in Korea, but the general consensus is towards against dog meat. 

However, the custom runs deep and dog meat cuisine is still sought out by the elderly. It seems the debate will continue for now.

This was a post on the controversy of dog meat in Korea. Thanks! 

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