The New Popular K-Drama, Hotel Del Luna
A TVN K-Drama starring IU and Yeo Jingu, will this be as big as Dokkebi?
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K-dramas have been loved by the world for a while now, some brilliant classics including My Love from the Star, Descendants of the Sun, and Guardian: The Loneley and Great God. 

Hotel Del Luna, starring IU and Yeo Jingu, is one K-drama that's been getting a whole lot of attention lately. With the Hong sister writers of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Master's Sun behind the screenplay and Studio Dragon managing the CG, Hotel Del Luna had viewer ratings of over 7.6% after the release of the first two episodes. So what's all the hype about Hotel Del Luna?

K-Drama: Hotel Del Luna | 1. Synopsis

It's 2019, on the most busiest city streets in Seoul. On what would be one of the most priciest real estate plot of land, there's an old building. At first glance it looks like an empty building waiting reconstruction development, but it's not; it's a hotel. Hundreds of thousands of people pass by this old building everyday, but no one ever seems to go in. Or, at least...not while the sun is up.

When the night is deep and the city sleeps, Hotel Del Luna is in business.

Hotel Del Luna is a hotel catered to ghosts. Managed by Gu Chanseong, a top hotelier, and the ill-tempered boss Jang Manwol, their tales with their guests from the beyond now begins. 

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K-Drama: Hotel Del Luna | 2. Watch Points

1. IU and Yeo Jingu meet

IU, a famous singer-songwriter known for hit songs such as Good Day, You and I, and Red shoes, has now found solid footing as an actor. She acts alongside Yeo Jingu, a famous actor since his child roles. They show outstanding chemistry, despite a 4-year age difference! 

Can't wait to see more of their chemistry on screen.   

2. Brilliant CG, Interior, and Costumes

Another thing that makes Hotel Del Luna worth watching is the intricate computer graphics (CG) and costumes.

The show does a great job on capturing that fantastical and dreamy atmosphere with the glamorous hotel setting and hotelier costumes. IU's character is especially fond of luxury and is not afraid to rock a glamorous costume each episode.    I would watch just to see her outfits.

3. Come summer, come chilling ghost stories to blast the heat away

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Hotel Del Luna was actually an early proposal for 2013's Descendants of the Sun. 

Another watch point is the fact that this is a wacky combination of horror and romance! As all of the hotel's guests are from the dead, their appearances are ghastly to say the least. Director Oh Chunghwan explained that they wanted to "focus on the features of the ghost characters. Just because they're ghosts doesn't meant they all have to wear white. We made sure that their appearance reflected their story on how they died." Look forward to how the two starkly different genres of romance and horror collide this summer.   

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