Famous Korean Ice Flakes(Bingsu) Shops!
Try all these amazing ice flakes and enjoy the Summer in Korea!
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Hanna ParkfromSeoul

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The deadly hot weather is back!   Summer in Korea will make you sweat like a bull just for walking outside. 

Bingsu, also known as 'Korean Ice Flakes', is a must-have dessert for Koreans in summer. Every summer, there are dozens of new Bingsu coming out from small cafes to large chain stores, and I promise that they are EXTREMLY GOOD!!  

Among those cafes or shops that are selling Bingsu, we've prepare a nice selection of Korean specialty Bingsu stores that you must try out this summer! So stay tuned and let's see what we've got for you!  

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Korean Specialty Bingsu Store | 1. Sul-bing(์„ค๋น™)

If you were asked to name one Korean Bingsu store, the first thing pops in your head would be Sul-bing. Starting from the very first store in Busan in 2010 with the big hit from the snowflake Bingsu, it's now operating 490 branches nationwide. You can find Sul-bing almost anywhere in Korea!

One special thing about Sul-bing is that you can enjoy Korean traditional desserts in various ways, and besides, all of them are super tasty! This makes Sul-bing a perfect specialty store where you can try out all the different delicious Korean traditional desserts! Yum!  

In addition to bingsu, you can try all kinds of delectable Korean snacks such as Injeolmi toast, Bungeoppang(fish-shaped bun), and Hotteok(Korean pan-cake)! 

In Sul-bing, a variety of new fancy menus are rolled out in every season, making all the Bingsu enthusiasts going nuts!  Because each menu is very unique and delightful, many locals are rushing into the store every time the new menus are released. 

'Strawberry Macaroon Sul-bing' and 'Yogurt Melon Sul-bing' that are recently released are very tempting to me~ Maybe I should try them out during the weekend with my friends!  

Korean Specialty Bingsu Store | 2. Hongdae Peony

Peony is more of a strawberry cake shop than a specialty Bingsu store. However, the strawberry Bingsu sold in this cake shop is so famous that people are coming even during the winter to have a taste of it! Every time I visited, there were lines of people waiting in front of the store, and I had to wait more than half an hour.  

Unlike Sulbing, which sells different kinds of Bingsu, Peony sells only one type, the strawberry snowflake Bingsu. It looks quite simple, but trust me, you will experience the softy strawberry paradise in your mouth!  

There is a recommended way to eat Peony's strawberry Bingsu, which is putting a slice of strawberry topping on top of a spoon of snowflakes. If you just pour the syrup and topping into the ice flakes, it will turn into watery starwberry milk in a minute, and you will just ruin the chance to try this fluffy and luscious strawberry snowflakes.  

If you have more space in your stomach after finishing the strawberry Bingsu, then you must try this white cream strawberry cake too! Life couldn't be better without this cake!  

Korean Specialty Bingsu Store | 3. Tokyo Bingsu

Tokyo Bingsu is the starting point of Japanese ice flakes that have recently become popular in Korea. If Sul-bing is the pioneer of Korean Bingsu, Tokyo Bingsu is the most famous specialty Bingsu store that represents Japanese Bingsu in Korea. 

Brand New Tokyo Bingsu Products

Being super famous through SNS and the word of mouth, now Tokyo Bingsu is locals' the most-wanted place to visit and have a bowl of fresh Bingsu, even than Sul-bing!

At Tokyo Bingsu, you can feel the sweet and simple Japanese mood from the menu to the interior. What a lovely place!  

The size of the store is not as big as Sul-bing, but the mood from all the details of the decorations makes people want to relax themselves from the busy life.

From strawberry, red-bean paste, green tea, and Oreo cream cheese tastes, which are quite universal, to tomato,  black bean, fig, avocado tastes, which are definitely out of the box! This place is perfect for those who like to try out new things!   

And whatsmore, you should try the signature menus, 'Bloommy Tomato Bingsu' and 'Mount Fuji Tea Bingsu', especially the tomato one. It tastes like beyond your imagination!  

At first, you will think like 'Iced Tomato?! I'm definitely not going for this,' but once you have a taste of it, you will never stop digging the snow until you finish the whole bowl!  

If you want to try out special Bingsu in Korea, I highly recommend you to visit Tokyo Bingsu!   There are couple of branches in Seoul and Daegu.

Korean Specialty Bingsu Store | 4. MEALTOP

MEALTOP is one of the famous Bingsu chain store in Korea that cannot be missed out. Since all MEALTOP branches are located only in Hyundai Department Stores, this place might be unfamiliar to foreign visitors.

However, many locals make their journey to Hyundai Department Stores just for the Bingsu from MEALTOP!

Since it is located in the department store, the interior designs are more luxurious, but the price of all signature Bingsu is much cheaper than other Bingsu stores! 

In MEALTOP, I recommend you to try the most basic one, the milk Bingsu with the red-bean paste. All of my local friends say that the milk Bingsu from MEALTOP is the best among all the basic Bingsu in Korea!   Plus, the size is enough for a simple dessert after the meals.

Besides Bingsu, MEALTOP sells a variety of desserts, and most of them are made from Korean traditional flavors such as mugwort, glutinous rice, Injeolmi, soft persimmon, etc.

Enjoy MEALTOP's delightful dishes and try all the Korean traditional desserts!   

I really wanna try 'Green Rice Waffle(made out of mugwort)' next time.  

Korean Specialty Bingsu Store | 5. Myeongdong Cacao Green

Located in Myeongdong, Cakao Green is a cafe that sells various kinds of handmade chocolate desserts as well as Bingsu! And because of its location, it is said to be more popular with foreigners than the locals.  

In Cacao Green, I highly recommend this 'Triple Chocolate Bingsu' for you to have a taste of this overwhelming chocolate ice-cream with the sticky-thick texture!  

In addition to the deep chocolate flavor, there are Bingsu in various flavors such as strawberry, green tea, mango, etc.   

Also, there are dozens of delectable desserts besides Bingsu. Be sure to try this 'Ddal-gu Pie,' a signature menu made up of strawberry ice cream, raw strawberries, pastry with custard cream, and white chocolate!...There's no way that this isn't good!!

The store is large, and I can tell that it is a rarely good cafe in the place like Myeongdong. So if you are planning to visit Myeong-dong, I recommend you to stop by this place and try all these amazing Bingsu and desserts from Cacao Green.   

We've gone over all these famous Bingsu shops in Korea, and if you have any further inquiries, please comment below or shoot us an email at  support@creatrip.com. Thank you!

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