How Korean Girls Pose for Photos

Throw the awkward poses out the window and try these Korean poses! ♡
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2 years ago

Hello everyone! We're Creatrip, your group of Korean travel experts.

We try and get our best photogenic selves out when travelling, why not pose for photos as Koreans do while travelling here? There are a lot more than making two v's with our hands. Let's see what they are and take home some K-vibe photos from your travel!

1. Playful expressions



여행, 여기서 행복할 것

Playful expressions, easy enough but creating a fun vibe at the same time, are popular in Korea and globally!

2. Body facing away while face facing the camera

여행, 여기서 행복할 것

Instead of having your body face the camera directly, pose sideways! This makes your body look instantly slimmer. Your face facing the camera completes this natural and beautiful pose.

3. Looking backwards

여행, 여기서 행복할 것

An easy, natural shot of walking and looking back.

4. Stretch your legs out to the max

여행, 여기서 행복할 것

Don't sit completely on the chair, rather, sit on the edge of the bench and stretch one leg out as much as you can. This is a great photo for shorter girls who want to elongate their bodies for photos!

5. One leg to the side


여행, 여기서 행복할 것

This pose also makes your body look longer and slimmer! When you're taking photos standing up, bring one leg over the other and stretch it out as far as you can, while slightly slanting your body.

6. Sit down


여행, 여기서 행복할 것

This is a great pose for when you're surrounded by nature or in a scenic place.

7. The 'Flower Cup' Pose

여행, 여기서 행복할 것

A very Korean pose, I've seen people pose like this in all kinds of places from Hangang and Suraksan to Hongdae bars. Cover your face as you would cup a flower as it makes your face look slimmer by creating an illusionary v shape.

Poses for Couples

여행, 여기서 행복할 것

Don't get into actual fights! Just a playful pose here.

여행, 여기서 행복할 것

Koreans call it the fairy shot. Using distance, make one of you appear teeny tiny while the other person appears to be holding or grabbing the 'fairy.'

여행, 여기서 행복할 것

Create the letters L, O, V, E with your hands, you lovebirds.

Did we miss any poses? Let us know in the comment down below and make sure you try some of them on your next travel! 📸

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