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Enjoy a high end Korean buffet at Yeongdeungpo Pulipchae
Hanna Park
a year ago

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Korean-style buffets are a great option to try a lot of Korean food at once. Pulipchae was the first Korean-style buffet chain to pop up in Korea and had stayed in the game despite the rise of its competitors such as Nature Kitchen or Seasons Table. And unlike its competitors, Pulipchae offers the same 14900 price whether it's lunch or dinner. 

So let's check it out!

Yeongdeungpo Must Eat: Pulipchae Korean Buffet | Information

  • Address: 서울 영등포구 경인로 846 롯데백화점 7층 (롯데백화점 7층)
  • Hours: 10:30 ~ 22:00 (No holidays)

Yeongdeungpo Must Eat: Pulipchae Korean Buffet | Prices

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Weekday ALL DAY
Weekends, Holidays

Yeongdeungpo Must Eat: Pulipchae Korean Buffet | Recommended Because

  1. Located in the Lotte Department Store that's connected with Yeongdeungpo Station, it's highly accessible. Also conveniently located right next to the Yeongdeungpo underground shopping mall! 
  2. The menu changes with the seasons so that all the dishes are made with seasonal ingredients. 
  3. Experience Korea's flavors and flair. Not only is the food Korean, but the interior is reminiscent of traditional hanok.
  4. The restaurant is spacious and provide enough seating to accommodate any group size. 

Yeongdeungpo Must Eat: Pulipchae Korean Buffet | How to Book

  1. Click here or click "Reserve" button at bottom of this page to book online.
  2. Please enter you details.
  3. Make the full payment to complete your booking.
  4. The booking will be confirmed within the day.
  5. Changes and cancellations must be made at least 3 days before the booked date. 
  6. To change your booking, please cancel and re-book.
  7. After completing your payment, click here to check your booking status.

Yeongdeungpo Must Eat: Pulipchae Korean Buffet | Notes

  • Please be on time at on the right date.
  • Any payment made at the restaurant will exclude the amount made online.
  • Guests that are 10 or more minutes late are subject to automatic cancellation.
  • Day-of cancellations or changes to your booking may be difficult.
  • Children (8 - 13) are 9,900 KRW, toddlers (3 - 7) are 6,900 KRW. Payment must be made on-site.
  • Up to two infants 3 years or younger are free (6,900 KRW for all infants if more than two).
  • The meal time is limited to 1 hour and 40 minutes.
  • The hours between 12:00~14:00 are peak hours, so even with a booking you may have to wait in line (wait can be up to 30 minutes).

Yeongdeungpo Must Eat: Pulipchae Korean Buffet | Review

Pulipchae is a premium Korean buffet restaurant. The interior is fittingly reminiscent of the traditional hanok style with warm tones and clean-cut lines. The restaurant is cleanly and spacious. 

The interior is super clean. I personally liked the floor table area, where you sit on the floor rather than in a chair. 

The first food corner is the ssam and veggie corner. As you would expect from a Korean buffet, this corner includes kimchi. For those of you not great with spicy food, there's also water kimchi. The corner also includes salads like sweet potato, caesar chicken salad, mango salad, and veggie salad. 

There's an area where you can try all sorts of rice dishes like bibimbap or hot pot rice thistle. In the bibimbap corner, you can choose whichever herbs you'd like and add them to your rice bowl. In the hot pot rice thistle corner, you just take the prepared hot pot. 

The hot pot rice thistle. As you can see, there are seasoned thistle topped on rice. The herbal scent is super nice, and what's more, you can add tea to your finished bowl to make scorched rice tea. 

The porridges are appetizers. They have sweet pumpkin, chicken, and spicy red soft tofu porridge. The chicken porridge is boiled chicken breast and rice that is a classic Korean summer dish. The spicy red soft tofu porridge has seafood in it and is spicy in all the right ways. 

If you're a foreigner, then you've probably never heard of this one before: pureed soybean stew. It's thick with bits of pork and kimchi in it. You can think of it as Korean-style soup. 

Hamheung-style cold buckwheat noodles. I tried both the chicken cold noodle soup and the spicy bibim cold noodles. 

Cold noodle soup is usually pretty sour because of the vinegar and wasabi that goes in, but the Pulipchae version didn't taste too strongly of vinegar. I think foreigners looking to try out this interesting dish would like it! It's perfect for the hot summers. 

In the meat corner there's duck meatballs, and spicy bulgogi, and fried chicken. The duck meatballs and the bulgogi were both  just the right amount of sweet and spicy. The fried chicken was good too. 

They had less options than usual because I visited during a weekday lunch. During the weekends, there are a few more extra dishes such as boiled pork. 

Of course, they had Korean snack foods like tteokbokki, blood sausage, and fried foods. The fried chicory was super good, especially when you dip it in the tteokbokki sauce. 

There's also udon and acorn pancakes! They go great with rice.

There's even a corner where you can make your own cold raw fish noodles soup. It's another great summer dish that's both nutritious and keeps you cool. 

Here's a table full of dishes. I got a lot of the meat and veggie dishes. They were great side dishes that went well with the hot pot thistle rice. 

The pureed soybean stew and hanchi noodles also were amazing together, the nutty and spicy flavors.

Pulipchae not only has traditional Korean dishes, but also amazing desserts. They have pain d'or and injeolmi bread, which are popular snacks in Gangneung. I personally really liked the pain d'or, not unlike a fried donut. The injeolmi bread tastes super nutty due to the injeolmi powder topping. 

They also have a more traditionally Korean dessert, pumpkin injeolmi. They just have a huge piece for you to cut a piece yourself. If done wrong, rice cakes can be super dry and flakey, but the injeolmi at Pulipchae was amazing! It just melts in your mouth. 

I had a lot for my meal, but I couldn't not try the desserts.

And of course, you need some cold desserts as well in the summer. This corner is exactly that: shaved ice and ice cream! .

This is how you make your own bingsoo: put a little ice in and top it with red bean, rice cakes, syrup, and condensed milk. You can also put other stuff like yogurt or fruit to make it extra special. 

I put a little ice cream on top. The shaved ice and creamy ice cream went super well together. 

I made sure to get there at opening hours to avoid the crowd, but people started packing in as lunch time came close. Apparently it's usually so busy that you can't really make a reservation in the middle of the day. So note that if you're there between 12:00 - 2:00 PM, you might have to wait a little bit! 

Try out Pulipchae, Korea's favorite Korean cuisine buffet! 

Yeongdeungpo Must Eat: Pulipchae Korean Buffet | Prices

Creatrip Prices (₩)
Weekday ALL DAY
Weekends, Holidays

Yeongdeungpo Must Eat: Pulipchae Korean Buffet | Location

  • Address: 7F, 서울 영등포구 경인로 846 롯데백화점
  • Directions : Get off Yeongdeungpo Station (line 1) and go in the connected Lotte Department Store. Take the escalator to the 7th floor and head towards Lotte Cinema. You will arrive at Pulipchae. 

Take the escalator up to the 7th floor.

After getting off the escalator, go straight then take a right.

Head towards the Lotte Cinema sign.

You've arrived at Pulipchae!

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