Gyeongbokgung Palace | Cheese Smile Studio (치즈스마일 스튜디오)
Get your best profile photo ever at Cheese Smile Studio!
Hyunki Kim @creatrip
a year ago

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of travel experts.

Self studios have suddenly become quite popular among young Koreans. 

They allow you to take pictures a little more freely without the pressure of posing in front of the photographer, who's essentially a stranger. You can express your true self without feeling too awkward about it. All you have to do is press a remote-controlled button connected to a camera set up by photography professionals. 

Cheese Smile Studio offers such services so that you can capture amazing images whether alone, with your significant other, with friends, or with your family.

Cheese Smile Studio

Cheese Smile Studio | Pricing

Basic Self Studio

2 photo retouch and printing
+ photo frame
₩45,000 * 1 person

One Extra Person
Premium Self Studio

2 photo retouch and printing
+ photo frame
+ all photo sent to an email
₩63,000 * 1 person

One Extra Person


Cheese Smile Studio | Recommended Because

  1. You can take photos naturally without anybody behind the camera. 
  2. The studios are on the third and fourth floors. There's only one session per floor, so that guests using the studios can have the entire floor space for themselves.
  3. A professional photographer will edit the photos (face, skin, body) in a natural but beatified way. You can also request to have extra areas photoshopped.
  4. Highly accessible from popular tourist destinations like Gyeongbokgung Palace and Anguk Station.
  5. From enlightenment-era outfits to dresses and suits, there are a variety of outfits available for rent without extra cost.

Cheese Smile Studio | Services


You take your own pictures. Help is available if you're having any technical difficulties during your shoot.


You can rent any of the outfits and shoes at the studio for free.


Takes approx. 1 hour (30 min photo session + editing, printing 30 min).

The 30 min shooting time includes outfit changes, so we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early to choose and change into your outfits.


You can choose two photos to edit and print (1 picture frame included).

You can only choose one option between color and black and white. 

Weekday Event! If you come in on a weekday and choose to shoot in color, you get five extra minutes to shoot in black and white. And then you can choose two photos among them. 
Extra Service

No makeup service available. You are free to use the curling iron at the studio (but no hair dryer). 

LanguagesEnglish available!

Cheese Smile Studio | How to Book

  1. Click here or click "Reserve" button at bottom of this page to make a booking online.
  2. Enter your details.
  3. The booking will be confirmed within 3 days, after schedule coordination with the studio.
  4. Changes in the booking must be coordinated with the studio.
  5. If booking changes are confirmed with the studio, please cancel and re-book.
  6. Full refunds are only available for cancellations 14 days or more before the booking date. Only changes are available for anything requested at a later date. 
  7. After completing your payment, click here to check your reservation status.

Cheese Smile Studio | Policy on Cancellations and Date Changes

Cancellation DatePolicy
14 or more days before shooting dateFull refund
0-13 days before shooting dateNo refunds

1. Cancellations

  • 14 or more days before shooting date: full refunds
  • 0-13 days before shooting date: no refunds

2. Date changes

  • You are allowed 1 change 3 or more days before shooting date.
  • Please shoot us an email to to make changes

Cheese Smile Studio | Notes

  • Please be on time on the right date.
  • Late arrivals of 10+ minutes are subject to automatic cancellation (no refunds). 
  • No hair or makeup services available.
  • Up to two outfits are available for rental.
  • Prep time and change of outfits are included in the 30 minutes.
  • Printing available in either color or black and white (not both).
  • No Chinese communicator on site. Only simple English.

Cheese Smile Studio |  Shoot Experience

There are cute props welcoming us into the store.

All the accessories you see at Cheese Smile Studio are free to use for your shoot.

Various outfits and shoes are available as well. I'm going to pick a few things for my photo shoot outfit.

Today's model is from the Hong Kong Creatrip!

A professional sets up the angles beforehand, so anybody can take pictures like the above with just a remote control. 

You can see the results straight away on the monitor after you take them. On the left-hand corner, you can see the time remaining for your photoshoot. You have 30 minutes, which is plenty time to take as many pictures as you like.

You can rent up to two outfits (they're all so pretty!  )

You can take photos like this too with just a press of a button. As you can see, the employee was having a lot of fun with the photo shoot   

Usually, you only have one choice betwen color and black and white. However, if you're there on a weekday, you have an extra 5 minutes to shoot in black and white. 

After you're done taking the pictures, you have 5 minutes to choose two of your favorite shots.

After you choose, the professional at the studio will start editing them. 

Once the editing is complete, the photographer will ask if you'd like any additional edits. The editing is super natural and beautiful. 

Shall we take a look at the final product?  

The pictures are so beautiful, she looks just like a celebrity!

You get the two edited photos printed with a free picture frame.

You can choose between the brown or white frames. I think the white frame suits color photos while the brown suits black and white photos. 

This was actually my first time going to a self studio, but I think the pictures actually turn out better compared to getting pictures taken by an actual photographer. You really get to let yourself go and be comfortable in front of the camera whether you're alone, with a significant other, with friends, or with family. 

Cheese Smile Studio, near Gyeongbokgung is a great place to take some great photos! 

Cheese Smile Studio | Store Information

  • Address : 27 Bukchonro 4-gil, Gye-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 10:00 ~ 18:00

Cheese Smile Studio | How to Get There

  • Directions : Take Anguk Station (Line 3) exit 3 and walk five minutes.

Anguk Station exit 3.

Turn into the first street on your left.

Walk 400 meters (3 minutes) until you see the Mini Stop Convenience Store.

You're there once you see the Mini Stop.

You'll see the sign for Cheese Smile Studio at the entrance of the building. Take the stairs to the third floor.

If you have any further inquiries about Cheese Smile Studio, please feel free to comment below or shoot us an email at