Myeongdong Innisfree Cafe Visit
You mean there's a cafe for both desserts and cosmetics?
2 months ago
Hanna ParkfromSeoul
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Innisfree is an incredibly popular road-shop (lower-end/high street) cosmetics brand in Korea, among both locals and foreign visitors. But did you know that there's an Innisfree cafe in Myeongdong?

The Innisfree cafe not only has their usual collection of cosmetics, but is also decorated with beautiful interior and has an offering of great deserts. The cafe is well-loved by Korean locals, and if you're a Creatrip member, you can get some great discounts.

Let's take a look at the cafe!

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✨ Key info about Myeongdong

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Myeongdong Innisfree Green Cafe | Info

  • Address:64-2 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga
  • Hours : 09:00 - 23:00

Myeongdong Innisfree Green Cafe | Member Benefits

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Myeongdong Innisfree Cafe | Recommended Because

The Innisfree cafe offers a taste of Jeju Island in the middle of Myeongdong. It's highly accessible and the spacious store makes for a pleasant shopping/cafe experience away from the crowds. The cute interior is Insta-worthy, and the desserts are inexpensive. 

Myeongdong Innisfree Cafe | Directions
Address:64-2 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga
Tip: The cafe is reachable both from Euljiro-1(il)ga Station Exit #6 and Myeongdong Station Exit #6. You can easily locate it as it's right on the middle of Myeongdong Street Food Street.

The cafe is located at a 5-minute walking distance from Eujiro 1-ga Station and 7 minutes from Myeongdong Station. 

Myeongdong Innisfree Cafe Visit

Today we visited the popular Myeongdong Innisfree Cafe. The building is so massive that you'll spot it right away from a distance. 

A poster of new menu items is stationed at the entrance.

The Innisfree Cafe has  four floors. The first floor is the cosmetics shop while the second and third floors are the cafe. On the fourth floor, there is a luggage storage service available. The luggage storage service is available to anyone, even if they're not here for the Innisfree Cafe. 

New packaging out for the summer. Innisfree changes their packaging every season, so even if you're getting refills of the same product, it always feels like you're getting something new. 

Innisfree's steady seller, the Green Tea Seed Serum! 

Very moisturizing and great for soothing irritated skin. It's a great option to use in the summer in the place of your normal lotion.

The larger size has cuter packaging. You get twice the amount at a cheaper price, so a great choice for those of you who like to use a single product for a long time. 

This Jeju Cherry Blossom line's Tone-Up Cream is a newer product released just last spring. I love the pink packaging.

This cream brightens your complexion without the stickiness that you often get from other similar products. 

I put some on my male coworker's hand. Can you see how that part of his hand is a bit brighter?

I personally don't like heavy creams that feel sticky, especially during the summer months. This product is great because it is very hydrating and sinks right in!

The My Palette corner lets you build your perfect palette. Just look at all the beautiful colors and textures available.

There's a wide variety of palette designs to choose from. Pick a design you like and build yourself a customized palette!

There are always those few colors that you don't use when you purchase eyeshadow palettes, so this is an amazing way to choose just the colors that you know you'll use!

The My Foundation corner is to find you your perfect foundation, catered to your skin's needs.

@Innisfree Website

Take a look at how to choose your perfect foundation.

First, choose your finish. Choose 1 if you prefer a matte finish, 3 if you prefer more moisture.

Then, choose your coverage level. Choose 1 if you prefer a more natural look, and 5 if you prefer to have full-coverage. 

Lastly, pick your shade. Check your shade and undertones and choose from between C13 to N23. 

No worries if you're unsure of your skin type or shade! 

At Myeongdong Innisfree there's a service available for finding out your exact skin type and shade. Just ask one of the shop assistants and they'll help you right away. You can find out if your skin is dry, oily, and which shade of foundation you should be using. 

This is what the results look like. My shade is N21.

I prefer a more natural, moisturizing base so I ended up choosing the 3.1 - N.21 foundation!

We got a little peckish after all that shopping, so we headed over to the cafe on the second floor.

The cafe has a wide-open and green space. They also have hanrabong jam and various snacks available for purchase. 

There's a baking room in one corner of the cafe, where they make your order on the spot. It can take longer, but you'll get freshly baked goods warm out of the oven!

There's just something about an open kitchen that's reassuring.

There are so many good desserts available that it's hard to choose. 

The best-selling menu at Innisfree Cafe are the Soufflé Pancakes, which are quite inexpensive compared to the prices of most other cafes that offer that option. I ended up ordering the Soufflé Pancakes, the Green Tea Tiramsu, the Green Tea Latte, and the Snow Iced Tea. 

There's seating available on the third floor as well.

The way up is decorated nicely as well.

All the plants in the Innisfree Cafe are real plants, and it really makes you feel like you're in a small garden.

As you can see, the cafe is very spacious and clean with different sized seating areas. I chose a seat near the window to get some nice sunlight.

The Soufflé Pancakes arrived looking so fluffy and soft. Smelled amazing.

The Snow Iced Tea is a blend of two different types of tea. Very cool and refreshing, it wasn't sweet so if you're trying to get a drink to go with your sweet desserts, something like this might be a good choice.

The Green Tea Tiramisu has a cute drawing on top. It was so pretty that I almost felt bad digging in.

The green tea layers of the tiramisu are creamy and moist!

I personally loved all the desserts so much that I can't recommend just one. But I'd say try the Soufflé Pancakes for sure if you're here! 


Everybody in the cafe had a plate of the Soufflé Pancakes. The soft pancake just absolutely melts in your mouth.

And that's the Innisfree Cafe. I personally loved how pretty and cute it was.

Check it out if you're visiting Korea!

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