Day Trip to Paju Lotte Premium Outlet
A must for shoppers visiting Korea, the Paju Lotte Premium Outlet!
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a year ago

Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of travel experts.

Seasoned travelers in Korea know by now that many of the mid-range brands out there are cheaper in Korea than in other parts of Asia. These are brands such as FILA, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, GUESS, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, etc. 

*I personally am always surprised at the high prices of these brands when I'm visiting other Asian countries. 

So today, Creatrip has brought to you the Paju car tour, so that you can make the most out of your trip to Korea. Visit Paju for 8 or 10 hours with a guide/driver who speaks both Chinese and English. Of course, they are available to pick you up at your accommodation without additional costs. 

Paju Lotte Premium Outlet Day Trip Pricing

8 Hrs.₩240,000
10 Hrs.
*Up to 7 passengers, 6 large luggages

Paju Lotte Premium Outlet | Location

  • Address: 390 Hoedong-gil, Gyoha-dong, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Hours: 10:30~21:00

Paju Lotte Premium Outlet | Recommended Because

  • Head over to Paju Lotte Premium Outlet to get great deals on brands such as Adidas, Nike, Polo, New Balance, GUESS, Calvin Klein, Levis, etc. Paju's outlet is known to have the lowest prices out of all the outlets in Korea. For example, I got some great Levis jeans for just 20,000 KRW!
  • Duty free is available at Paju Lotte Premium Outlet. You can also get your tax refunds right away so that you'll be getting your items for less than what local Koreans can! 
  • Approved by the Korean government, the foreigner-friendly taxis will pick you up from your accommodation, take you around Paju, and bring you safely back wherever in Seoul that you'd like. The guides can speak both Chinese and English. 
  • You decide the schedule! Arrange your convenient pick up time and location.
  • Visit other places in Paju. As long as you keep to the reserved time, you are free to request as many places as you'd like without any additional costs. The Paju cafe street or the Heyri Artist Valley are great places to see as well. 

Paju Lotte Premium Outlet Location | Reservations

  • After making your reservation, you can check its status in the "My Reservations" tab. 
  • The reservation can take up to 24 hours to be confirmed. (Or as quick as within 1 hour). 
  • If you'd like to change the time or location, please cancel and make your reservation again.
  • Show the guide the confirmation status of your reservation in "My Reservations" at the pick up spot.
How to check your confirmed reservations 
Reservation confirmation to show the guide

Paju Lotte Premium Outlet Day Trip | Things to Note

Things to noteCancellations/changes are only available three or more days before the date. 
The price does not include traveler's insurance or food.
*Don't worry, there's a lot of good food to be found in the outlet. 
The price does include transportation costs, gas, and the Chinese/English speaking guide. 
Please be on time at your pick up location. Tardy parties that are late 10 or more minutes are subject to cancellation without refund.
Just communicate to your guide regarding any extra destinations you'd like to visit in Paju.
The time shown includes the time it takes to get to Paju and the time to come back to Seoul. The Seoul - Paju distance is around an hour, so please schedule accordingly.

The mid-size car can take up to 4 passengers and 2 small luggages.
The large car can take up to 7 passengers and 6 large luggages.


Korea Shopping: Paju Lotte Premium Outlet  | Preview

Paju Lotte Premium Outlet Brands (and over 70 more!)

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