South Korea: Kimchi Crazy
Why Koreans Eat Everything with Kimchi
Hanna Park
a year ago

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I think you've heard of 'Kimchi' at least once in your lifetime. Kimchi is a traditional side dish of Korea, made of salted vegetables. The most basic kimchi that we can see everywhere is cabbage kimchi, that many people misunderstand that cabbage kimchi is kimchi. However, there are actually various kinds of kimchi depending on which vegetables you are using. When you visit Korea, you will always see kimchi wherever you go. Koreans eat kimchi all the time that there is this famous meme about Korean and kimchi.

Today, we are going to see how much Koreans love kimchi and what kinds of kimchi Koreans have!

Korean Kimchi Crazy | 1. Typical Kimchi

Korean Typical Kimchi | 1. Baechu Kimchi (배추 김치)

Baechu kimchi is translated as cabbage kimchi in English. This is the most basic form of kimchi, and you can see them everywhere in Korea. 

It is made with salted napa cabbages with spicy seasonings such as gochujang (red pepper paste) and chili pepper powder.

Korean Typical Kimchi | 2. Baek Kimchi (백김치)

Baek Kimchi, also called as white kimchi, is made without chili pepper. This is non-spicy kimchi and taste fruity and sour.

Korean Typical Kimchi | 3.Dongchimi (동치미)

Dongchimi is a non-spicy watery kimchi, and it is made by soaking radish into the salt water. 'Dong' means winter, that people usually eat this kimchi at winter.

Korean Typical Kimchi | 4.Chonggak Kimchi (총각 김치)

Chonggak kimchi is translated as ponytail radish kimchi. It is one of the most popular kimchi in Korea. 

Korean Typical Kimchi | 5. Kkakdugi (깍두기)

Kkakdugi is made of cubed radish. It's the next common kimchi in Korean after baechu kimchi. It usually served with soups.

Korean Typical Kimchi | 6. Oi Sobagi (오이소박이)Oi sobagi, translated as cucumber kimchi, is a cucumber stuffed with seafood and chili paste. It is usually popular during the spring and summer time.

Korean Typical Kimchi | 7. Yeolmu Kimchi (열무김치)

Yeolmu kimchi is made of yeolmu radishes, and it is not too spicy since it is watery.

Korean Kimchi Crazy | 2. Weird Kimchi

There are still hundreds more kinds of kimchi in Korea, but that is not it. Korean's love kimchi so much that they make kimchi with everything! There is even a kimchi drinking game in Korea. The game goes like this. You say a fruit or vegetable that you think is not made into kimchi, google it, and if there is a kimchi made up of that ingredient, you drink. People figure out that it is nearly impossible to find something that is not made into kimchi. Do you doubt it? Let's see it together.

Weird Kimchi | 1. Mango Kimchi (망고 김치)

Weird Kimchi | 2. Strawberry Kimchi (딸기 김치)

Weird Kimchi | 3. Peach Kimchi (복숭아 김치)

Weird Kimchi | 4. Broccoli Kimchi

Weird Kimchi | 5. Watermelon Kimchi

Weird Kimchi | 6. Chocolate Kimchi

Weird Kimchi | 7. Grape Kimchi (포도 김치)

Weird Kimchi | 8. Orange Kimchi (귤 김치)

Weird Kimchi | 9. Pomegranate Kimchi (석류 김치)

Weird Kimchi | 10. Aloe Kimchi (알로에 김치)

If you want to find out for yourselves, try it and let me know!

Korean Kimchi Crazy | 3. Unique Kimchi Combination

Koreans not only make food into kimchi, but they eat things with kimchi. Here are some of the shocking combinations.

Unique Kimchi Combination | 1. Cheese Cake and Kimchi

This combination has become popular since famous Korean chef 이연복(Lee Yeon-bok) said that it is delicious to eat cheesecake and kimchi together on the air. Those who tried this combination said that kimchi catches the greasy taste of the cheesecake.

Unique Kimchi Combination | 2. Donut and Kimchi

This is not a common combination, but usually older people eat donuts with kimchi because they think donuts are too sweet.

Unique Kimchi Combination | 3. Sweet Potato and Kimchi

The combination of kimchi and sweet potato is quite popular in Korea. Many Koreans love to eat sweet potato with kimchi because if you eat sweet potato alone, it makes you thirsty, but kimchi complements that.

Unique Kimchi Combination | 4. Banana and Kimchi

Youtube@YD(YANGDDING) Real Life

Eating banana with kimchi is becoming a thing in Korea, lately. It is spicy at the first bite but then you can feel the sweetness of the banana that many people said they goes well together.

Today, we went trough how Koreans love kimchi. If you became curious or get interested in kimchi, I recommend you to try!

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