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Get a 20% discount with your 100 dollar purchase! Valid with other VIP offers!
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Hello, everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of travel experts.

We proudly present to you the latest, useful travel information and tips every day.

Today we're going to be talking about Lotte Duty Free and Creatrip's amazing discounts event. 


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Lotte Duty Free | Download Discount Coupon

Lotte Duty Free | Discounts

1.Inner City Duty-Free Store(Myeongdong, Lotte World tower, Coex, Busan, Jeju)

Discount Coupon
Over $50 purchase‎₩10,000 Discount
Over $100 purchase‎₩20,000 Discount
Over $300 purchase‎₩50,000 Discount
VIP Card
For all purchase VIP Gold card issuance
(5~15%  additional discount for card usage)
For all purchase‎₩10,000 point (LDF pay are used prior to other payments)
*LDF PAY point event is due Dec 31st! Better hurry to get benefits.

*$50/$100 Discount coupons cannot be used together.
*Discount coupon, VIP Card, LDF Pay can be used together.
*Certain brands are excluded from discount list. (Tiffany, Chanel, Cartier, Gucci, Bvlgari, Hermes, etc)

Discount Coupon
Present the following coupons to the counter 
(Printout or image can all be used. Cannot be used repeatedly)
₩10,000 discount coupon for $50 purchase
₩20,000 discount for $100 purchase
₩50,000 discount for $300 purchase

2. Airport Duty-Free Store (Incheon, Gimpo, Gimhae) 

Discount Coupon
Over $100 purchase
₩10,000 discount
Over $200 purchase
₩15,000 discount
VIP Card
For all purchaseVIP GOLD card issuance
(5~15% % additional discount for card usage)

*$100/$200 Discount coupons cannot be used together.
*Discount coupon, VIP Card, LDF Pay can be used together.
*LDF Pay event is available in inner city duty-free stores only. You can only use LDF Pay in airport duty-free stores.
*Certain brands are excluded from discount list. (Tiffany, Chanel, Cartier, Gucci, Bvlgari, Hermes, etc)

Discount Coupon
Present the following coupons to the counter 
(Printout, or image can all be used. Cannot be used repeatedly)
₩10,000 discount coupon for $100 purchase
₩15,000 discount coupon for $200 purchase

Lotte Duty Free | PRE LDF PAY X CREATRIP 10,000 Point Saving Event

PRE LDF PAY Point Event
Present the following coupon with your passport at the GIFT Center and get ₩10,000 PRE LDF Pay points.
(Printout, or image can all be used. Cannot be used repeatedly)
*PRE LDF Pay points are deducted prior to other payments.
*It only can be used for once. Once the coupon is used, the remaining points will be got rid of.
*PRE LDF PAY Point Saving Event is available only in inner city duty-free stores. (Myeongdong, Lotte World Tower, Coes, Busan, Jeju)
*PRE LDF PAY Event is available only until December 31th. Better hurry to get benefits!
*PRE LDF Pay coupon cannot be used with other LDF PAY benefits.

What is PRE LDF Pay?


Lotte Duty Free | How to issue VIP Card

VIP Card Issuance
Present a valid passport to VIP Exchange Center, and issue a physical VIP Card.
*Present the issued VIP card to the counter.
(Example of a VIP Card)

1. Myeongdong (Main)

*Address:   9~12F, 30, Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Myeongdong Lotte Duty Free : Directions

The Myeongdong Lotte Duty Free is close to Euljiro 1-ga Station exit 7. The station is directly connected with the department store underground, but that might be harder to find. Just take exit 7 and walk over! 

There are lines to enter in the mornings. I was here around 9:30 AM, and the line had already become this long. The line disappears a little after 10 AM, so I'd recommend going around or after 10 to avoid long lines. 

Follow the line and go straight towards the right to find the entrance to duty free. Star Avenue is an area with pictures and videos of Korean celebrities on display. 

There's hand-imprints of some idols. If you place your hand onto your favorite idol's imprint, a video of them comes on! 

Star Avenue is a Myeongdong-specific thing. 

▼  Check out the video.

You can watch your favorite idol.

There's even a mirror photo zone, where you can take pictures with your favorite celebrity!

Once you're finished with Star Avenue, let's head over to the duty free.

You can take a look at which brands are on which floor. Note that floors 1-8 is the department store, and floors 9-12 is the duty free shop.

The elevator doesn't stop on the 9th floor because the space is used by both the department store and the duty free shop. The duty-free-only elevator runs between floors 10-12. Don't be alarmed when you can't press the 9th floor in the elevator. Get off on the 10th and start from there. 

You can get your VIP coupons on the 11th floor. I'll head over that way to get my card before I start shopping.

Get off on the 11th floor and follow the signs to the VIP Desk. You'll come to this red arrow, which points to where you can issue your VIP card! 

First, fill in the documents required for VIP card issues.

Multiple languages are offered, so take your pick.

After filling everything in, go to one of the desks with the document and the voucher image. Your VIP card is officially issued after the voucher code is read! 

There are a wide variety of high-end clothing and cosmetic brands at Lotte Duty Free. You can see a lot of early-morning shoppers here. Apparently, some popular items can be sold out by the end of the day, so be aware. 

You can use the discout coupon in-store. Just show the coupon at the register when you're ready to make your purchase.

When the reader reads your bar code, you've successfully gotten your discount. 

If you get hungry after shopping around for a while, you can head over to the restaurants on the 13th floor. It's nice that you don't have to venture outside to get food and can conveniently take care of everything in here. 

There are always various ongoing events and promotions at Lotte Duty Free. Such events and promotions are applicable on top of the Creatrip discount coupons and VIP Cards, so make sure to visit their website before heading over.

2. Lotte World Tower

*Address: 8~9F, Avenuel Building, Lotte World Mall, 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

World Tower Lotte Duty Free : Directions

Depart at Jamsil Station. Walk toward Exit 1, 2.

Enter Lotte World Mall next to Exit 1. Lotte World Mall entrance is located between Exit 1 and Exit 2.

Follow the Seoul Sky sign at first and walk straight forward.

You will see the white Seoul Sky sign ahead.

Walk forward with Seoul sky to your left.

If you walk straight forward you will see Lotte Duty Free store.

On the right side you can find the elevators only for the Duty Free store. You can use other elevators but this one from B1 to Lotte Duty Free Store (8, 9F) is the fastest!

Take the elevator to get to 9F! (For VIP Card issuance, and LDF PAY point saving)

Depart at 9F and follow the VIP Card issuance sign and you will see an arrow that looks like this. 

Follow the arrow and you will find VIP CARD DESK.

Fill out the VIP Card issuance form. (Available in multiple languages. Choose the one that best serves you.)

Present the complete form, passport, and Creatrip VIP coupon, and you will receive your VIP Card.

Normally you need to purchase $1,000 within 2 years. However for Creatrip members you can immediately issue an card.

You can get 5~10% additional discounts, so this VIP Card is a must-have item!

After the card issuance let's get Free LDF Pay points.

Download the LDF PAY coupon from Creatrip, and present it with your passport to the staff. The staff will check the documents and save ₩ 10,000 to your account.

If you do not have a VIP Card. Enter the necessary information on the tablet and show the Creatrip Coupon..

*LDF PAY points are worth the same amount of cash. ₩ 10,000 is provided exclusively to Creatrip members until December 31th. Do not miss the benefits!

World Tower Lotte Duty Free store is huge, and relatively less crowded than the Myeongdong store. You can enjoy shopping in a pleasant environment.

This is where Korean cosmetics are located. 3CE, which is a hot name in Korea, is also here.

My friend who came with me is going to purchase from Dr.Jart+. You can get multiple discounts from Creatrip discount, VIP Card from Dr.Jart+.

Present the Creatrip coupon according to the purchase price, and show your VIP card. LDF PAY point is automatically deducted.

My friend purchased total $59 worth cosmetics. He got $20 discount from Creatrip coupon and VIP Card discount. From the remaining $39 they deducted the ₩ 10,000 LDF Pay point and paid only the remaining price.

The benefits are really huge! You better not miss this Creatrip X Lotte Duty Free event! 

For a small tip, this is Angelinus Cafe located in customer lounge on 9F.

All beverages are free when you bring your receipt. without receipt, All beverages are 2,000 won.

3. COEX (Samsung Station, Inside the COEX building)

*Address: 2~3F, B1~B2, 524 Bongeunsa-ro, Samseong 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

4. Busan

*Address: 8F, 772 Gaya-daero, Bujeon 2(i)-dong

5. Jeju

*Address: 8F, 772 Gaya-daero, Bujeon 2(i)-dong)

6. Incheon International Airport Terminal 1

*3F, Incheon International Airport Terminal 1
Hours : 06:50~21:30(All year round)

7. Incheon International Airport Terminal 2

*3F, Incheon International Airport Terminal 2
Hours : 06:30~21:30(All year round)

8. Gimpo International Airport

*3F Gimpo International Airport International Flight Aisle
Hours : 06:30~20:30(All year round)

9. 김해공항점

*2F Gimhae International Airport Departure hall
Hours : 06:30~21:30(All year round)

If you have any further inquiries, please comment below or shoot us an email at!

Lotte Duty Free
30 Eulji-ro, Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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請問有外國人登錄證也可以使用優惠嗎 謝謝
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Do i need to be an existing silver card holder to upgrade to a gold card? Or i can apply to be a gold card VIP on the spot?
Chiachenl @creatripfromSeoul
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You don't need an existing silver card. If you just bring a valid passport you can apply for a gold card on the spot!
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Chiachenl @creatripfromSeoul
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Does this lotte member entitles me to lotte mart discount? I have seen promotion in the mart that is exclusive for their members, not sure if it is the same?
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Hello, I'm afraid that the promotion event of lotte mart is operated separately from the lotte duty-free so that this membership will not entitle you to the Lotte Mart discount. Please kindly inquire related question at the customer centre on-site of Lotte Mart. Thank you!
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Is this only available until December 2019??
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Yes, it is!
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31 October 明洞免税店有活动。不用消费就可以拿VIP gold. 所以我请服务人员帮我办LDF pay .所以当天用了VIP gold 优惠, 又用LDF pay 10000 , coupon 10000. 真的省了不少。谢谢creatrip的资讯 , 让我有个完美的首尔旅行。
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感謝此文,順利辦到VIP卡 分享一下今天辦卡的資訊: 今天在釜山樂天免稅辦卡時, 檯台有告知,本身有國泰世華信用卡的話,就可以直接升等premium黑卡 比出示的VIP Exchange Center條碼卡等更高 還可再多得10000韓元折價券 所以今天辦完卡總共得到20000韓元存在卡內 但有一點跟影片說的不太一樣的就是 去3CE想使用這些優惠 店員直接說我們店都不折扣也不能使用這些優惠券 跟影片說可以使用很多的折扣 及優惠券中所註明的無法使用店家不太一樣就是 分享給大家
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