Limited McDonald's New Product in Korea!
Stay away from the taste of the old days! McDonald's has relaunched limited 'sea salt caramel flavored' ice-cream in Korea!
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a year ago

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McDonald's in Korea has recently relaunched 'Sea salt caramel flavored' ice-cream with caramel coating! 

It caused a sensation when it was released very shortly in 2016, and now McDonald's is selling this again up to Sept 30! 

If you are visiting Korea before this date, do not miss this chance to taste this limited edition only available in Korea! 

New Products in Korean McDonald's

New flavors of ice-cream has been relisted on McDonald's in Korea! 

After its limited sale during the summer of 2016, 'Sea salt caramel flavored' ice-cream has been relaunched to meet you! 

This flavor is prevailing in Korea and well-known as a "Perfect Combination of Sweet and Salty".

@ 오늘 뭐먹어?

@ 오늘 뭐먹어?

Sweet and salty caramel syrup(but it's crispy!) is coated on the surface of the soft ice-cream that tastes really familiar.

This caramel taste somehow lessens the greasy texture of the ice-cream. Other than 'Sea salt caramel flavored', McDonald's also has launched strawberry flavored ice-cream!

@ 데이트 코스

New strawberry flavored soft ice-cream does not have coating like the sea-salt-flavored one. It rather tastes like the classic strawberry flavored ice-cream. If you like strawberry flavor, you will never regret!

@ 오늘 뭐먹어?

@ 데이트 코스

@ 20대 뭐 하지?

Other than limited edition flavors, Korean McDonald's sells chocolate ice-cream as a static product.  

As like the sea-salt-caramel one, chocolate syrup is coated on the surface of the soft ice-cream. The crispy texture and chocolate flavor is very refreshing and sweet! In addition, you can try these new edition flavors as McFLURRY only available in Korean McDonald's!

Sea-salt-caramel flavor and strawberry flavor McFLURRYs are now available in McDonald's!!

The sea-salt-caramel flavored one tastes exactly same with the one described above(a perfect combination of Sweet and Salty!). If you are a big fan of McFLURRY, you better try this one!

@ 20대 뭐 하지?

For the sea-salt caramel McFLURRY, extra caramel chips were added to enhance a rich-crispy texture! Also, you can buy other flavors like classic orea, strawberry, and chocolate.

In Korean McDonald's, you can also buy a series of new flavored Sundae! They offer a variety of flavors like chocolate, caramel, strawberry, and the 'NEW SUPER BERRY'. Do not miss this chance for Sundae lovers.

So far, this is it for a new summer product information about McDonald's in Korea. If you are visiting Korea during this summer, try all these limited flavors only available in Korea!

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